Which Applications Do You Open When You Start Your Computer?

The computer and internet has become quite a big part of my life and I cannot imagine living without these two things, not that I am obsessed with it, but the fact that my work and personal things like blogging and researching cannot be accomplished without these.

This is My PC Setup :)

I am a bit curious to know, what applications you open up when you boot up your computer?

For me the first few applications I always open while starting my PC are, these applications are not started on the PC startup as I like to boot my PC and start using it faster:

You could be a PC, a Mac or a user, but you may still have some applications which you instantly open up when you start your PC. Let me know about them through your comments.

21 thoughts on “Which Applications Do You Open When You Start Your Computer?”

  1. I’m surprised so many people use Chrome. I presume they mean Google Chrome. While Chrome is decent as a light-weight browser, my impression was that both FireFox and IE7 were far superior in performance and features.

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