Kareena Kapoor Is The New Brand Ambassador Of Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has recently signed Kareena Kapoor as its new brand ambassador. The famous bollywood actress unveiled the new portfolio of phones including the most awaited Xperia X10, X10 Mini, X10 Pro, Vivaz and Vivaz Pro. Earlier Hrithik Roshan was the brand ambassador of Sony Ericsson mobile phones in India.

sony ericsson kareena

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Hirokazu Ishizuka, Corporate Vice President & Head of Asia Pacific region said, “Being one of the most widely-followed youth-icons, Kareena matches the level of energy, vibrancy, passion and fun associated with Sony Ericsson, and thereby elevates the aspiration value of the brand. We are also extremely excited about re-energizing the digital space with Kareena, as we debut her social networking that will allow her to engage with the rapidly growing digitally-evolved fan-base over various social networking platforms.”

Kareena Kapoor said, “I am very happy to be associated with Sony Ericsson. I believe that Sony Ericsson truly represents the fusion of communication and entertainment in mobile device. I love my new feature rich Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 that allows me to easily keep in touch with my family and friends, while keeping myself entertained on the go.”

Recently, Spice Mobile signed Sonam Kapoor, LG Electronics signed Abhay Deol, Genelia Dsouza & John Abraham, Nokia signed Adah Sharma & Sharman Joshi and last but not the least Karrbon Mobiles signed Virender Sehwag & Gautam Gambhir to endorse their products in India.

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iPad’s Game List Leaked

PadGadget has spotted some of the iPad games on Apple.com’s iTunes Preview, a Website-based catalog of iTunes store content.

According to PadGadget

We did a quick scan and were able to find several titles clearly marked as HD, a common label developers are now using to indicate an iPad specific version of their app.

HD, however is not a universal title for iPad apps.

Some developers are instead choosing XLto denote their iPad version. This is done to create a universal build so that both the iPhone and iPad versions are contained in a single app.

Some of the games found by Padgadget include :

• Azkend HD

• Flight Control HD

• Grind HD

• HD Recovery

• Labyrinth 2 HD

• NBA Hotshot HD

• Numba HD

• Plants vs. Zombie HD

• Sparkle HD

• Worms HD

• Ammoin HD

Apple has recently started accepting submissions for iPad applications. These applications will be checked and approved by March 27.If approved you might just see the app to be available when the iPad goes on sale on April 3.

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India 2nd Largest Contributor Towards Internet Spam

India is no doubt a great technology hub, but along with that it also has a dubious distinction of being the second largest contributor towards internet spam.

India Spam Messages Share in Jan and Feb 2010

In a recent report released by Panda Security, which analyzed over 5 million spam messages generated in January and February 2010, Brazil, India, Korea, Vietnam and USA were the 5 biggest culprits for generating the spam messages. Brazil accounted for 13.76% of the spam messages, followed by India with 10.98% spam messages.

The study further said that over 1 million IP addresses were used to send out the email messages, with an average of 5 messages per IP. Almost 86000 Indian IP addresses were used to send out the spam messages.

Among cities Seoul, Korea was the worst offender followed by Hanoi. In India, New Delhi (which was 3rd overall) came before Bombay and Hyderabad. These cities have a large internet penetration.

Being the 2nd largest contributor towards span is definitely a crown India would like to shed, however, curtailing spam is not easy considering that there are any strict cyberlaws in India with regards to email messages and spam.

It would be good if India could implement a CAN-SPAM Act which is widely used in the US, and fine users for sending out unsolicited emails.

Nokia Purchases Novarra To Boost Mobile Internet Browsing

Nokia Corp, the world’s largest cell phone maker, has purchased Novarra, a Chicago based mobile browser company.
Novarra Technology will be used on Nokia smartphones by the end of the year to ease mobile internet browsing.

The Novarra Vision Browser will have support for

  • Flash
  • full HTML with complex JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • RSS
  • Widgets

Apart from this, it also includes a “fit to screen” layout, zooming, scrolling, password management, and autofill.

Novarra also claims to be much faster in rendering very complex Web pages, as it does not make use of webkit rendering engine, which is usually used by quality smartphone platforms including Android.
The company has made a detailed video explaining all of the above points quite clearly. Be sure to have a look at this video.

Sprint HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update On April 9th [Rumors]

Looks like Sprint and Verizon users have been pushed to the wall with 2.1 updates for the Motorola Droid on Verizon, and the HTC Hero and HTC Moment on Sprint being delayed over and over again.

Earlier we had some rumors which suggested that the Android 2.1 update for HTC Hero and Moment was coming on March 26th. A user also shared a voice message left by a Sprint rep which said that March 26th was the date.

HTC Hero Moment Android 2.1 Update

Alas, it looks like the Android 2.1 update is not coming today, and is instead going to be released on April 9th according to a leaked document that the Phandroid blog got their hands on.

Please take this with a pinch of salt as Sprint does not look to be too keen on releasing a much awaited updated on one of the best Android based phones they are selling. We’ll keep you updated on further progress in the coming weeks. For the bravehearts who can’t wait till April 9th, there is a cooked up HTC Hero Android 2.1 ROM available right now.

Sony Ericsson X10 Goes On Pre-Orders On Vodafone UK, Ships on April 6th

X10 is one of the most anticipated phones from Sony’s stable. The X10 phone which is powered by was reported to be making its debut in India this week.

Pre-order Sony Ericsson X10 Vodafone UK

Vodafone UK has started accepting pre-orders on the Phone. Vodafone will be selling the X10 for free with a a 2 year contract for which users will have to pay a minimum of £35 per month. The minimum plan includes 900 minutes talktime, unlimited texts and 500MB of mobile internet and webmail.

Users who pre-order the phone will start receiving the handsets from April 6th onwards. X10 is definitely a great phone and might help in changing the future of the company who have been on a downward spiral.

Pre-Order Sony Ericsson X10 from Vodafone UK

Intel To Announce New Core i5/i7 Processors In Q2, 2010

Our sources indicate that Intel the world largest processor manufacturer will be announcing few new processors in the second quarter of this year. The Intel Core i5-655 and Core i7875 processors will be based on the LGA-1156 socket and will feature an unlocked multiplier. The Core i5-655 processor will feature 2 processing cores running at 3.2Ghz each. Its elder sibling the Core i7875 will feature four cores running at 2.93Ghz each. The Core i5-655 processor will have 4Mb of L3 cache, while the Core i7-875 will have 8Mb of L3 cache.intel_core_i7

Both the processors, like their other siblings in the Core i5 and Core i7 line-up, will be based on the 32nm fabrication process. These processor also feature an unlocked multiplier to facilitate overclocking. Thanks to an unlocked multiplier, Overclockers can directly OC their processors without playing around with their computer RAM’s speeds and timings and/or any other settings. Intel is also expected to announce a Core i3-550 processor along with an Intel Pentium E5500 processor in the second quarter. The Pentium E5500 processor will be based on the 45nm fabrication process.

It is expected that Intel Core i7-875 will cost less than 300$. The expected price of Pentium E5500 is around 70$. No information about the pricing of other processors were available though.

Kalypso’s Strategy Collection on Sale on GOG.com 50% off!

Ah, those were the days when I used to call up my friends and discuss strategies involving the demolition of a German-controlled dam. Yes, I am speaking of the Commandos games tactical strategy at its finest. There were no scarce resources to be worried about, nor were there buildings to construct and units to train. There were your commandos, and there was the mission and the enemies surrounding it. It was sheer brilliance. Now, GOG.com is selling the Commandos as well as other great strategy titles from publisher Kalypso Media Digital for a whopping 50% off. If you buy a single game separately, you get a 30% discount nothing short of awesome!


Commandos Ammo Pack: Strategy? Ha, Commandos players will laugh in the face of the current strategy. Nothing was more challenging as religiously studying the enemy’s movements, strategizing and executing the entire orchestra in one swift and brutal swoop. Yet, nothing was more satisfying. As the commander of an elite troop of commandos deep behind enemy lines, your missions were of sabotage, skullduggery and assassination. This is one of the best tactical strategies set in World War II that I have ever played. Buy it!


Commandos 2+3: With advancements in graphics, Pyro Studios did not forget about gameplay. Commandos 2 packed the same amount of cunning and challenge as its predecessor did. However, Commandos 3 did not quite live up to expectations with its control problems. Nevertheless they are both excellent games.


Imperial Glory: Europe is yours for the taking in this time of strife. Do what it takes to gain Imperial glory as you build, maintain and dominate empires. With all the elements of strategy thrown in for good measure, this is a great game by Pyro Studios.


Port Royale: ASCARON’s pirate game was in many ways similar to Sid Meier’s Pirates! but had a little more economy management and less action. With 4 different timelines based on real historical events, this game had quite a lot of piracy involved (no puns intended) when it was released.


Praetorians: The Roman Empire, the battlefields of Egypt, Gaul minus Asterix and Italy during the Crusades. The Praetorians has all this and much more as you prepare yourself for a war of domination during the tumultuous times of the Roman Empire.


The Patrician 1+2: Do not like battles and warfare? Well, The Patrician games are just for you. Two great trading sims set in the backdrop of the Hanseatic League, maritime trade is your profession and piracy and diplomacy are your weapons!


Tropico Reloaded: Political sim? Ah, yes! Tropico was the definitive political simulation game as you controlled your Caribbean banana republic. Fight poverty, rebellions and the occasional urge to rip away your computer in frustration as a tropical storm hits your shores as you play this game!

Buy the Kalypso strategy collection on GOG.com!

Is iPhone’s Digg App Better Than The Website?

Wouldn’t it be nice to share and view all the top stories at one place? It will surely save time and lessen our effort.

Digg.com does exactly the same. Digg has been a common resting place for most of us for quite some time. Now, it’s also available on iPhones. Digg, a popular social news aggregator has released its free app for iPhone which helps you to Digg and view top stories with just a tap from your home screen. Incidentally, it’s named TapTapTap.

Using this app, you can also view popular Diggs by topic (e.g., technology, sports, business, etc.) or forthcoming articles that are about to go popular. Also, you will find buttons to like or dislike the story, a button to save the story and an option to share the link.

Digg’s latest app provides a simplified interface making browsing Diggs real easy. No extra information apart from the stories is present. Even extraneous text about Digg features is absent. It is much easier on the eyes than the site, which comes loaded with tonnes of features, colors and text.

Bookmarking is one of the prime addition to iPhone’s latest app. Now you can browse your favourite categories and bookmark them, so that you can have a look at them later on.

Inspite of its benefits over Digg.com, it sure has some disadvantages. This app doesn’t allow you to post comments and it does not include the video or images section of the site.

Meanwhile be sure to keep an eye out on TapTapTap, which is expected to put some improvements in the coming weeks.

To celebrate the launch of iPhone’s Digg app, TapTapTap is giving away a ColorWare custom, very limited edition Digg iPad every day for 2 weeks!

For further information click here.

[Review] Clementine 0.2 Music Player in Ubuntu

For many Linux users (me included), Amarok is the music player of choice. However, the Amarok 2 series introduced a radical change in Amarok for the earlier series and has found many haters. As a result many people still refuse to upgrade to Amarok 2 series and are sticking with Amarok 1.4. For those people who want to have Amarok 1.4 along with the new tecnologies that Qt4 brings, there is a new music player called Clementine.

Clementine is basically a port of Amarok 1.4 to Qt4. Techie Buzz author, Sathya Bhat, has already covered Clementine when it was at a very early stage of development. Now, it has matured a bit more. Some of the features have been rewritten to take advantage of new features provided by Qt4. Now with the new release, some new features/improvemnts have been added:

  • Album cover art is now automatically loaded from disk for your library.
  • Cover manager downloads missing covers from Last.fm.
  • Covers for Last.fm radio tracks are shown in notifications.
  • Much better Various Artistsdetection.
  • Shuffle and Repeat modes for the playlist.
  • Playlist columns for album, artist, composer, file type, date
  • Support for Media keys (play, stop, etc.) in Linux.

Clementine provides a very simple and no-frills interface which is extremely easy to use, just like the one you get with Amarok 1.4. In fact, I think it is the exactly the same interface that Amarok 1.4 had. For software at such an early stage of development, it is extremely stable. I have been using it since yesterday and yet it has not crashed or hung or done anything of that sort.

Clementine has a dead simple configuration editor, where even newbies will feel quite at home. Like Amarok 2.3, it uses Knotify to notify when a new song starts which is much better than the OSD that Amarok 1.4 uses.

Feature-wise, Clementine provides most of the features that you would expect from Amarok 1.4. Of course, it does not have stuffs like the applet supports that you get with Amarok 2 series, but users of Amarok 1.4 should be quite satified with the features that it provides. However, it still does not have some very basic things like iPod and MP3 player support. This can however be overlooked for the time being as it is in early development stage.

A feature missing in Clementine that can however cause problems is that there is no option to use an external database instead of the default SQLite. With a large music library SQLite tends to be slow, so with Amarok, I use an external MySQL database to maintain my library. With Clementine I am forced to have SQLite handling the entire library. However, if you have a relatively small collection (from my experience I would say less than 10k songs), this will not be a problem.

If you would like to try it out you can  download the .deb file and install it. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. For Ubuntu, Karmic Koala is the only supported version. Since it is Qt based you will also need some KDE libraries to run it.

[via Digitizor]

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