Spice Introduces 12MP Camera Phone with 3x Optical Zoom

Camera phones have improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years. We have come a long way since the days of VGA camera phones. However, one feature that is yet to go mainstream is optical zoom. Now, Spice S1200 has joined the rank of elite few mobile phones that can brag about optical zoom.

The S1200 features a 12 mega-pixel camera with professional CCD sensor and boasts of numerous advanced camera functions including multiple face detection, smile shutter, auto focus, night vision, anti-shake, xenon flash and 24 preset capture modes. It is also quite capable when it comes to video recording and supports recording QVGA resolution video at 30 fps.


Besides the standard assortment of connectivity options (no Wi-Fi), the S1200 also includes TV out support (cables included), which allows it to be connected to standard television sets.

Speaking on the launch of Spice S-1200 Mr. Kunal Ahooja, Director and CEO, Spice Mobiles Ltd stated, “Photography is emerging as a fine art and expression of creativity. Our latest Picture Perfect series phone the 12MP S-1200 caters to this lifestyle need of good photography on the move”.

Although, optical zoom is possibly the biggest draw of this handset, it is also responsible for the unsightly appearance of S1200. High megapixel count does not automatically ensure great picture quality. However, if Spice’s optical sensor is even half-decent, the S1200 should be a commendable camera phone. At Rs 14,500, it is priced just right for the Indian market.

[Click here for Spice S1200 Specifications ]

Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 Getting An OS Update On Monday

If you are using a Verizon branded BlackBerry Tour 9630, then you have a reason to cheer since your BlackBerry handset will get an OS update on Monday. The OS version in the update is still unknown. According to Crackberry, OS is the most likely candidate. Check out the improvements and changes in the new OS update below.

blackberry tour 9630

  • Camera – Smoother operation in both camera and video applications.
  • Calling – Improved Bluetooth functionality for last number dialed, enhanced functionality for Voice Activated Dialing in both French and English, improved missed call log  and upgraded Call Waiting caller ID and call timer.
  • Messaging – Improved functionality for reading, sending, forwarding and deleting SMS messages as well as corrected in-box display when in holster.
  • Bluetooth – Improvements in operation when using VZ Navigator
  • Push To Talk – Push To Talk capability Software Availability

This software update will be available through OTA (Over The Air) update and Verizon Wireless Network Pushed Process. It is advised to back up all your data before updating your device. If you find any others changes after the update, please let us know in the comments.

Safe Surfing and Email with Web of Trust

wot-icon[Windows, Mac, Linux] Web of Trust (WOT) is an addon or extension that identifies risky or dangerous links and websites while you are using your web browser. This addon is available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. There is also a bookmarklet for Browsers such as Opera and Safari.

Here’s what the WOT website says about their product:

Protect yourself from online scams, sites with adult content, spam and other Internet threats. The WOT community has rated millions of websites so you can search, shop online and surf for fun without worrying.

When the WOT addon is installed in a web browser, it displays safety information about web sites in two different ways.

First, there will be a WOT icon at the top of the browser next to the address bar. It will be colored green, yellow or red to show you the general rating of the web page you are currently viewing.


If you click on this icon, you’ll be able to see more details about the ratings.


The detailed ratings are broken down into four categories: Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy and Child Safety. As you can see, Techie Buzz is a winner in all four areas.

The second way that WOT displays it’s ratings is while you are searching at one of the popular web search engines. Ratings are shown for Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and Froogle.


As you can see, there is a colored icon next to each search result. Clicking on the icons there also gives you more detailed information about each site. You won’t have to worry if it’s safe to click on search results once you have WOT installed.

Some online email services are also covered by the link identification from WOT. Here’s what my Gmail looks like in Firefox. This also seems to work in Yahoo Mail, Live Mail and AOL Mail.


The WOT addon will make your online email far safer to use.


Download the WOT addons for Firefox, IE and Chrome

The WOT Bookmarklet for Opera and Safari

For those who don’t wish to install anything at all in their browser, I’ve found an online search engine which uses WOT to rate the search results.

Safe Search:

Try SurfCanyon’s WOT Search

Techie Buzz Verdict:

There are several other services that offer similar addons or toolbars to make surfing more safe. WOT is my favorite and it supports the widest range of web browsers.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5

HTC Desire To Go On Sale From Today In UK

HTC Desire, the powerful smartphone which was announced at Mobile World Congress will finally go on sale from today in the UK. This handset will be available only on the airwaves of T-Mobile UK. You can easily purchase this handset from any T-Mobile stores.

htc desire

HTC Desire is a powerful device since it has a 1 Ghz processor. This handset is based on the Android 2.1 operating system. It has a 3.7 inch AMOLED touchscreen display with 480 x 800 pixel resolution, Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, microSD memory card slot and much more.

Other notable features include a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and flash, HTC Sense, ROM 512 MB, RAM 576 MB, Optical TrackballProximity and light sensor, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, Digital compass, up to 7 hours talktime, up to 360 hours standby time, 1400 mAh Battery and so on.

You can buy this handset for free with £35 monthly plan for 2 years which includes internet Booster. This device will be soon available for other carriers like Vodafone, Orange and O2 in the UK.

Firefox 3.7 Pre Alpha: Looks vs. Speed

Another Firefox 3.7 Pre Alpha has released and it has a new set of nifty features which are intriguing but some missing improvements which were expected to be there by now.

The two issues I am discussing here are looks and speed.


Regarding looks, the latest pre-alpha developers preview has improved in terms of looks and features a new Aero support for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Moreover, it is not just the title bar which has the Aero look. The navigation and the bookmarks bar also have the glass look. Lee Mathews from DownloadSquad has written on this but has not found a about:config key to disable this yet. The glass effect works best with the default installation without any theme or persona. Read more at DOWNLOADSQUAD.

In matters of speed, OMG!Ubuntu has done a simple JavaScript benchmark. The results show that Firefox is still significantly slower than Google Chrome and Opera 10.5. Chrome still stands as the fastest browser with respect to JavaScript rendering beating Opera 10.5 closely.

It is time Firefox focuses on the important aspect, which is faster rendering of webpages. Eyecandy on Firefox has come a long way already and any further progress in this matter can wait.

The latest test build is available for download.

Unlock iPhone 3.1.3 Baseband 05.11.07 With Blacksn0w RC2

Finally some good news for people who upgraded to OS 3.1.3 or have been pushing it back because there haven’t been any unlocks for baseband 05.11.07.


A new version of Blacksn0w has cropped up on the unofficial app store Cydia which will allow users to unlock iPhone OS 3.1.3 with baseband 05.11.07. The unlock which is a release candidate 2 can be accessed from the Cydia store on jailbroken iPhone’s.

Blacksn0w RC2 has not been released officially by GeoHotz who has been working on a untethered jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 which will be released in near future and may also work on the . This version of Blacksn0w is basically a repackaged version of the original version and adds a few fixes to it.

You will have to jailbreak your iPhone using sn0wbreeze and then use the Cydia store to search for Blacksn0w and then install the unlock on your iPhone for this to work. 

[via Redmond Pie]

Apple Says New iPad Orders to Ship after April 12th

Apple`s iPad is one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2010.The craze of iPad seems to have reached heights in last couple of months as Apple reaches closer to its delivery date.
Apple has already sold out its initial supply of iPads, which is going to be delivered on April 3rd. If you make an order now, you will have to wait until April 12th. Apple has only started delivering Wi-Fi enabled iPads. 3G enabled iPads will ship by late April.
People familiar with the iPad’s running sales totals told the Wall Street Journal, Apple has the potential to sell more iPads in its first three months than the 1.2 million iPhones it sold in the three months.

Apple also provided a “Late April” ship date for the iPad Camera Connection kit and started taking pre-orders for the device. It is unavailable to the people who have already ordered it. The iPad Camera Connection Kit enables you to import pictures and videos in two ways: using a camera’s USB cable or directly from an SD card.

Via: Appleinsider

Ubuntu to Change to Base-10 File Size Unit

Ubuntu is making a change in the way the OS reads the file size in the future release of the distro, that is in Ubuntu 10.10. From Ubuntu 10.10, the base-2 system that is currently in use is going to be replaced by base-10 system.

Right now in Ubuntu, 1 KB is represented as 1024 B. This system is what is called the base-2 system but violates the IEC naming standard. The base-2 system is however, not used by various hardware manufacturers (you might have noticed that when you plug in your 500 GB external hard disk, it is shown as 466 GB) and some applications. So, the SI naming system (base-10 units) will appear in Unbuntu 10.10 to represent the network bandwidths, disk sizes and so on.

The base-10 system was introduced in one of the Lucid daily builds. But since the Lucid release is only a few weeks away, other applications which rely on the base-2 system cannot be changed in time. As a result, base-2 system will continue to be used in Lucid and the base-10 system will be introduced in the next version after Lucid, i.e. Ubuntu 10.10.

From Ubuntu 10.10, base-10 unit based on SI naming system will be used in  network bandwidth, disk sizes etc. However for RAM size, base-2 units will still be used. However, the base-2 units will use the IEC naming system.

Here is a what the IEC and SI standards are like:

  • IEC standard for base-2 units:
    • 1 KiB = 1,024 bytes (Note: big k)
    • 1 MiB = 1,024 KiB = 1,048,576 bytes
    • 1 GiB = 1,024 MiB = 1,048,576 KiB = 1,073,741,824 bytes
    • 1 TiB = 1,024 GiB = 1,048,576 MiB = 1,073,741,824 KiB = 1,099,511,627,776 bytes
  • SI standard for base-10 units:
    • 1 kB = 1,000 bytes (Note: small k)
    • 1 MB = 1,000 kB = 1,000,000 bytes
    • 1 GB = 1,000 MB = 1,000,000 kB = 1,000,000,000 bytes
    • 1 TB = 1,000 GB = 1,000,000 MB = 1,000,000,000 kB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes

[via neowin.net]

OpenSolaris 2010.03: Are we There Yet?

Oracle had recently assured OpenSolaris fans that it will keep the OpenSolaris project alive. However, it is not quite living up to this announcement.


The announcement which was made on should have ensured the availability of OpenSolaris to the public but has failed to do so. The statement of the announcement was,

Oracle will continue to make OpenSolaris available as open source, and Oracle will continue to actively support and participate in the community.

OpenSolaris 2010.02 was scheduled to release in February this year but was already pushed to March once. Now, we are nearing the end of March and OpenSolaris 2010.03, scheduled to be released in early March is still not there. Neither has Oracle bothered to release an official statement on this continuous delay, nor has it communicated to the OpenSolaris community.

OpenSolaris has already survived rumors of death at Oracle once. Back then, Oracle has done its bid to come clean in this matter and ensuring a future for this Unix fork. Though, this negligence will cost Oracle the trust of an active group of users and developers. It is time Oracle releases a statement and at least ensures the arrival of a possible OpenSolaris 2010.04.
(Via: Phoronix)

Flip MinoHD Available in UK from 8th April

Flip MinoHD is all set to launch in the UK, months after its release in the US. MinoHD is the world’s smallest HD camcorder. Its slim and sleek design makes it possible to carry around with you, in your pockets.
Built-in FlipShare software, MinoHD lets you save and organize your videos make custom movies and perform editing.
The latest Flip MinoHD is privileged with following features:
• 2-inch colour screen
• 2x digital zoom
• Video recording performed at a resolution of 1280×720 pixel
• 8GB Memory
• Holds 120 minute of HD quality video
• HDMI port available
• Supports uploading to sites like YouTube and MYSpace

MinoHD is actually comparable to HTC`s EVO 4G which can record at HD ready resolutions and has a HDMI port as well.You can find Flip MinoHD to be available in UK Stores from 8th of April for £180.
Via: Iproportal

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