MSI Launches Its April Fools Day Joke Too Early, Pisses Off Customers

MSI-April-Fools-Day-Joke A good April fool’s Day joke is always appreciated. However, timing is essential. MSI just found this out the hard way. Due to unknown reasons, the MSI team launched its April fool’s day joke a good week ahead of the actual occasion and in the process infuriated several customers.

Anyone who had purchased and registered their MSI card received the following e-mail on March 25:

The MSI-forum and MSI-support team are fed-up with explaining you what can be found in the manual.
I mean, come on, how hard is it to read a manual?

They are printed on paper so you see them.

We have been talking to MSI for a couple of years and came up with a solution.
It has been implemented on a few boards for some time and with big success.
It had various names, like CoreCenter (1st gathering tool) upto DrMOS (fully automatic)

Some of you noticed because Windows wanted you to install a driver, but you couldn’t find the manufacturer.
On AMD systems this was called the Away-driver.

What you didn’t know is this, this driver activates the RTFM-chip. (Re-Turn inFormation to Manufacturer chip)
It means it can detect if you read a manual as well stores the parameters you have set in the BIOS.
As soon as you start Windows we are informed about your settings and manual readings.

As we have been monitoring peoples behavior for some time and combined those with the RMA information from returned boards.
At the same time monitoring questions on the forum and matched the IP’s.
We have made a discovery.

A lot of RMA is unneeded and unwanted, many happens due to user mistakes, numbers show that 90% of the RMA is OC people killing boards and
newbies connecting the wrong connectors or insert parts that should not be inserted.
Or simply forget to remove standoffs or CPU-power.
MSI plans on tackles those numbers, and the RTFM-chip will give a readout of what you have done when it did post or attempted to post!

Checking on you isn’t new, Homeland-security done this ever you installed XP-SP3 or above, but their info in encrypted so useless to MSI.
So MSI decided to ban people from support, RMA and the forum who has done the damage themselves or didn’t read the manual the first of next month.
We know who you are, and we have gathered enough information via our RTFM-chip.

The only question is, should MSI continue to do this? As some information is real bad.
Will this hurt you relation with MSI products?

Please let us know, as we have to talk to MSI management the first of next month and make them decide what to do with the information.

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You can view the full announcement by following this link:

The MSI HQ User to User Forum Team.

Quite obviously, folks who had shelled out money to purchase MSI products were not pleased. In the end, MSI was forced to retract their original message. And here is how they did it :

Hi there,

We are sorry people took this for prank for serious.

Nobody seem to have wondered what RTFM really means.
If you put the term in Google, you will find it is telling you to read the manual.

Just think, how would a chip check if you read manuals?
We thought of this prank after answering the many posts where people ask the obvious that is already in the manual.

But we learned a valuable lesson, no more April-fools jokes from the forum, a 10 year old thing just died.

Sorry that you took it for real and got mad.

I have to agree that the original message was quite irreverent and without the safety net of April fool’s day it’s bound to anger customers. However, I can’t help but love MSI’s apology mail which is possibly even more tongue in cheek. Way to go MSI!

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Browser Saturday: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari Get Pwned, Opera Puts the Ball in Apple’s Court

The big event this week on the browser security forefront is the Pwn2Own content, which challenges hackers to break through the defenses of top browsers and operating systems. As expected by most security experts, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari fell quite quickly. Chrome is the only browser still standing (sadly Opera was not included in the challenge). You can find more information about the exploits used by the winning participants over here.

Pwn2Own wasn’t the only thing happening in the browser-sphere. Here is a quick look at other major events from this week.

Internet Explorer

It’s been almost a month since the browser ballot screen went live. While it has definitely had a positive impact on the download rate of alternate browsers, there is still confusion regarding its effect on Internet Explorer’s dominance. According to Statcounter, Internet Explorer has managed to hold on to its market share. This suggests that a lot of users are in fact returning to Internet Explorer after checking out the alternatives. However, now QuantCast is reporting that Internet Explorer’s shares may have dipped by as much as 5% over the course of 3 weeks

Awhile, Microsoft is yet to patch the previously discussed critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer 6.0x and 7.0x. If you are still on older versions of IE, ensure that you have applied the suggested workarounds.


Fennec-Firefox-Windows-Phone-Mobile This was an interesting week for Firefox. Following the German Government’s advisory, which warned surfers against using Firefox, Mozilla fast-tracked the release of Firefox 3.6.2 which fixed multiple security issues.

On the mobile space, Mozilla stopped development of Firefox (Fennec) for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7. This decision was prompted by Microsoft’s refusal to release a NDK for Windows Phone 7, which made developing native applications impossible.



This was a jolly good week for Google Chrome. It proved itself to be the most secure browser in the Pwn2Own contest, and now Google has pushed through Chrome Beta 5 for Windows. Chrome 5 introduces a host of new features including Windows 7 Taskbar Tabs and an intelligent form filler. V8 (JavaScript engine) has been refined even further and according to our preliminary tests, the new build of Chrome edges out Opera 10.51 for the title of the fastest browser in the world.

Earlier this week, Google also unveiled its new ANGLE (Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine) project, which will enhance Chrome’s graphics rendering capabilities across platforms.


Opera Software finally submitted Opera Mini for iPhone to the app store for approval. Whether Apple will approve it or not is a million dollar question. However, Opera has certainly played its part well and has succeeded in getting everyone’s attention. If Apple does reject this app, it will undoubtedly have to endure another wave of negative publicity and possibly even more (we already know that the FCC has been watching ever since the Google Voice saga).

On the desktop front, Opera continued its aggressive release cycle. Opera 10.51 for Windows fixed a couple of highly critical security vulnerabilities along with a host of bug fixes and all-around performance improvement. UNIX and MAC users also had plenty of snapshot builds to keep them busy. Click here to get the latest snapshot build for Windows, UNIX and Mac.

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3D Gaming With Asus G51J 3D Gaming Notebook, Launched in India

Yesterday Asus launched the Asus  G51J laptop which is the first of its kind in India. This laptop is specially built for gaming though, it is not just another power packed laptop. This one from Asus is a 3D laptop which comes with Nvidia Stereoscopic display enabled.
The 3D glasses that come with the laptop has a wide range infrared emitter to convert just any video or game into 3D. The video is rendered at full resolution and delivers a  1080p HD video at full 120 Hz.

The laptop is currently available in two models: Asus G51JX-1X110V and Asus G51JX-IX206V. The first one features a 4 GB DDR3 whereas the second one has a 8 GB DDR3. Both the laptops feature a 1 GB DDR3 Graphics memory. The maximum storage capacities for the laptops are 360 GB and 500 GB respectively.

Both the laptops feature a 15.6 inch full HD LED display. The processor powering the laptops is a Quad Core 1.6 GHz Core i7 with up to 2.8 GHz. Apart from that it features a 2 MP camera, DVD Combo drive, HD 3D Audio with Altec Lansing laptop speakers and other gaming accessories.

The launch price for the laptop is Rs. 99,000 exclusive of taxes.

Reliance Offers Free Calls To Any Reliance Numbers On March 28

Today, in the morning, while I was reading the Mumbai Edition of Times Of India, I was surprised to see the huge Reliance Mobile ad on the front page. The ad states that “Reliance has achieved 100 million subscribers in India and to celebrate this achievement, they offers free Reliance to Reliance calling anywhere in India on March 28, 2010. ”

reliance free calls 24 hours

Commenting on the landmark achievement, Mr. Anil Dhirubhai Ambani, Chairman, Reliance ADA Group said, “The landmark 100 million mobile customer base makes us the youngest telecom operator to achieve this milestone in such a short span of time. Reliance Communications pioneered the mobile revolution in India and since then we have been the frontrunner of telecom innovations in the country. As we take the leap to achieve the 200 million mark, we will lead it from the front with more customer-centric innovations and service approach.”

Reliance subscribers across India will be able to call their friends and loved ones for free, without activating any bonus packs. This offer is valid for any Reliance to Reliance calls (both local and STD) on 28th March and this offer is valid only for 24 hours (00.00 hrs to 23.59 hrs). You need to have at least Rs.10 in your account to enjoy this amazing offer.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Now Available In India For Rs.25,695

Recently we posted that Sony Ericsson launched Xperia X10 in India and now we have another good news for you. Sony Ericsson also launched the Sony Ericsson Vivaz and announced Vivaz Pro in India. Both the handsets are powered by Symbian S60v5 operating system. Sony Ericsson Vivaz has a 8 megapixel camera that offers HD (720p) video recording while Vivaz pro comes with a 5 megapixel camera.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz:

sony ericsson vivaz

Sony Ericsson Vivaz is powered by the Symbian S60v5 OS and it runs on 720 MHz processor. It comes with 8 megapixel camera with HD (720p) video recording, 3.2 inch resistive touchscreen display with 360 x 640 pixels resolution, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, 75MB internal memory, 16GB expandable memory, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Wisepilot navigation, 3.5 mm audio jack, 1200 mAh battery and so on. This handset comes with a price tag of Rs. 25,695.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro:

sony ericsson vivaz pro

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is powered by the Symbian S60v5 OS and it runs on a 720 MHz processor. It comes with 5 megapixel camera with HD (720p) video recording, 3.2 inch touchscreen display with 360 x 640 pixels resolution, slide-out QWERTY keypad, 3G connectivity, A-GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 75 MB internal memory, 16GB expandable memory, 3.5 mm audio jack, Stereo FM radio with RDS and much more. Vivaz Pro will be available in two colors – Black and White. This device will be available in India within 3 months. The price of this handset is not announced yet.

Spice Mobiles Sees Huge Potential in The Indian Market

Spice Mobiles recently announced on Thursday that it will start manufacturing cellphones in India. The already popular mobile company has claimed that it will be able to sell a million phones from April and that it can start producing cellphones in the country from this year end. The company will start a trial of its products from the next month onwards.
The CEO of Spice Mobiles Kunal Ahooja said at an interview,

We already have a facility in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, where we manufacture other devices. We will start trial production of our handsets from next month and start start the commercial manufacturing following that by the end of this year.

This statement was made at the launch of Spice Mobiles’ latest 12 MP camera phone. The phone S-1200 is priced at Rs. 14,500. Another phone  M7070 which was launched last year in December is suitable for the budget conscious buyer. Spice has clearly seen a huge potential in the Indian market and is planning an expansion here. It recently sponsored the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week to gain attention and buzz.

If everything goes well here, Spice has further plans of expanding to Africa and other Asian markets. India is currently the optimal test bed for any new technology with its varied levels of users. More and more companies will take advantage of this fact and this will be beneficial for both the users and manufacturers.
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Are You Ready For IPv6? IPv4 is Nearing Exhaustion

The IETF is holding its 77th meeting this week at  Anaheim, California. The last meeting saw a huge turnout and the IEFT grabbed this opportunity to promote the new IP protocol, the IPv6.

The IETF as described by Wikipedia is,

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) develops and promotes Internet standards, cooperating closely with the W3C and ISO/IEC standards bodies and dealing in particular with standards of the TCP/IP and Internet protocol suite. It is an open standards organization, with no formal membership or membership requirements.

This Tuesday, researches have shown that even in small numbers, Internet users are already adapting to the 1995 technology. Geoff Huston of APNIC has recently announced from traffic data in the Asia Pacific that at least 1% of the Internet is using IPv6. Though not much, this is surely a good start. APNIC is the Regional Internet Registry for the Asia Pacific region.

The data provided by Huston is significantly important. It has revealed interesting facts like:

  • If IPv6 is implemented, it will not affect the ISPs. Current IPv4 requires them to send a data in multiple parts of small size and IPv6 requires them to send one huge data at a time. The effective change is minimal.
  • Around 6% of all networks have IPv6 enabled routers and at the current growth rates, this number will increase to 80%.

Comcast had once announced an IPv6 trial and more than 5000 people even changed their ISPs to be able to avail this offer. This shows that people are enthusiastic about IPv6. It is the existing network infrastructure which is reluctant to make this change.

As Iljitsch van Beijnum from ArsTechnica says,

Don’t forget: we’ve used 3,026 million IPv4 addresses and have just 680 million to go, with 203 million used up in 2009. Time is running out.

Vodafone Will Also Sell iPhone 3GS in India

Vodafone-iPhone After Airtel, Vodafone has also announced that it will be offering the iPhone 3GS in India. However, don’t get too excited as Vodafone’s pricing is as ridiculous as Airtel’s.

The 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models of iPhone 3GS will retail for Rs.33,500, Rs.40,500 and Rs.47,500 respectively in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. In the rest of India, they will be available for Rs.29,500, Rs.35,500 and Rs.41,500 respectively.

Vodafone will be offering iPhone 3GS users three plans. Users opting for Plan 1 would be charged Rs. 799 per month and receive 249 minutes of voice credits and 250MB data credit. Plan 2 costs Rs. 999 per month and includes 299 minutes of voice credits with 600MB of data credit. Users can also opt for a basic plan, which costs Rs 100 per month and does not include any voice or data credits.

The iPhone is a fantastic phone; however, does it merit the outrageous sum that Airtel and Vodafone are demanding? We believe it does not. Unfortunately, the truth is that there is a certain section of Apple fans that will always go ahead and get their latest product, irrespective of the price tag. And, this is the section that Airtel and Vodafone are trying to take exploit with their absurd launch prices.

(Image courtesy: UnWiredView)

Vodafone Launches New IPL Recharge For Prepaid Customers

Now Vodafone subscribers across India has a reason to cheer. Vodafone recently launched IPL Bonus Recharge, an innovative bonus recharge that adds more excitement to the ongoing IPL tournament. The new bonus recharge is priced at just Rs.71.

zoozoo cricket

IPL Bonus recharge offers full talktime along with free bonus minutes which are equal to the highest runs scored by a batsman in an IPL match on the previous day. If Sachin Tendulkar was the highest run scorer in the previous day match with 50 runs, then you will get 50 bonus minutes.

You can use these bonus minutes to call any local Vodafone number only at night (11pm – 6am). You will get a validity of 5 days to utilize your bonus minutes. To get the IPL bonus recharge, visit your nearest retailer or you can even recharge online at Vodafone’s website.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Now Available In India For Rs.35,795

Sony Ericsson recently launched the most awaited smartphone Xperia X10 and announced two powerful handsets, the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro in India. All the handsets are powered by the Android 1.6 operating system and they include some powerful specs. All the devices are reasonably priced to attract and increase smartphone users in India.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10:

sony ericsson xperia x10

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is powered by the Android 1.6 OS and it runs on 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. It comes with 8 megapixel camera, 4 inch capacitive touchscreen display, Bluetooth, 1GB internal memory, 16GB expandable memory, Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, A-GPS, 3.5 mm audio jack, 1500 mAh battery and so on. This handset comes with a price tag of Rs. 35,795.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini:

sony ericsson x10 mini

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini is powered by the Android 1.6 OS and it runs on a 600MHz Qualcomm processor. It comes with a 5 megapixel camera, 2.55 inch capacitive touchscreen display, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, A-GPS, 128 MB internal memory, 16GB expandable memory, 3.5 mm audio jack, Stereo FM radio with RDS and so on. This device will be available in India within 3 months. The price of this handset is not announced yet.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro:

sony ericsson x10 mini pro

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is powered by the Android 1.6 OS and it runs on a 600MHz Qualcomm processor. It comes with 5 megapixel camera, 2.55 inch capacitive touchscreen display, 3G connectivity, A-GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 128 MB internal memory, 16GB expandable memory, 3.5 mm audio jack, Stereo FM radio with RDS and much more. This device will be available in India within 6 months. The price of this handset is not announced yet, but we guess it will come with a price tag of around Rs. 27000.

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