Will You Compromise Privacy For Something Good? [User Poll]

A few days back Amit from Digital Inspiration had asked a question on Twitter, the question was quite simple but delved deeper into what concerns can crop up in the minds of people while using a service. The question was quite simple asking whether you would provide your username and password for your Gmail account to use a innovative software?

The reference was to Xoopit a software that brings your Gmail attachments to life. The service is superb and worthwhile but the question is, would you compromise your Google account credentials where you have your emails, calendars, contacts, money making and advertising accounts?

Its not just limited to a particular software, services that allow you to backup your files may have full access to it, are you sure that you are making the right decision?

Questions like these can be debated for quite a lot of time but we would love to hear from our readers what issues you have about privacy concerns when you use softwares and services specially those which ask or store your critical information such as your Google account information or for that matter your back files.

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