Tetris Good for Brain: Helps Decrease Post-Trauma Stress

Here is a good news for all the traumatic patients. Their stress can be reduced to quite an extent by playing computer games like Tetris. Researchers at Oxford University found out that the patients engaging themselves in Tetris are less likely to have flashbacks of traumatic events.
The research was performed in the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University, headed by Dr Emily Holmes.
He performed experiment with 40 new patients. 20 of them were allowed to play Tetris while the other half did practically nothing. It was observed that the person who played the game had fewer flashbacks than the left out person in next few days.
According to the doctor, It takes around 6 hours after a traumatic event for a memory to be fully formed and disrupting the formation of those negative thoughts could help the patients. Disrupting those functions by diverting the brain’s attention in this crucial six-hour window seems to dampen down the vividness of memory.
The Oxford team chose “Tetris” because it involves moving coloured objects around and requires a lot of presence of mind.
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Google Chrome – The Last Browser Standing

The Hackathon is over and the only browser left standing is Google Chrome. This is the second consecutive year that Google has managed to leave the competition unscathed. In fact, according to TheNextWeb, this time around no one even attempted to hack Chrome.

Google obviously went into the competition well prepared. It fixed as many as 11 flaws just ahead of the competition. However, so did Apple, which recently pushed through 16 patches for Safari. Safari’s fall also proves that there is more to Google’s success than its lowly market share.

In fact, given that Google Chrome had managed to survive last year’s Pwn2Own, most people expected hackers to be gunning for it this time around. Google credits its sandboxingtechnique , which forces processes to run in a restricted environment, for Chrome’s success. While, sandboxing might be the key behind Chrome’s outstanding security track record, it definitely isn’t the sole contributor. Even Internet Explorer 8 utilizes sandboxing (Protected Mode), yet it fell quite easily.


Google built Chrome from the ground up with focus on security and speed and their efforts are certainly paying off. It is the only major browser, which is yet to be surmounted in the Pwn2Own contest. That alone is a laudable feat.

5 Great Apogee Games on Impulse.

The name Apogeeor 3D Realmsis synonymous with Duke Nukem Forever and thus is also known as troubled. The publisher/developer has quite a few great games under its belt and also that one biting wound of Duke Nukem Forever. Nevertheless, I remember Apogee vividly for it was their games that I played first when the first home computer was bought in our house. Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein 3D, Bio Menace, Commander Keen ah, those were the days. Now Impulse is selling 5 great Apogee games for $5.99 apiece. Yes, Rise of the Triad, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Planet Strike, and of course Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project can be yours at that great price! Also, the blurbs on Impulse are so yesteryear that in today’s context they sound very funny!


Here is a glance at the awesome games of yesteryear!


Rise of the Triad: As part of the High-risk United Nations Taskforce (HUNT) you must stop this maniac evil cult leader from killing millions of people. In this game, you can look both up and down, up to 45 degrees, to see what is above and below!! Wow! Yes, sir, this is 20 Megabytes of explosive graphics, animations, music and digitized sounds!that you can play with your friends over IPX!!


Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold: With a title like that I am expecting nothing more but sheer awesomeness from this title. As Dr. Pyrus Goldfire’s main enemy, Blake Stone must find a way to stop his maniacal plan of… doing stuff. With Adlib & Sound Blaster support (FM and digitized sound effects, IN STEREO!)and diminishing lighting effectsthis game is an audio-visual extravaganza!


Blake Stone: Planet Strike: It’s the 22nd century. British military agent Blake Stone is called again to save humanity from some other perilous peril. With a Real-time Automap, I can only dream of how great this game would have been when it was released!


Duke Nukem 3D: C’mon, do you really need a descriptive paragraph on Duke Nukem? Where were you all these years?


Duke Nukem Manhatten Project: Total Mutant Mayhem? Oh yeah, totally! Insane action and a rich 3D world to fight in, this game was pretty close to awesome when it was released. Buy it now!

So, which games did you buy in the Impulse Apogee catalog?

Nokia Acquires Browser Firm Novarra

Nokia has recently acquired Novarra, the mobile web browser firm from Chicago. The browser firm specializes in smartphones and has been developing browsers for the last eleven years.

Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President, Services, Nokia was available for comments on this acquisition. He said,

By driving innovation in all segments of our portfolio, we are building one of the largest consumer audiences for web services and content.

Novarra’s Internet services technology delivered on the world’s most widely-used mobile platform, Nokia’s Series 40, will help us achieve this.

Nokia has plans for a new service using this browser and this will be launched later this year. Nokia is slightly shifting its focus from the Ovi Store which could not live up to its hype.

With this acquisition, Nokia aims to ensure the usage of its in-built web browser across phones and will attempt to revamp to the Ovi Store. This comes as good news as the Ovi Store seriously lacks in purpose and apps and requires a redesign.

(Via: ZDNet)

Galcon Coming to the iPad

Indie gaming + true cross-platform multiplayer + casual strategy = MegaAwesomeWin (MAW). If you did not buy the Indie Game pack on Steam that I told you about a few thousand years ago, then you have made a grave mistake. Well, guess what? Phil Hassey, the maker of the Galcon games, has had an iPhone version for quite some time now (from where the desktop Galcon and Galcon Fusion evolved from, if I am not mistaken) and has been working on an iPad version.


Galcon fusion is a space-strategy game in which you control planets that produce triangular ships that can be used to conquer other planets. A very simple setting with a variety of different modes and fast-paced multiplayer action that forces you to make split-second decisions make this game a must buy for anyone who is looking for casual strategy. If you are going to own an iPad in the future, this game will also feature cross-platform support!

In his own words:-

Even more exciting news is that Galcon Fusion is coming to the iPad!   This means that Galcon will be the first truly cross-platform real time multiplayer strategy game for the iPad. Players will be able to share the same servers with people using PC, Mac, and Linux.   The iPad version of Galcon is shaping up to be the perfect hybrid between desktop Galcon and iPhone Galcon, with larger maps, more options, up to 12 players per server, hi-def graphics, and other features before available only on the desktop version, yet also featuring the unique touch screen interface and multi-touch capabilities of the iPhone

If there was a time when I’d actually appreciate the iPad for what it is, it would be now. This is nothing short of awesome!

Watch WWE Wrestlemania XXVI Online

The flagship event of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Wrestlemania has been the prominent feature in every wrestling fan’s calendar. This huge pay-per-view event has been considered to be the pinnacle of wrestling. Many celebrities grace its halls during an event, and wrestlers themselves have become famous solely due to their success in Wrestlemania. The Granddaddy of Them Allevent is scheduled to take place on the 28th of March, 2010 at the University of Phoenix, Arizona from 7 PM ET (4PM PT).


Wrestlemania has a long and successful record of catching fans’ attention and bolstering viewers for the WWE brands of wrestling. Kicked off first on March 31, 1985, the event has seen championship titles, personal feud matches and other gimmick matches being contested.

This time’s Wrestlemania (Wrestlemania XXVI) will see 10 matches including the much talked about The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels battle with the senior-most WWE-brand wrestlers jostling in the ring. Nevertheless, how will you watch this grand wrestling event, being the mad WWE fan?

There are two ways to go about it. The first is by paying on the WWE site for a PPV webcast of Wrestlemania. It costs $54.95 to view this webcast, and you have a variety of quality options once you have paid for viewing Wrestlemania.

If paying is not in your mind, you can try watching it on Justin.TV’s New World Channel. Though there is no guarantee that it will broadcast the show, it does say that you can Watch Wrestlemania 26 Online Tomorrow Night.

If you do know of any other sites that are providing the webcast, do let us know!

After Google Search on TV, Now Google Wants Its Own Google TV

Google, Sony and Intel have joined hands to bring a new concept called the Google TV to households. Google TV will allow users to surf through the Internet right from their television through specially designed set top boxes. Needless to say, these set top boxes will use the Android operating system. Given the news of Android booting in one second, the possibilities of this being true came closer to reality.

Google had earlier started experimenting TV search allowing users to use Google search on their televisions. This experiment was limited to Google employees. But now, Google sees a huge potential in another market into which it can expand- the television market. After the Internet, television is possibly the second largest community of dedicated users.

Logitech is also reported to be working with these three companies in manufacturing peripheral parts for this service. This includes specialized remotes and keyboards.

Surprisingly, all the companies involved are being unnecessarily secretive about this project. Google, Intel and Logitech have refused to comment on this whereas Sony has even refused being aware of any such project. However, all these companies are hiring for Android jobs which validate this news even further.
(Via: NYTimes)

Google Denies Revenue Sharing With Android Phones And Carriers, Shuts All The Ballyhoo

Last week, there were intensive reports on Google sharing ad revenues with Android based phones, their carriers, android apps and manufacturers.


Now, Google has come out with its official statement on this matter and has denied all these rumors. Google has clearly stated that it does not share any revenue with its Droids. However, it has a search revenue sharing with some carriers.

A Google spokesperson denied the ad sharing rumors in a statement to eWeek saying,

We share revenue on search, not on mobile applications. The same is true for non-Android devices that use Google as the default search engine.

Google accepts that carriers are paid a cut of the total revenue generated from search related advertising. Google has this deal in place with the HTC Nexus One and Motorola Droid. Both these phones include Google apps like Gmail, Google maps, search, Youtube, Buzz etc. This is the only revenue Google claims to have.

Although Google is not doing it now, we can safely assume it will once it acquires the mobile ad expert AdMob which specializes in ‘in-app’ ads.

A MocoNews rumor was the first to report the ad sharing. eWeek followed up busting the rumor this week.

Tata Docomo Launches Special Recharge of Rs.120 In Mumbai And Maharashtra

Tata Docomo recently launched a new special recharge voucher of Rs.120 for its prepaid subscribers in Mumbai and Maharashtra circle. This special recharge offers local and national minutes as well as free local and national SMS. After recharging this special pack, you wont get any talktime in your core balance.

tata docomo_offers

Tata Docomo subscribers in Mumbai and Maharashtra & Goa circle can recharge with Rs.120 special recharge and get 200 local and national minutes as well as 400 free local and national SMS. This local and national minutes can be used to call any mobile and landline number within India.

Plan Details:

Price: Rs.120
Circle: Mumbai and Maharashtra
Benefits: 200 local/national minutes and 400 free local/national SMS
Validity: 30 days

This offer is available only on e-recharge and valid only for 30 days. This plan is better than the basic per second billing plan since it offers both local and national minutes along with free SMS at an affordable price. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments.

Watch F1 Australian Grand Prix Online Live

The second race of the 2010 F1 race has moved to Melbourne, Australia and the race will definitely be a good one with Red Bull leading the pack by occupying the first row on the starting grid.


Sebastian Vettel is on poll position for the Australian Grand Prix, followed by teammate Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso. Jenson Button came in 4th followed by Felipe Massa. Michael Schumacher still has the passion in him and will definitely be a driver to keep an eye on. Michael occupies the 4th row at 7th position, followed by his old Ferrari teammate Rubens Barrichello.

You can find all the race positions by visiting the official F1 page for Australian qualifying results. Coming back to the race now, it will definitely be a interesting one considering the big names on the front rows.

Ready to catch the F1 action live from the Australian Grand Prix? You can watch the streams live online at Ustream.tv. You will also find streams and news on the official Speed TV page and also on the Official Forumla1 site at http://www.formula1.com/video/

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