Which Applications Do You Open When You Start Your Computer?

The computer and internet has become quite a big part of my life and I cannot imagine living without these two things, not that I am obsessed with it, but the fact that my work and personal things like blogging and researching cannot be accomplished without these.

This is My PC Setup :)

I am a bit curious to know, what applications you open up when you boot up your computer?

For me the first few applications I always open while starting my PC are, these applications are not started on the PC startup as I like to boot my PC and start using it faster:

You could be a PC, a Mac or a user, but you may still have some applications which you instantly open up when you start your PC. Let me know about them through your comments.

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  • Normally it is Firefox, Gtalk, Twhirl

  • Linux

    Firefox / Pidgin / Terminal and ofcourse, Dropbox is on auto-run.

  • Opera is generally the first app I open.

  • Firefox and Google Chrome
    Netmeter (:P)

  • Fierfox only

  • Oops!! i mean “Firefox”

  • Firefox
    RDP (To Connect to the “server”, which utorrent and Emule are always running).

  • Tug


    – Firefox
    – Media Jukebox
    – Thunderbird

    That’s about it. :]

  • Firefox and Chrome

  • For me, I launch Firefox first then the IM Applications like Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger.

  • Windows Vista
    – Messenger Live
    – Outlook
    – Chrome
    – Feedreader

  • As soon as my computer is on I instantly turn on iTunes and Chrome, and work from there.

  • DiskUtility :-)

  • At work its Outlook, excel, and powerpoint.
    At home its Firefox

  • Locate32 (a light-weight search for filenames)
    Mozilla FireFox
    Google Calendar Sync (to/from Outlook)
    Microsoft OneNote
    Microsoft Outlook

  • I’m surprised so many people use Chrome. I presume they mean Google Chrome. While Chrome is decent as a light-weight browser, my impression was that both FireFox and IE7 were far superior in performance and features.

  • I wonder, how many Chrome-domes read the EULA?

  • IE only!

  • Outlook Express!

  • Usually Vista…

    Yahoo Messenger

    That’s it!

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