AIMcrm Provides On-Demand Web Based Sales Leads Management

CRM or Customer Relationship Management allows business owners to track and manage their customer relationship, building contacts and tracking current and potential customers. With business competitiveness growing immensely, it is really very important that business owners use the right tools to manage their customer base.


AIMcrm is a company that provides users with a CRM Software to manage their sales leads for small and medium sized businesses. AIMcrm aims to automate all sales management activities, giving business owners the ability to track each and every sales lead, which may otherwise get neglected in a manual process.

The Customer Relationship Management Software provided by AIMcrm has several features which allows you to create web forms and form fields which will allow you to capture sales lead and store it into a single database.

It also provides users with a Sales Lead Management feature that will allow you to get alerted about new sales leads, create tasks with reminders, create a contact list, send customized emails and more.

You can also use the software to manage your online advertisement campaigns, effectively allowing you to track pay-per-click advertisement, setup automated email campaigns and generate telephone campaign tracking numbers.

In addition to all the sales lead management features, AIMcrm also allows you to setup automated lead delivery and bill client directly through the system, saving you the time and effort.

You can try out AIMcrm for free by scheduling a live online demo to understand the workings of the software, if you are satisfied with it, you can purchase AIMcrm and benefit your small and medium businesses with a handy CRM and sales lead management software.

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored review, the views in the post are those of the author and have not been endorsed by the sponsor.

2 thoughts on “AIMcrm Provides On-Demand Web Based Sales Leads Management”

  1. I use the CRM software GreenRope. It also lets me organize email marketing campaigns and keep track of clientel. I recommend checking it out, especially if you own a small business like me.

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