How Much Time do You Spend on Facebook? [Polls]

Earlier today, we wrote about a really startling statistics, where users spend a total of 8 billion minutes on the social networking site, everyday. According to our calculations each user must be spending around 30-35 minutes on an average.


It would be fun to know how much time our readers spend on Facebook, so here is a short poll to find it out.

We will sum up the results and update the post in the next few days. Your vote will be totally anonymous, so don’t hesitate to vote up.

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  • malek

    I was serch about something like this.

    Very intersting vote.

    but I hope to repeat it with different choices like this.

    Between 15-30 minutes

    Between 30-60 minutes

    Between 1-2 hours.

    Between 2-3 houre.

    More thab three hours.

    I hope for learn about making vote like this for our arab countries.

    I am sory for my weak lang.


  • Malek

    Sorry ,this commenet just for:

    Notify me of followup comments via e-mail .

  • I know I could spend less time on Facebook and more time on my blogs. However, Facebook is a great tool for promoting my blogs and other writings.

  • If you want to know, try
    And you will know exactly how much time you spend on Facebook or other social networks.