Untethered iPad Jailbreak Coming Soon?

Well it might be coming soon, because look who is waiting in line to get one :-). Yes, George Hotz aka GeoHotz, the famous jailbreaking master, who is also coming up with an untethered jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.1.3 soon is waiting in line to get his hands on the and most likely a untethered jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.2 which is powering the iPad.

iPad Jailbreak by George Hotz

iPad is now available in stores, but it is still 1G so there might be changes coming up in the next few months or so, however, if you have purchased the iPad, keep an eye on George as he might just make the device all the more exciting for you with a jailbreak.

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Apple iPad Has Been Launched, Get Yours Today

The much awaited Apple iPad launch lived up to its hype. From 9:00 AM today, it is finally available at Apple and Best Buy stores around the country. Long waits are over and people are buying this device, the cheapest of which costs $499 without giving it a second thought.


CNet has already brought out a review of the Apple iPad. The lines outside the stores explains the frenzy for this new Apple product.

Those who pre-ordered the product got it delivered to their doorsteps. Those with recent plans of buying this product have to rush to the nearest store and get in that line.

CNet and NYTimes have started live blogging on this event giving key updates on the sales and the current happenings at the stores. The first to buy an iPad at Apple’s 5th Avenue store was Richard Gutjahr who is also a blogger.

For more viewer comments and live reviews of first hand customer experiences with the iPad, do not forget to see the live blogs. If you had any reservation regarding the iPad,head over to the nearest store and join the crowd.

Ubuntu 10.10 Codename Announced

Mark Shuttleworth has announced the codename of the Ubuntu release after Lucid Lynx today. In a post in his blog, Shuttleworth announced that Ubuntu 10.10 will be called “Maverick Meerkat“.

This is what Shuttleworth wrote regarding the reason for choosing Meerkat:

Meerkats are, of course, light, fast and social everything we want in a Perfect 10. Meerkats are family-oriented, and we aspire to having Ubuntu being the safe and efficient solution for all the family netbooks. They are also clever meerkats teach one another new skills. And that’s what makes this such a great community.

According to the blog post, Ubuntu 10.10 is going to continue with the push for faster boot time and is also going to focus on the social networking features they are introding in Lucid Lynx. Shuttleworth also mentioned that Ubuntu 10.10 is going to be more netbook friendly.

If you do not know what a meerkat is, here is a description from Wikipedia:

The meerkat or suricate Suricata suricatta, a small mammal, is a member of the mongoose family. Meerkats live in all parts of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana and in South Africa. A group of meerkats is called a “mob”, “gang” or “clan”. A meerkat clan often contains about 20 meerkats, but some superfamilies have 50 or more members. Meerkats have an average life span of 12-14 years.

Firefox 3.6.3 Patches Pwn2Own Flaw, Back to Security

Mozilla has released a quick update to its flagship Firefox Browser. This release 3.6.3 fixes the security flaws exploited at the Pwn2Own contest. The security flaw discovered at Pwn2Own affected only Firefox 3.6and later versions directly.


The Mozilla Security Advisor had added this flaw to their website writing,

A memory corruption flaw leading to code execution was reported by security researcher  Nils of MWR InfoSecurity during the 2010 Pwn2Own contest sponsored by TippingPoint’s Zero Day Initiative. By moving DOM nodes between documents Nils found a case where the moved node incorrectly retained its old scope. If garbage collection could be triggered at the right time then Firefox would later use this freed object.

This flaw was address on April 1st, 2010 by Nils who also happens to be a security researcher. Mozilla has been quick in responding to this zero day exploit. The exploit of this flaw was a big challenge in itself, it being a zero day flaw.

To get the latest secure version of Firefox which has a fix for this flaw, go to Help -> Check for Updates and install the latest suggested release.

Asus Announces The Asus ROG MATRIX 5870 Graphics Card

Asus Republic Of Gamers line-up of graphics card are quite popular for their highly modified PCB’s, and cooling solutions. They are also popular for their comparatively high clock speeds than prescribed by the Graphics card maker. The latest card in Asus ROG (Republic Of Gamers) line-up is the ATi HD 5870. The card features a custom cooler which according to Asus is made of special materials thus achieving a 13% improvement in cooling than the reference cooler.


The core of the graphics card is clocked at 894Mhz. The card features 2Gb of GDDR5 memory clocked at 4.8Ghz on a 256 bit memory bandwith.   Asus has also incorporated their Super Hybrid Engine and iTracker 2 engine in the graphics card. The Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) automatically reduces the clock speed of the graphics card to low levels during normal operations, thus reducing power consumption. While under heavy load, it increases the speed of the card so as to deliver high performance. The iTracker 2 engine allows overclocker to safely adjust the memory timings of the graphics card.

Asus did not mention anything about the price of the card, but we expect it to cost at least 60 USD$ more than a normal ATi HD 5870.

7Plus Puts Useful Windows Shortcuts Under One Hood

[Windows only]: I am a freeware freak and whenever I find a utility that adds something productive in my daily computer usage, I use it without giving a second thought. Yesterday, I came across 7plus a free utility which adds tons of features and shortcuts to speed up the normal workflow in Windows.

During installation, 7plus provides some basic settings which you can check and customize. This includes choosing the explorer windows, shortcut to create folders and various other mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Actually there are a whole lot of mouse shortcuts to consider and I did write some of them on paper.

Here is how the settings panel of 7plus look:


Some of the useful features of the application are as follows:

Copy Filenames with a shortcut key: You can copy filenames using the Alt + C keyboard shortcut. The normal way around is hitting F2, highlighting the file name and then pressing Control + C. 7plus saves you from 3 different keystrokes while copying filenames.

Copy paths as well as filenames: If you want to copy the path of the file, use Control + Alt + C. This comes handy, when you are designing something and have to frequently copy the exact path of a file.

Go back: Love this one. Just hold down right mouse button and click the left one to go back one window. You can double click on any empty area of Windows explorer to go a folder upwards.

Add FTP Details: The application also does some FTP job, just set up the FTP details in the program settings, select a file which you want to upload and press Control + U. The file will be sent to your FTP server from Windows explorer.

Clipboard Manager: We have earlier seen some nice clipboard managers for Windows, but with 7plus you don’t need to use them at all. Press Windows key + V and a clipboard manager opens with the last 10 entries stored and ready to be used.

Check out this small video screencast to understand how 7plus works:

For a full list of features, check out this project page. Thanks Ghacks

Techie Buzz Verdict

7plus is an amazing little tool to tweak Windows the way you want. The program works with 32 bit as well as 64 bit editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7. It’s portable, doesn’t modify the registry and you can even use it from your USB drive on multiple computers. There is a small learning curve with the shortcut keys, but after using it for a while, you will love it.

Techie Buzz rating: 4.5/5 (Excellent)

MTNL Mumbai Offers Unlimited GPRS At Rs.98

MTNL offers an amazing GPRS pack for its subscribers in Mumbai telecom circle. This pack offers unlimited GPRS usage without any Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for 1 month. MTNL has reduced the cost of unlimited GPRS usage from Rs.399 per month to Rs.98 per month.

mtnl unlimited gprs

Both the prepaid and postpaid subscribers can activate this special pack only for Rs.98. It comes with a validity of 30 days. MTNL also offers an unlimited GPRS pack for Rs.14 which comes with a 3 days validity. This recharge is not available for postpaid customers.

To activate GPRS on your MTNL number, prepaid subscribers can SMS “ACT GPRS” and send it to 444 while postpaid subscribers can SMS “GPRS” and send it to 555. This recharge is not applicable for the subscribers using 3G facility. You can get this recharge from any of the MTNL Customer service center or you can even recharge online at MTNL’s website.

Vodafone Charges 50p/3min For Calling Customer Care

I’m sure that the title may have shocked you, but this is seriously not an April Fool joke. Vodafone has started charging 50 paisa for 3 minutes, if you need any help from the customer care executive. Vodafone subscribers in all the telecom circles will have to pay a nominal charge for 50 paisa every time they call the customer care for any help or service related queries.

vodafone unhappy

According to Telecom Talk, “The Government’s directive to telecom companies while giving out licences explicitly stated customer service calls should be TOLL-FREE. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has not yet approved the companies request to charge subscribers for their calls to Customer Care.”

Earlier Airtel and Loop Mobile started charging their subscribers for calling customer care executives and now Vodafone also joined the bandwagon. Vodafone has always been known for providing excellent Customer Care service to their subscribers across India, but this decision may go against them.

Let’s wait till the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is being implemented in India, after that we can easily find out the real winner of the telecom race.

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MeeGo is finally Out – Try it on your N900 now

Finally, the first MeeGo build for Nokia N900 is available for download. For those of you who don’t know, MeeGo is a new OS developed by Intel and Nokia. All of Nokia’s Tablets and Intel Atom based devices will now be powered by MeeGo.

MeeGo devs have made two different images. The first one contains only Open Source software while the second one has Nokia’s software as well. The download links are given below:

  • MeeGo with Open Source Software.
  • MeeGo with Nokia’s Software.

You will need Nokia’s flashing tool to install MeeGo on N900. Download it here.

Warning: Flashing your phone to install MeeGo will erase all data from your phone. Get a backup of all important data before doing this.

Bharti Airtel Joined Hands With Ericsson For Network Upgradation

Ericsson recently bagged a $1.3 billion outsourcing contract from Bharti Airtel to upgrade its mobile network in India. Ericsson said, they will expand and upgrade Bharti Airtel’s network in 15 telecom circles. This will help Airtel subscribers across 15 circles to enjoy an enhanced voice quality and faster data access.

bharti airtel logo

“Our pioneering model of aligning with strategic partners who share our vision and bring in world-class experience and expertise to execute our plans has helped us focus on our customers and market place. The extension of our fifteen years association with Ericsson is testimony to the strength of the relationship as well as the success of the model. We continue to be delighted with Ericsson’s expertise in network expansion and transformation, helping us to reduce operating expenditures and enhance network quality. This way we can continue to provide a superior customer experience,says Sanjay Kapoor, CEO- India & South Asia, Bharti Airtel.

Ericsson has already won five network outsourcing deals from Bharti since 2004. Ericsson will supply energy efficient 2G/2.5G radio base stations, microwave transmission and Intelligent Network. They will also ensure that Airtel’s network is 3G-ready in order to reduce time and enable the fast rollout of 3G services in these telecom circles.

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