Why Nokia Needs To Do WP7 and Android Phones

There have been several on and off rumours about Nokia doing a Windows Phone 7 handset or not, especially now that Stephen Elop (previously of Microsoft) is in charge of the Finnish handset maker.

Nokia has been steadily losing marketshare. Even in its stronghold, India, the recent numbers show that Nokia has lost share to Android and several local players. One of Nokia’s biggest problem is their platform strategy. Symbian had been Nokia’s trump card till iPhone came along and sent Nokia into a tizzy of coming out with a competitive alternative. So far, Nokia hasn’t been able to challenge either Android or iOS.

Nokia certainly needs time to figure out a long term strategy while ensuring short term marketshare stability. This a reason I believe Nokia should opt for Windows Phone 7 and Android as an interim alternative till they are confident with their indigenous mobile OS. Windows Phone 7 has a fixed spec sheet and given Nokia’s handset designing experience they can do a decent job of designing at most two phones with and without physical keyboards. Alongside WP7, some resources can be spent on developing a custom Android experience with again not more than two handsets.

Android and WP7 handsets will get Nokia some much needed (good) attention and the required time to invest in their own platform. Nokia doesn’t necessarily need to compete with HTC, Samsung, Google, Microsoft at the same time. They can forge alliances with Google and Microsoft for the short term   while competing with other handset manufacturers and place themselves as a long term competitor with all the four.

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  • winux38

    I strongly believe that we have to stop believing that the grass is always greener elsewhere!!! Symbian is number one and will be for the years coming it is up to us in europe to support our wireless industry and support Nokia in their porducts with Symbian and strongly push them to make them better.
    So I don’t beleive that Nokia needs android or window7 to be succesfull, up to us as european citizen to be realistic and proactiv as US citizen are when it matters to their industry.
    Symbian with Qt is moving toward a very competitive offer and we have all of us in Europe the power to make it succesfull if we want….but do we really want it?

  • Nyam

    Nokia need to know what people want’s from their phone, phone in nowdays not like talk and write sms or mms, it’s more and will be more in future, so goodluck to Nokia, and please if there will be new os from nokia, or updated version of symbian then make sure for 3’d party applications, it’s the main and important reason of iphone ,android, in past windows mobile success, good luck again

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