HTC Incredible Leaked Specs

HTC Incredible is the most rumored smartphone manufactured by HTC. This handset is expected to be available from April end on the airwaves of Verizon. It comes with a 1Ghz snapdragon processor, 8 megapixel camera with HD (720p) video recording and so on. Check out the leaked specs of this handset below.

htc incredible

HTC Incredible Leaked Specs:

â–ª 1 Ghz Snapdragon Processor
â–ª Android 2.1 operating system
â–ª Touchscreen Display
â–ª Virtual QWERTY keyboard
â–ª HTC Sense UI
â–ª 8 GB internal memory
â–ª Bluetooth
â–ª Wi-Fi
â–ª 3G Connectivity
â–ª A-GPS
â–ª 3.5mm audio jack
â–ª 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus
â–ª HD (720p) video recording
â–ª Google Maps with navigation
â–ª 512 MB ROM
â–ª 512 MB RAM
â–ª MicroSD card slot
â–ª 32 GB expandable memory
â–ª Push Gmail and Exchange

The price of this handset is not announced yet. We will update you with more exclusive pics, videos and complete specs of this device soon.

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Apple Macbook Pro Line-up Refresh Imminent

At the beginning of this year, all the laptop manufacturers updated their notebook line-up to use the new mobile Intel Core i5 and/or Core i7 processors. Only Apple’s Macbook Pro line-up still uses the older generation Core 2 Duo processors. Many people have been criticizing Apple for taking such a long time to update their Macbook Pro line-up. Apple is known to charge a premium for its products. So why would someone pay a premium for something which uses an older generation processor?

Apple Macbook Pro Lineup Refresh

MacRumors reports that a refresh of the Macbook Pro line-up is imminent. The folks at got hold of a screenshot from Microcenter which shows the part numbers of the new Macbook Pros. The screenshot also lists the price of the new Macbook Pros. While no release date was mentioned, rumors suggest that the new updated line-up of Macbook Pro will be released on April 13th. The cheapest 15″ Macbook Pro will now cost 1799$, while the top of the line 17″ Macbook Pro will cost 2299$. No other information about the updated Macbook Pro line-up is available as of now.

It will be interesting to see whether the new Macbook Pros will use the Nvidia Optimus technology and/or will featutre a Dx11 compatible graphics card. Sadly no details are available for the 13Macbook Pro.  

Nokia E66 Firmware Updated To Version 410.21.010

Recently, Finnish mobile phone maker, Nokia, released a new firmware update for its popular handset, Nokia E66. The new version 410.21.010 can be easily downloaded from Nokia Software Update (NSU). The new firmware update comes with a wide range of fixes and improvements. Check out the changelog below

nokia e66


• Many functionality and stability improvements in MfE
• Fix for Gmail folder issue in UK and Germany
• Fix for email application freeze

• Usability improvements
• Fix for Backslash character for Portugese language
• Fix for missing characters in French/Italian languages

• Improvement in sending SMS when memory is full
• Nokia IM chat response time improved.

This update is also available Over The Air (OTA). It is advised to backup all your data before updating your device. We will update this post soon with some screenshots and videos of this firmware update. If you find something new or if you have some screenshots or videos of this firmware update, please share with us.

Tata Indicom Offers Unlimited Local And STD Calling Packs in Orissa

Tata Indicom is currently offering special packs for unlimited local and STD calling. These unlimited local and STD calling is limited to Tata Indicom, Virgin and Tata Docomo numbers. These special tariff vouchers are available only for prepaid subscribers in Orissa Circle.

tata indicom logo

Tata Indicom has evolved into a much-loved brand across Orissa and the launch of the STV 225 and STV 699 vouchers is our way of expressing our gratitude and rewarding our customers for being a part of the Tata family,says Mr. Kapil Sharma, COO, Tata Indicom, Orissa Telecom Circle.

Plan Details:

Price: Rs.225
Validity: 30 Days
Circle: Orissa
Benefits: Unlimited local calling to Tata Indicom, Tata Docomo and Virgin numbers.

Price: Rs.699
Validity: 30 Days
Circle: Orissa
Benefits: Unlimited STD calling to Tata Indicom, Tata Docomo and Virgin numbers.

For unlimited local calling, recharge with Rs.225 special tariff voucher and for unlimited STD calling, recharge with Rs.699 special tariff vouchers. The validity of these unlimited calling packs are 30 days. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments.

James Gosling, the Java Founder Resigns From Oracle

James Gosling, who was the CTO of Oracle’s Client Software Group has resigned from his post. The reasons for this resignation are not yet announced, but Gosling is reported to have said,

As to why I left, it’s difficult to answer: just about anything I could say that would be accurate and honest would do more harm than good.

Gosling has held the office of CTO for both Sun Microsystems and Oracle. He led a small team of developers into creating Java, the programming language which has been recorded as the top programming language in the Tiobe index for several years in a row.

This resignation follows the likes of Tim Bray and Jonathan Schwartz. Just last month, Gosling made some positive remarks on what Oracle is doing with Java. Though, he also raised concerns on the Java Community Process.

This resignation does not come as a surprise to many as they were expecting it sooner.  After the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle is doing Sun more harm than good. The deal was loss making for both Sun and Oracle but the future after the deal could have been a lot better. Though, the statement made by Gosling is highly controversial. We will see more light on this incident and know the exact details once James Gosling comes clean about it.

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Tata Indicom to offer unlimited STD and Local calls in Orissa

Tata Indicom, one of India’s leading CDMA operators announced the launch of two new special tariff vouchers for unlimited local and STD calls in Orissa Telecom circle. The two new vouchers are available at a price of Rs 225 and Rs 699.

The details of Rs 225 Special Tariff Voucher are as follows:-

1) Available for only prepaid subscribers
2) Unlimited local callings on the Tata network which includes Tata Indicom, Virgin Mobile (GSM/CDMA) and Tata DOCOMO
3) Validity: 30 days from the date of recharge

The details of Rs 699 Special Tariff Voucher are as follows:-

1) Available for only prepaid subscribers
2) Unlimited local and STD callings to TTSL/TTML network across India
3) Validity: 30 days from the date of recharge

At the launch of new Special Tariff Vouchers, Mr. Kapil Sharma, COO, Tata Indicom, Orissa Telecom Circle, stated

Tata Indicom has evolved into a much-loved brand across Orissa and the launch of the STV 225 and STV 699 vouchers is our way of expressing our gratitude and rewarding our customers for being a part of the Tata family.

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Vodafone Offers Unlimited GPRS Usage For Rs.95 In Karnataka

After Reliance, Tata Docomo, Aircel and Airtel started offering GPRS plans at an affordable rates, Vodafone too joined the league. Now Vodafone is also offering GPRS usage at very low cost in Karnataka circle. As rumored, this GPRS plan is not available only to selected subscribers, but it is available to all Vodafone subscribers across Karnataka Circle.

vodafone logo small

Plan Details:

Price: Rs.95
Validity: 30 Days
Circle: Karnataka
Benefits: Unlimited data usage with FUP of 2 GB

This plan comes with a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 2GB. To activate this plan, you will have to do a special recharge of Rs.95. If this GPRS plan is available in other circle’s as well, please let us know. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments.

Airtel Offers Talktime And Data On Rs.45 Special Recharge In Karnataka

After reducing the price of data usage, Airtel is now offering an unique recharge voucher in Karnataka circle that gives you talktime on your core balance as well as free data usage for 30 days. This recharge is useful for those who wants to check their mails or stay connected with their friends on the go.


Plan Details:

Price: Rs.45
Validity: 30 days
Circle: Karnataka
Benefits: Rs.30 core balance + 105 MB data usage

The price of this special recharge is only Rs.45 and it gives you a talktime of Rs.30 in your core balance as well as free data usage of 105MB. The validity of this recharge is 30 days and it is currently available only in Karnataka circle. If this recharge voucher is available in your circle as well, then please let us know in the comments.

Twitter now available for Blackberry users

Now you can experience Twitter on your Blackberry smartphones as it is now available in public beta mode. You can also download the application by visiting However, this twitter app comes with some restrictions. It is available for only those BlackBerry users whose OS version is 4.5 or higher with at least 64-MB of built in memory.

Some of the key features of the Twitter for BlackBerry smartphone are as follows-

• BlackBerry Push technology ensures direct delivery of twitter messages to the users.
• You can post new tweets, delete tweets, re-tweet, reply to tweets and send direct messages.
• You can also send a tweet to various other social networking sites like Facebook.
• You can search for other Twitter users and search for tweets within a chosen location.
• You can view a list of the top 10 trending topics on Twitter.

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Remove Colors and Backgrounds From Webpages With NoColor Firefox Add-on

Quite often, you may find some blogs with horrible designs and backgrounds. The content is good and you want to read the page but the colors used in the site’s layout make it impossible to read. If you want to get rid of all the colors from a webpage, the Nocolor Firefox add-on will come in handy. The add-on removes all the background images and colors, thus offering a clean reading environment.

Download the No Color Firefox add-on. Internet explorer users can try IESurfGear instead.

Once the add-on is installed, restart Firefox and go to Tools > add-ons > Nocolor > Options. Choose the text and background color which you want to see once you use the extension.


The add-on adds a small button in the status bar and a link in the “View” menu so that you can quickly remove all the background garbage from cluttered webpages and read the content at ease.

I tried the add-on on Techie Buzz and here are the results:





Note that the add-on is not an ad blocker and neither it removes the borders. It will remove the background colors and replace the text color with your chosen color from the add-on options.

How this add-on can be used as a Design tool

If you love designing websites and themes, often you would search the web for design inspiration. Whenever I am designing something and want to create a CSS structure for a theme or layout, I will head over to a popular blog or website and see how the designer has implemented the CSS. I would turn on Firebug and then see the different Div tags one by one and learn to code myself.

But most of the themes contain colors, images and other graphics which is of course a barrier when you are learning to code. The Nocolor add-on, paired with Firebug helps to copy the CSS structure with all colors disabled.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The add-on removes the colors but should have more options to choose from. I would love to see more features included in the future versions – remove the borders, block the ads etc.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (average).

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