How Much Time do You Spend on Facebook? [Polls]

Earlier today, we wrote about a really startling statistics, where users spend a total of 8 billion minutes on the social networking site, everyday. According to our calculations each user must be spending around 30-35 minutes on an average.


It would be fun to know how much time our readers spend on Facebook, so here is a short poll to find it out.

We will sum up the results and update the post in the next few days. Your vote will be totally anonymous, so don’t hesitate to vote up.

Looking for tools to measure the time you spend on different websites and applications? Try out a free desktop time management software or some to see how much time you spend on different websites.

Wolfram Alpha: Would You Buy the $50 iPhone App? [Polls]

I am not sure about this, but why would someone pay $50 to buy a fancy search application from Wolfram Alpha?


There is no doubt that, Wolfram Alpha is a very good innovation, but seriously $50 for a iPhone app? I would just  browse Wolfram Alpha using  Safari on the iPhone or iPod Touch, and use the $50 to buy some cool games to waste my time, and then use Google Search for free.

What about you? Please take part in the poll below, to tell us whether or not you would but this app from the app store.

Which Applications Do You Open When You Start Your Computer?

The computer and internet has become quite a big part of my life and I cannot imagine living without these two things, not that I am obsessed with it, but the fact that my work and personal things like blogging and researching cannot be accomplished without these.

This is My PC Setup :)

I am a bit curious to know, what applications you open up when you boot up your computer?

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User Poll: Your Opinions Our Views

Writing day in and out is not a easy task, and coming to know what the readers like is much more difficult, to bridge the gap here is a user poll where we want to get your opinions on what we should write about.

The main focus is basically to give readers what they want while we rack our brains and the Internet of-course to find the best content for you. If you could take a few moments from your busy schedule, please fill out this short form and help us improve. Your opinions do matter a lot to us and your time spent in filling the form will not go wasted.
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Will You Compromise Privacy For Something Good? [User Poll]

A few days back Amit from Digital Inspiration had asked a question on Twitter, the question was quite simple but delved deeper into what concerns can crop up in the minds of people while using a service. The question was quite simple asking whether you would provide your username and password for your Gmail account to use a innovative software?

The reference was to Xoopit a software that brings your Gmail attachments to life. The service is superb and worthwhile but the question is, would you compromise your Google account credentials where you have your emails, calendars, contacts, money making and advertising accounts?

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