Reliance GSM Mobile Services Launched In Goa

Reliance recently launched its GSM mobile services in Goa. The services of Goa region comes under the Maharashtra and Goa circle. Reliance GSM services in Goa are available on both prepaid and postpaid. They offers simple tariff on local and STD calls, roaming and SMS under its “Simply Reliance” initiative.

reliance goa

Reliance GSM Tariff:

1 paisa per second:
Price: Rs.58
Validity: 365 days
Benefits: Local and STD calling at 1 paisa per second.

50 paisa per minute:
Price: Rs.48
Validity: Lifetime
Benefits: 50 paisa per minute for all local and STD calls.

Rs.1 for 3 minutes:
Price: Rs.38
Validity: Lifetime
Benefits: Rs.1 for 3 minutes will be charged on all local and STD calls.

Mr. Akshay Kumar, Regional Head, Rcom (Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala) stated that, “The launch of GSM services delayed in Goa due to stringent licensing rules in this particular place.” The company aims to achieve the milestone of another 100 million subscribers in 1000 days.

[ via. Telecom Talk ]

Wipro To Offer Blu-Ray Devices & Services In Association With Philips

Wipro + Philips Deals Blu-Ray Disc

Wipro Tech has entered into a strategic deal with Philips to provide Blu-Ray solutions in the Indian Market. According to the exact specifications of the deal, Wipro Tech can now offer Blu-ray middleware and solution development services related to the new   Blu-ray technology all developed by Philips.

Blu-Ray aka BD or The Blu-Ray disc is an optical storage medium aimed at storing high definition content like hi-def videos and games and can store upto 25GB and 50GB of content on single and double layered optical discs respectively. This technology had initially faced some competition from the HD-DVD standard but the competition is now over with major movie distribution houses switching to Blu-Ray for content delivery.

According to the director of Philips Intellectual Property and Standards – Mr. Frederic Guillanneauf Philips is the pioneer of the Blu-Ray technology and is strongly committed towards the wholesome development of the Blu-Ray technology. He feels that the tie-up with Wipro will actually fuel the development of this technology to a further level. Wipro being a major supplier of embedded software in the market, it will also add to the Blu-Ray R&D.

Canonical Introduces Support For Syncing Mobile Phones With UbuntuOne

Canonical, the company behind the popular linux distro Ubuntu, has teamed up with Funambol to provide Mobile Phone syncing support with UbuntuOne.

In case you do not know, UbuntuOne is an online storage and backup service owned by Canonical. It is currently available for free to everyone, although users can pay for more storage space. Funambol is an American corporation that earns revenue from its dual-licensing business model that includes commercial software and free open source mobile data synchronization software based on the Funambol core project. (from Wikipedia)

This new service that Canonical is introducing in UbuntuOne means that UbuntuOne users will now be able to sync the contacts in their mobile phone with UbuntuOne’s Contact. The new mobile sync feature is built upon the existing Contact sync feature that UbuntuOne already has. Users need to synchronize the contact in their computer   (Evolution and Thunderbird) with UbuntuOne first, then they can synchronize it with their mobile phone.

Since Funambol is providing the mobile syncing functionalities, the Mobile Sync feature in UbuntuOne already supports most of the mobile handset models. For iPhone users, there will be an app available in the app-store soon.

Right now this service is available to every UbuntuOne user for free. However, once Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx is released, this feature will become a part of the UbuntuOne paid service and will be available only for a 30-days trial to non-paying users of UbuntuOne.

You can read more about the how to set up this service in your phone in the Ubuntu Wiki.

[via Ubuntu One Blog]

Finland Postal Service Will Open, Scan and Send Mails Electronically

Postal service in Finland, it seems, has had enough of sending postmen out in freezing temperatures and on long routes. In order to be more time and energy efficient, they will now open the letters, scan them and send them electronically to recipients. Currently, the program is in a trial mode and 126 households and 20 businesses are participating.

The message would be sent to a secure digital mailbox that can only be accessed by the original recipient. An email and mobile phone alert would also be sent informing the recipient about new mail. The exercise of opening and scanning the mail would take place in specially secured premises where the staff is bound by confidentiality obligations.

The program aims at reducing CO2 emissions and the number of employees used to distribute mail in the scattered population of one of the coldest countries in the world. The trial program starts on April 12th and will continue through the end of the year. However, despite all the claimed social, economical and environmental benefits, the program is being heavily debated by people who think that it would compromise the privacy. People are going as far as to suggest that this program will be used to spy on the confidential communication.

Do you think it will work in Finland or elsewhere in the world? Or is it too impractical due to privacy and other issues?

Dish TV Launches Sports Unlimited Pack For Sports Fanatics

It’s gala time for all sports fanatics. All users of Dish TV can now get unlimited access to Sports channels courtesy their newly launched Sports Unlimited Pack. This is really a good news for all Dish TV subscribers and also those who are planning to buy one. Sports bloggers can also opt for this package as they can get 24/7 exclusive sports content on their TV with this package.

The Sports unlimited package is Priced at Rs. 1690/- and an additional Rs.200 towards the installation charges. After subscribing to this pack you get 4 months subscription of Gold Pack absolutely free. The sports unlimited pack contains all the sports channels – ESPN, Star Sports, Star Cricket, Ten Sports and Zee Sports and Set Max (Indian Premier League followers rejoice!).   However NEO Sports has not been included in the package. This offer is vaild in all states of India except Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry.   You can find out more about the Sports Unlimited offer on this document[PDF].

HP Slate To Have a Faster Processor, More Storage and Two Cameras

With the whole world drooling for the recently launched Apple iPad, HP is trying to assure its employees, through an internal presentation, that HP Slate wouldn’t be anything less than competitive. As Engadget reports, HP Slate will have a 1.6 GHz processor compared to iPad’s 1 GHz, and the minimum storage would be 32 GB compared to iPad’s 16 GB.

HP Slate will also have an SD/SDHC.SDXC Card Reader providing up to 12 GB of extra storage for all those movies and songs. It will run on the very successful Windows 7 Home Premium edition and will have a VGA Webcam. While Webcam and SD Card give a big advantage to HP Slate, the smaller screen, lower-performing battery and an extra 50 bucks would make it difficult for HP to win the hearts.

Some other specs also include a 1 GB RAM, USB Port, a 1024 x 600 multi-touch display, an extra 3MP outward facing camera and an HDMI outlet. The whole list of specs is displayed below via Engadget.

Over all, iPad might be the better looking one of two, but when it comes to functionality and possible integration with other devices such as Computers and Mobile Phones, I believe HP Slate would be better off.   What do you think? Would you wait for an HP Slate or are rushing to get an iPad right now?

Split and Merge PDF Files with GiosPSM

pdf-icon I deal with PDF files almost every day at work. Unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, making changes to existing PDF files is sometimes a problem. I’ve discovered one program that helps me deal with splitting and merging PDF files. It’s name is Gios PDF Splitter and Merger‘ (GiosPSM).

GiosPSM is the result of an open source set of tools for manipulating PDF files. It is a stand-alone program and it’s all contained in a single executable file about 145kb in size. The program is small, mainly because it relies on the .NET Framework v2.0 libraries. Here’s what the main interface looks like:


The feature I like best about GioPSM is the fact that you can drag and drop PDF files into it’s list when you are using it. This is a big time saver when you are merging dozens of PDF files. So far, I haven’t found any other PDF split/merge tools that allowed drag and drop without some other limitations.

GiosPSM also allows you to set page ranges when you are splitting and merging so that you can specify exactly what you need to work with. There is also a command line version of GiosPSM for those who need to automate splitting and merging operations.

The one thing I don’t like about GiosPSM is the fact that it’s a little fussy and will occasionally crash on you. When it happens, no permanent harm is done and it’s only a minor problem.

Download: Gios Home Page (requires .NET Framework 2.0)

Techie Buzz Verdict:

techiebuzzrecommendedsoftware1 GiosPSM is easy to use, it’s small and it’s portable. This is a great free product that is actively being developed. The additional command line version is a real bonus for those needing to automate PDF operations.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

No More Linux Support For Songbird

Mozilla Songbird

In a surprising turnaround,   Songbird developers Pioneers of The Inevitable (POTI Inc.) announced on their blog that they will no longer be supporting Songbird on Linux platforms. The developers cite their intent to support an increasing number of devices and a focus on narrow set of priorities meant that they would no longer be able to deliver Songbird as an outstanding product on Linux. This, the developers say,   would not be the right thing to do.

As posted on their blog,

Some of you have noticed that the Linux version has fallen behind, leading to some heated, but healthy debate internally about how to prioritize the development hopper. After careful consideration, we’ve come to the painful conclusion that we should discontinue support for the Linux version of Songbird. Some of you may wonder how a company with deep roots in Open Source could drop Linux and we want you to know it isn’t without heartache.
 We have a small engineering team here at Songbird, and, more than ever, must stay very focused on a narrow set of priorities.

The developers state that they will continue to run the build bots and host the Linux builds on the developer wiki. However this seems like a pointless exercise, especially considering that the Linux version will not be tested and is unlikely to pick up any new features.

Songbird is an open source Media Jukebox and media-oriented Web Browser built on Mozilla’s XULRunner framework with an extensively skinnable interface using what Songbird calls as “Feathers” and features add-on support to change the functionality.

I recently started using Songbird on Linux, and found it to be pretty decent. Will you miss Songbird ? Do drop a comment and let us know.

Zune HD 4.5 Firmware Released Adds Smart DJ And More

Last week, we had told you about the impending Zune HD 4.5 firmware update and the wait was definitely not that long as Microsoft has released the Zune HD 4.5 Firmware to users.

Firmware 4.5 for Zune HD adds a new application called Smart DJ, which is somewhat similar to the iPod Genius feature. he update will provide expanded MPEG-4 Part 2 Advanced Simple Profile support which includes Xvid and AVI codec support as well.

Zune HD

To update to Zune HD 4.5 Firmware, connect your Zune device to the Zune software and go to Settings -> Device -> Player Update. If your device is connected you can check for software updates and upgrade to the latest firmware.

Watch a video of the new features which are available in Microsoft Zune HD Firmware 4.5.

Android Gains Around 2% Market Share In Feb 2010

Google’s has been seeing a steady increase in the market share of its devices in the US market. Back in January 2010, the mobile usage report by comScore, put Android’s market share at 7.1%, however, the February 2010 report has shown around 2% market growth for Android, giving it a 9.0%, an overall 5.2% increase since November 2009.

Mobile OS Market Share February 2010

The biggest losers during this period were once again Microsoft and Palm, however, RIM still retained the top position with their Blackberry device accounting for 42.1% of the total US market share. Apple though has remained stable with around 26% of the market share, however, you can expect their numbers to grow because of the recent launch.

For Device manufacturers, Motorola was still the top OEM followed by LG and Samsung, however, Motorola lost around 2% of the market share since November 2009.

In all there were around 234 million Americans with mobile devices out of which 45.4 million users owned smartphones, which is a 21% increase since November 2009. With the flurry of new devices being launched, this number will definitely sky rocket to around 100 million within the next 3-6 months.

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