Apple Starts Shipping iPads – Confirms Retail Launch on April 3rd

Get ready guys, the device that promises to change the future of computing is on its way. Pardon me for the over dramatic introduction, but if anyone can redefine how we surf the web and consume information, Apple can!


According to reports, customers who had placed their order on the first day have started receiving shipping notices from the Apple Store. Apple has also confirmed that iPad will hit the shelves on April 3rd. Besides being available in all Apple retail stores across the US, the iPad will also be available in most Best Buy outlets. However, if you are planning to get one from BestBuy, you better be fast, as each outlet has been assigned a maximum of just 15 devices.

iPad costs between $499 and $829, depending upon the storage space and connectivity options. The cheaper Wi-Fi only models will be the ones, which will go on sale on April 3rd. 3G+Wi-Fi models are expected to be available by the end of next month.

In spite of being ridiculed for its lack of features and silly name, the iPad’s (estimated) pre-order figures have lived up to the hype. However, with several notable tablet releases imminent, it will be interesting to see if Apple can hold onto its initial momentum (something tells me that it will).

Google Chrome 5 Beta Released For Windows

Google has been working on version 5 of for quite long now, in-fact the dev version of Chrome 5 was released late January. However it looks like Chrome 5 is now inching towards a mainstream release with the beta version of Chrome 5 now being made available for downloads.

Google Chrome Logo

The beta version has a lot of features including auto-translation, auto form filler, taskbar previews among others and also fixes some bugs. You can download the beat version of Google Chrome 5 for Windows by visiting this page.

Don’t forget to check out some excellent we have covered in the past to use with the browser.

Vodafone Customer Support on Twitter, Twitter Desktop Application From Vodafone

More and more service providers in India are getting serious regarding their carrier business and are attempting to expand through the Internet. The increase of data transfer compared to voice transfer over networks seconds the fact that data transfer is equally important as voice for mobile users.

Bharti Airtel has made a broadband market for itself and now Vodafone plans to harness the power of Twitter to increase its user base further.

Vodafone has seen a huge marketing potential in Twitter apps and wants to promote itself in India and Egypt through Twitter. Taking its first step in this, Vodafone has set up a Twitter account to provide customer support to Vodafone subscribers in India and Egypt over Twitter.

On the other hand, Denmark Vodafone subscribers can now use a Twitter Client named Vodafone Update. This client has a Vodafone look and feel and has a simple UI.

Vodafone has geared up to make a position for itself in the Internet market. Integration with Twitter, Facebook and similar services will help it grow a better relation with customers. The Twitter customer service concept has been there for a long time now. Dell already uses it and it is good to see more companies adopting this method.

For pictures of the Twitter client and more reading on this, visit this post at Shoutmeloud.

Play Computer Games by Blinking your Eyes


Some students from Imperial College London have developed an open source game named Pong. In this game, you have to blink your eyes when you think it is appropriate to hit.

According to the students,

This revolutionary game could allow people with severe physical disabilities to become ‘gamers’ for the first time.

To play the game, the player needs to wear special glasses containing infrared light and webcam. This helps in recording eye movements. The webcam is connected to a computer where synchronization is carried out between player’s eye movement and the game.

According to the team’s supervisor from the Department of Bioengineering ICL,

The game that they’ve developed is quite simple, but we think it has enormous potential, particularly because it doesn’t need lots of expensive equipment… We hope it could ultimately provide entertainment options for people who have very little movement. In future, people might be able to blink to turn pages in an electronic book, or switch on their favorite song, with the roll of an eye

via: newkerala

Center TaskBar Icons in Windows 7 With TaskDock [Windows]

I used to be a big fan of programs like ObjectDock and RocketDock. However, I stopped using them after I upgraded to Windows 7. Windows 7’s taskbar (affectionately called the superbar) acts as a pretty good application launcher and makes these dock applications almost redundant.

TaskDock is a free portable utility, which enhances the taskbar’s dock-like feel by automatically centering all your icons. There is very little else to say about this app. It is tiny download and does just what it is supposed to do. As soon as you launch it, it will center all the icons present in your taskbar. TaskDock does not have any interface and operates silently from the system tray. It continuously monitors applications as they are opened and closed and re-aligns the taskbar buttons accordingly.


Techie Buzz Verdict

TaskDock does not serve any real purpose other than making the taskbar a bit more pleasing to the eyes. However, folks who like to dress up their system with fancy themes and icons will appreciate this subtle taskbar enhancement. TaskDock can be a bit jumpy but worked well enough for me to give it a thumbs up.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Good)

[ Download TaskDock for Windows 7 ]

Worms Reloaded Beta Signups Open

More Worminess! (Or was it Wormsishness?) Worms Reloaded’s Steam community is bustling with activity. Yes, this is in relation to the cryptic Beta signup that we talked about a couple of days ago. Yes, it is a closed beta and yes you need to do something to get into it. What precisely do you have to do to get in on it?

The Team 17 admin has posted clear cut instructions in the community post:-

If you want to be in with a chance to join the Beta ranks all you need to do is send an email to [email protected] with the subject Worms Reloaded Beta Test.
You then need to include in the email your Steam ID and what country you are from. And that’s it.


Do remember that your Steam ID is NOT the same as your Steam username. If you do not know what your Steam ID is, simply go to Steamcalculator, put in your username and your Steam ID will come up on the screen. Do remember that you need to be a member of the Worms Reloaded Steam community to get in on this beta. Moreover, the signups will close by tomorrow 1:24 PM IST! So do send that email fast!

Have fun playing it guys!

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 WON’T Be Getting Multi-touch Support

Sony Ericsson’s flagship Android phone – the Xperia X10, has already been launched or will be launched soon in most countries. The X10 is undoubtedly an impressive device. However, according to early reviews, most of the handsets are plagued by touchscreen sensitivity issues. The other downside is the older version of Android (v1.6 i.e. Cupcake) that is used to power the device. Thankfully, Sony has already committed to issuing a software update in the future. However, if you were hoping to get multi-touch support with the Android 2.1 (or 2.2) update, I have some bad news for you.


Replying to comments on the official product blog, Rikard Skogberg, Business Manager at Sony Ericsson, confirmed that Xperia X10’s hardware is not capable of supporting multi-touch. While, Skogberg declined to comment on the touchscreen sensitivity issues, he did reveal that Sony Ericsson is looking into alternate solutions for zooming. Here is his full statement:

I don’t have any technical details around the screen to share, sorry! However I have now gotten confirmation on the question of multi touch. As said earlier there’s no multitouch in X10 and I also can confirm that it’s not only related to SW but also to HW. Despite this, for future updates of X10 we are of course working on other solutions for e.g. zooming, which has been requested frequently on this blog, such has the solution demoed on X10 mini at and similar.

Sprint Launches The New LG Rumor Touch Smartphone

Sprint recently launched the new LG Rumor touch smartphone on its airwaves. This handset was unveiled last month during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Currently, this handset is available for purchase only via Sprint’s website. It will be available in all the Sprint stores from April 4.

lg rumor touch

LG Rumor Touch comes with a slide-out QWERTY keypad, 3 inch touchscreen display with 240 x 400 pixel resolution, 2 megapixel camera, audio and video player, easy access to Facebook, Photobucket and MySpace, GPS, microSD card slot, 32 GB expandable memory, Bluetooth 2.1, up to 7 hrs talktime and much more.

LG Rumor Touch also offers access to Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, Sprint Music and Sprint Mobile Email with personal and corporate calendar features. This device will also be available in two additional colors red and purple from April 18 in all Sprint stores. You can buy this handset for $79.99 with a two-year service agreement and $50 mail-in rebate.

aMSN: An MSN Messenger Clone That Is Better Than The Original

To start with, aMSN is an exact clone of MSN Messenger offering the same functionality and even the same look and feel. It lets you chat, transfer files, arrange contacts in groups, save chat logs, set automated away messages, do conferencing, use web cam and almost all the other good stuff that the original MSN Messenger allows you to. However, there are many features that make this clone almost better than the original MSN:

  • Multi OS Support. Works with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and even Nokia N900.
  • Multi language support: currently in over 40 languages.
  • Multi-account sign in.
  • Over 25 different skins to choose from.
  • Much lighter and quicker to install than MSN.
  • Lots of third-party plug-ins to customize the functionality.
  • Time stamping and tabbed chat windows.
  • Dual display pictures.
  • You can create your own plug-in.

MSN Messenger Clone

These are just some of the features that, to me, make aMSN a much better candidate to use than the original MSN Messenger. Of course there are other uses of it too for example if your school/office doesn’t allow you to install MSN or if the original MSN messes up your OS. To me, the simple fact that it is such a light-weight alternative is good enough to make the switch.

Download aMSN here. [Via ilovefreesoftware]

Convert One Hyper-Link Into Many

Hyper-links probably have a history as old as the internet. They are used almost in every article, blog post or website pretty heavily to point the user to a different web page. They work very well indeed, but how about a situation when you want to point your reader to multiple web sites. Traditionally you would create multiple hyper-links for them since it is the norm.

Butns is a new web service that is trying to revolutionize the way hyper0links work. It allows you to hide multiple hyper-links under one. For example, instead of saying “Check out Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter” you would say, check out these websites”.

These multiple hyper-links are called butns and can be easily generated at Just start by entering the word you want to turn into hyper-links and then choose a style for your hyper link. You can have it underlined, double underlined, bold or even dotted. After that, specify the hyper-links you want to include in your butn; you can choose from many popular URLs or enter a custom one. Once done, butns will generate a code for your hyper-link that can be pasted on your website or blog.

It may take a couple of minutes more to do than the traditional hyper-links, but it will definitely save some screen real-estate and make your website look good.

Multiple Hyper-Links

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