Is 3D Overrated?

Couple of days ago I attended an event hosted by Intel showcasing their second generation core processors and electronics equipped by it. Besides that, major stress was on the fact that upcoming consumer electronics will be quipped by technologies like 3D. This took me to back to the Nvidia event I attended a couple of months ago. There again the entire event was focused on 3D enabled consumer electronics. With so many manufacturers concentrating on 3D technology leads to only one question. Is 3D really the next tech revolution? Stay with me, I’ll put down few points.

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If you followed the CES 2011, you would’ve noticed the dominance of 3D technology there as well. So what makes 3D such an interesting technology for manufacturers and consumers? Is knowing the dept of an object to the other that important? It sure gives a real life experience but I would argue that you’ll see this technology reaching budgeted consumers anytime soon. The reason being content. Manufacturers blindly adopt technologies from research labs and implement them on their upcoming products to lure consumers. The strategy being, assume the consumer is an rich tech savvy idiot.

All I see hardware manufacturers do is introduce the hardware and leave the content to others. Of course, it isn’t their job to do so but if you want something to catch on you need applications that can make use of it. Rich Tech Savvy people would buy 3D enabled electronics (Displays/mobiles) but unless and until you have some content on it you aren’t making any use of the hardware. Rest of the world would buy it only when there is any content available to watch. This was the only reason HDTV took so long to catch on. Although the technology was available even back in late 90’s it wasn’t until couple of years ago that Full HD content started taking advantage of the hardware.

Although I am sure 3D won’t take that long to catch up since we already have high priced 3D video/still cameras available in the market and now that YouTube will also be supporting 3D it won’t take long before people start uploading user generated content. That again questions the availability of non-user generated content. In my opinion manufactures should partner with content generators generate professional 3D content along with the hardware.

So if you ask me if 3D is overrated? I would say  for now or even for next 2-3 years, it is overrated. If you disagree with me lets discuss via comments.

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