MTS India`s MBlaze broadband services now in Jharkhand

MTS India has announced the launch of High Speed Mobile Broadband Internet Service in three cities in Jharkhand. With this launch, MTS`s MBlaze service is available in 48 cities across India. In Jharkhand, the services will be available in Ranchi, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur under Bihar Telecom circle.

MTS India`s MBlaze is brought to you in two schemes- Mblaze Premium and Mblaze Standard. Mblaze Premium data card is available for Rs 1,999 while Mblaze Standard data card costs Rs 2,299. As a part of the inaugural offer, MTS Subscribers in Jharkhand can download 15 GB data, worth Rs.1500 for the first month. The service offers downloading at an emphatic speed of 3.1 Mbps.
MTS `s MBlaze service also offers free web browsing for news, sports, travel etc. by allowing free access to using popular websites like Yahoo India,Wikipedia, etc.

At the launch of the MBlaze service, Mr. Leonid Musatov, Chief Marketing Officer of SSTL said,

We are happy to bring the high speed internet access services to Jharkhand for the first time in Jharkhand. Data services are going to expand beyond the metros with people demanding real time information and knowledge.

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Knight Frank`s new Property Search app for iphones

Knight Frank India, one of the leading international property consultants, has launched a property search app for iPhones.
Using this app, the customers will be able to search for exclusive properties across the globe that they may wish to buy or rent. This is done using global GPS search function.

At the launch of the app, Pranab Datta, Vice Chairman and Managing director, Knight Frank India, said,

Knight Frank has always looked at exploring new options for its client’s which help them connect to their ideal property. With today’s ever evolving telecom market, this is a good space to serve all our HNI customers across the globe. Our Knight Frank App showcases the properties in an extraordinary and effective way on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. It couldn’t be easier or more fun to browse the best local or global properties on the move.

However, the Indians need to wait a bit. According to the Knight Frank, the app is soon going have India specific search options.
Knight Frank`s property app is indeed an innovative idea that allows you to make property search by country, region or postcode.
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Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Beta 2 Available For Download

Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Beta 2 is now available for download. Although it has some small changes, it does not have any striking difference from the earlier Beta 1. If you are using Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1 with regular updates, there is no need to install the Beta 2 for you. If nothing goes wrong, this is will be the final beta before the final release.

You can download Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 2 from

Here is a brief overview of the changes that Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Beta 2 have:

  • The windows control buttons are still on the left but their order have been changed to Close, Minimize and Maximize.
  • The new Ubuiquity slideshow is now live.
  • Ubuntu One can sync Firefox bookmarks and mobile contacts.
  • Rythmbox finally has the UbuntuOne Music Store plugin.
  • New logos and icons in GDM and various other locations.

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New Features In iPhone OS 4

The Apple event just ended and Apple has announced the highly anticipated iPhone OS 4. First and foremost the new OS introduces multitasking. Apple has made sure that multitasking is not a big battery drain or a resource hogger. The application running in the background will have access to only seven selected services. This basically means applications which need any of these seven services can only support multitasking.

The Home button is used to switch between the running applications. Another major change in the iPhone OS 4 is the upgraded version of the Mail application. Sadly, except for the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch 3rd generation, no other models support multitasking.

The Mail application now features a unified mailbox, along with threaded email conversations. Users can now also download attachments and open them via applications from the App Store. A good piece of news for the Corporate users is that they can now set up more than one Exchange account setup. Apple also announced the iBooks application for the iPhone. The iBooks application has been a huge success on the iPad and thus Apple has released an iPhone compatible version of it.

Apple iPhone OS 4

Another good piece of news for the Corporate users is the support for Exchange Server 2010, SSL VPN support. Developers can now also encrypt the data present inside the application for more safety. One of the lamestfeature of the new iPhone OS 4 is the home screen wallpaper. The OS also brings Game Center a service which targets the likes of Microsoft Xbox Live service.

The major tentpolefeature of the iPhone OS 4 is the iAd platform from Apple. This platform will allow developers who publish free applications on the App Store to earn some revenue. The iAd demo from Steve definitely looked interesting. An interesting thing to note about the iAd platform is that it uses HTML5 instead of Flash.

Other notable features include the ability to create Folders, 5x digital zoom, Create Playlists, Bluetooth Keyboard and Persistent Wi-Fi even in sleep mode. Except for the iAd platform, the iPhone OS 4 does not introduce any innovative feature. Everything Steve Jobs introduced in iPhone’s OS 4 today, is already being done by other mobile phone operating system present in the market.

A developer preview version of the iPhone OS 4 is already available at The iPhone 3GS will get the iPhone OS 4 update this summer, while the iPad will get it this fall.

Wikitude 4.0 now available on Symbian devices

The free Augmented Realiy (AR)-browser Wikitude 4.0 is now available on a large range of Symbian devices.It is for the first time that a non-touchscreen phone will have a facility of Wikitude. This free Augmented Realiy (AR)-browser is already available on Android based phones like HTC Dream, HTC Tattoo, Motorola Droid and Samsung Galaxy.
AR technology helps you in connecting the World Wide Web with the physical world. Wikitude works by determining the phone`s current location via GPS and thereafter merges the real world with a virtual layer. Once the phone is spotted at a certain place, a plenty of additional information about real-world objects is seen on the phone`s camera view. Wikitude collects these information from services like Flickr, Qype, Wikipedia and YouTube.

As for now, Wikitude 4.0 is available on following Symbian 3rd/5th-edition devices:-
• Nokia E72
• Nokia E52
• Nokia E55
• Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini
• Nokia N86
• Nokia 6788
• Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
• Nokia 6710 and Nokia 6720
• Nokia 6210
• Samsung I8910 HD

At the CTIA conference in Las Vegas, Martin Lechner, CTO of Mobilizy said,

Until today Augmented Reality was only available for users with touchscreen capable smartphones. This is about to change with our Wikitude 4.0 version for Symbian phones. The challenge was to keep the navigation simple and self-declaring even without the availability of a touchscreen. That’s what we’ve accomplished.

Via: Symbian-Freak and Wikitude

World`s most expensive Computer Mouse: Have a look

Can you guess the name of the World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse? If you are thinking some technical name, then you are no where near. Interestingly, it is World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse only. It comprises of 18-karat white gold studded with 59 brilliant cut diamonds. If you go at the looks, you will not find anything extravagant. The base is just like an ordinary mouse, which has few rare gems embedded in it. However, the presence of diamond matters and therefore it costs $26,730.

This innovative mouse is built by a Swiss manufacturer- Pat Says Now.   This mouse is being advertised as a perfect gift for a 60th wedding anniversary (as diamond is the traditional gift for this event) and great choice for a 50th wedding anniversary (as Gold is the traditional gift for this event).

The World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse comes in two designs- “Diamond Flower” designs and the “Scattered Diamond” design.

Now, it is up to you, whether you want to buy the World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse or a nice car within that range.

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What Is The best Linux For Beginners? KGB Says It Is Ubuntu or Fedora

Before you assume that we are talking about KGB, the Russian Security Agency, the KGB we are talking about is a service which provides answers to your queries for $0.99.

Ken Hess form DaniWeb, asked KGB the question, “Which Linux distribution is the best for new users?”

The answer KGB gave is very interesting. This is the exact reply he got:

“The best one is the one that works best for you. Try something easy like Ubuntu or Fedora. Try different Distros. After all, Linux is free.”

Of course, the first, third and fourth sentences are nothing interesting and are what you would expect from just about anyone. What is interesting is the second sentence – “Try something easy like Ubuntu or Fedora”.

Ubuntu and Fedora are like completely opposite to each other. While Ubuntu focuses on stability, Fedora tries to stay at the bleeding edge of technology and implements countless many new technologies. This often results in various problem in Fedora. Of course Ubuntu is not without problems too. Because of its focus on stability, new technologies generally takes longer to come to Ubuntu. This might be frustating for power users but for newbies, in my opinion, Fedora is not a very good option.

What do you think is the best Linux for beginners? Let us know through the comments.

Live Coverage of iPhone OS 4.0 Apple Event

The Apple iPhone OS 4.0event is going to start in just a few minutes now. As usual the expectations are high from this event. Many iPhone users are hoping that the new version of iPhone OS will support multi-tasking and bring in battery life enhancements as well. Apple had recently released the Apple iPad which has got ravishing reviews all over the net. Apple said that they have managed to sell 300k iPad in the first couple of days.

It is not confirmed but users are also expecting Apple to release iPhone HD or iPhone 4G. Rumors also say that Apple will launch a refreshed line-up of the Macbook series.

Live Updates :

The event started a few minutes ago. Sorry for the delay in the live update guys!

10:00AM : Steve Jobs enters!

10:01AM 10:10AM : Steve Jobs before introducing us to the iPhone OS 4.0, tells us about the enormous success of the iPad. Steve said that over 250k books have been downloaded from the iBook store until date. He also said that Apple has managed to sell 450k iPad within a few days of its release. Steve also says that currently the App Store has 3.5k apps for the iPad and the number is increasing at a tremendous rate.

10:12 AM : Steve finally announces the iPhone OS 4. He says that the OS will ship this summer and a preview version for developers will be released today.

10:15 AM : He says that the iPhone OS 4 will have more than 1500 API for developers.

10:18 AM : New features of iPhone OS 4 include 5x digital zoom, tap to focus in videos, and Bluetooth keyboards.

10:19AM : Steve announces what all iPhone users have been eagerly waiting for Multitasking!. He says We weren’t the first to this party, but we’re going to be the best. Like cut and paste — it’s better than any other implementation. It’s really easy to implement it in a way that really drains battery life. And, it’s really easy to implement it in a way that reduces the performance of the foreground app and makes your phone feel sluggish.

After this Steve Jobs gives the viewers a demonstration of the multi-tasking on the iPhone. He uses the Home button on the iPhone to switch between multiple applications.


10:21 AM : Steve says that the iPhone OS 4 will provide seven multitasking services. Tim Westergren from Pandora comes up on the stage and demonstrates the Pandora application on the iPhone. The application can now run in the background while continuing to stream the audio.

The second demonstration is from a Skype representative. He demonstrates that now it is possible to navigate away from the Skype app and be still able to receive calls on it.

10:27AM : Scott now tells us about background location services. He says The next is background location. There are two classes of apps that want to use your location in the background. One is turn by turn directions, like TomTom. The problem is, until now, if you left an app like TomTom, you’d stop getting directions.

He says that the location of the users can be tracked either by using A-GPS or GPS. Nice move by Apple here, since GPS consumes a lot of battery power.

10:31AM : Scott :With all these location services, we take privacy very, very seriously. We’re taking it several steps further in iPhone OS 4. First, we’re adding an indicator to the status bar if something is tracking your location. Next: we’re adding fine-grained settings so you can enable/disable location on per application.

Whoa! Awesome move by Apple here. Sure gives adequate respect to the privacy of the iPhone users.

10:35AM : Scott then introduces us to another multitasking service task completion. Scott says The next is task completion. One is like Flickr: sometimes photos can take a while to upload. With task completion, Flickr can continue to upload those photos in the background when you browse away. Our last service: fast app switching.Impressive!

10:36AM : Scott goes and Steve is back on the stage. He introduces another new feature in the iPhone OS 4 which is Folders. He demonstrates this by dragging and dropping one app over the other and a folder is automatically created. The folder is automatically assigned a name, but it can be edited. These folders can be used in the dock as well.

iPhone OS 4.0 Mail

10:39AM : Steve then announces the enhanced version of Mail. There is now unified inbox, and now its possible to organize mails by thread. Steve also says that there are other minor changes in the Mail application.

10:41AM : Steve then announces the iBook application for the iPhone. He says We’re really excited about this. Just since rolling it out on the iPad, we’ve had so many requests to bring this to the iPhone — of course, we were already doing that. We think customers will really enjoy this on their iPhone or iPod touch.

10:43AM : Buy your books once and read them anywhere. We’re wirelessly syncing pages and bookmarks automatically. And just like on the iPad, we’re supplying a free book: Winnie the Pooh. You know, we labored over that choice, which to include!

10:45AM : Scott is back on the stage and he announces that Apple is now making APIs available to developers to encrypt all the data inside their application as well.

10:46AM : Scott then introduces us to the sixth new major feature of the iPhone OS 4.0 Game Center. A developer preview is only present in iPhone OS 4.0 though. He says Gaming is extremely popular on the iPhone and iPod touch. In fact, we have over 50k titles… let’s look at the competition. If you look at dedicated gaming devices like the PSP and DS, this just blows them out of the water. We wanted to make this even better — we’ve added a social gaming network. We do automatic matchmaking, we’ll find others with a similar ability and match them against you. You can see how you’re progressing in a game with achievements.Looks like Apple is taking a shot at Xbox Live service from Microsoft here.

10:48AM : Steve is back on the stage and then introduces us to the last feature of the iPhone OS 4.0 iAd, Mobile Advertising. "He says On a mobile device, search is not where it’s at, not like on the desktop. They’re spending all their time on these apps — they’re using apps to get to data on the internet, not generalized search.

10:52AM : We want to be even more interactive than the ads on the web, and we want to get some of that interactivity from video. The ads keep you in your app…People don’t click on ads because you get yanked out of your app. Because iAd is in the OS itself, we’ve figured out how to do interactive and video content without ever taking you out of your app!

The user can return to their app any time they want. We think the user will be much more interested in clicking on these things because they won’t pay the penalty for doing so. You can add iAd opportunities in an afternoon — we’re going to host and deliver the ads, and we’ll give developers an industry standard 60% of the revenues.


10:55AM : Steve then gives us a demo of the new iAd platform. He shows the views a Toy Story 3 movie ad, which is coming out this June. The ad is done in HTML5. Uh huh! Adobe! The demo of the new iAd platform is pretty impressive. The iAd platform is heavily integrated into the iPhone OS 4.0.

11:00AM : The demo is over and then Steve says That’s an example of 3 ads that are very easy to make. In addition to ad agencies being able to make these things, there are hundreds of thousands of iPhone app devs who know how to make these things. Emotion plus interactivity. The ads keep you in your app, so you’re much more likely to click on then and explore.

11:01AM : Steve then says that the preview version of iPhone OS 4.0 Developer will be available from today itself at He then says that the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G will run pretty much everything.Time for some bad news guys.

Steve – For iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd gen, they will run many things, but not everything — they will not support multitasking, the hardware just can’t do it.

Steve then announces that the iPhone OS 4 will be available for the iPad this fall.

The event is more or less over. There is a Q&A session which follows.

Firefox in Ubuntu Coming Back to Google Search

We had earlier reports of Ubuntu 10.04 using Yahoo search as the default option on its Ubuntu Linux. One of the two major changes announced by Rick Spencer was,

The default search homepage will change to the Yahoo! search homepage if we change the default search engine preference to Yahoo!. If we do not change the default search preference to Yahoo!, the current Google search page will remain intact as the homepage. This change currently applies to Yahoo! and Google only.

However, now Ubuntu is surprisingly switching back to Google search as the default. This time as well, we have Canonical’s desktop engineering manager,  Rick Spencer detailing this change saying,

Earlier in the 10.04 cycle I announced that we
would be changing the default search provider to Yahoo!, and we
implemented that change for several milestones.

However, for the final release, we will use Google as the default
provider. I have asked the Ubuntu Desktop team to change the default
back to Google as soon as reasonably possible, but certainly by final
freeze on April 15th.

That would not be a surprise as earlier, Rick Spencer said Ubuntu was entering a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo!. Now, we all know here that a similar deal with Google gives much better financial returns. Or as d0od at Omg!Ubuntu says,

it could be that they found most users where switching the search back to Google anyways.

Windows 7 SP1 Leaks, Now Available on Torrent Download

Windows 7 SP1 has just leaked over the Internet. This much awaited Service Pack update which was expected from Microsoft is now available at various torrent sites.
Earlier last month, Microsoft made announcements of the possible availability of this service pack but did not release any date for this. The Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2 is available now.

Microsoft’s say on this SP1 release was,

Windows 7, SP1 includes only minor updates, among which are previous updates that are already delivered through Windows Update.

Chris123NT from  GeekSmack has posted screenshots of the leaked build on his website. The leaked build goes by the name of 6.1.7601.16537.amd64fre.win7.100327-0053 and will soon spread over various torrents.

There are two things you should worry about before trying this out.  Firstly, it can be malicious. Secondly, it is a leaked build and is not necessarily a beta release.

Microsoft has not released any official comment on this leak.

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