Videocon To Launch GSM Services in Gujarat

Videocon Telecommunications Limited is all set to launch its GSM Mobile services in Gujarat Telecom circle.

GSM Mobile services will be launched initially in Ahemdabad, Anand, Ankeleshwar, Bardoli, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Junagarh, Navsari, Rajkot, Surat, Valsad and Verawal. It will gradually expand its network in other parts of Gujarat.

Videocon`s GSM SIM-Kits will be available in all the Next Retail outlets in the major cities of Gujarat. Currently Videocon Telecommunications Ltd has commercial GSM Mobile services in Tamil Nadu, Chennai and Mumbai circles. It has planned to extend its services to all the major states by the end of this September.

For more information on Videocon GSM services, you can call at 9067012345.

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160by2 extends its Free Mobile SMS services from 80 to 145 characters


160by2 announced that it has extended its SMS character space of its free messaging services. 160by2 has increased its character limit from 80 to 145 characters.

160by2 is India’s most popular website, which provides free messaging services. Using its services, you can even send free messages to countries like Kuwait, UAE, Saudi, Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia via its web portal. It also provides you the flexibility of free download of mobile applications. However, 160by2 comes with one restriction. It allows you to send up to 50 messages in a day and only 10 messages to a particular number.

Mr. Satyakalyan Yerramsetti, CEO said,

Our free SMS service and other offerings like mobile application have revolutionized this industry. With the tremendous success to our products, we have decided to remove the cap on the remaining 80 characters in a text message.

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Opera Mini for iPhone Becomes The Most Downloaded Free App With 1 Million Downloads on Day 1

Opera Mini for iPhone was approved yesterday and it is already making quite a splash. It managed to amass one million downloads (1,023,380 to be exact) on its first day in the Apple app store and is currently ranked in the top 10 free apps category in 86 countries.

In fact, Opera Mini is the most downloaded free app in 69 countries (out of 90) including United States. Of course, the fact that its arrival in the app store was covered by almost all major tech news outlets, definitely helped.


Opera Software is visibly ecstatic with the download figures. Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera Software, said, Today iPhone users have a choice, and, as the numbers show, they are eager to explore new and faster ways to surf the Web on the iPhone – especially during heavy Web traffic”.

While Opera Mini has garnered almost universal acclaim for its speed, it has been criticized for its unusual page layout and UI (user interface) inconsistencies. Mr. Boilesen has stated that, “We are appreciative of all the feedback we are getting, as it helps us to continually improve our product and better meet the needs of our users.”

Twitter Chirp Conference: Decisive Updates

The Twitter Developer Conference, which was held yesterday at San Francisco, saw 800 attendees. This was Twitters first developer conference and was held at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater. Evan Williams, the Twitter CEO was one of the key speakers at the conference.


He and other speakers repeatedly told developers that Twitter will not change its existing relation with developers. Williams assured that,

That’s the world I want you to pour your creative minds into. That’s the world were creating together. It’s not just about us, but it’s about you, if you chose to participate in that.

Twitter has released usage stats for the first time since its inception in March 2006. It says, the Twitter network is growing by 300,000 per day and has 105,779,710 registered members with 100,000 registered applications to its credit. There are around 600 million search queries and 55 million messages posted each day. To cope up with this, Twitter has increased its size from 25 to 175 employees over an year.

Additionally, there were reports of Twitter releasing its own official apps for most mobile platforms. This included the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and others. Twitter has already acquired Tweetie for the iPhone and has declared an  official app for BlackBerry. Next, the development of an Android app is already underway.

New feature announcements for Twitter included a “Places” feature in geo-location. So the next time you want tweets from an event, simply look for a tweet from that “Place”. Moreover, streams of user data will now be available publicly in real time.  Another rumor was of Twitter launching its own URL shortener.

At the end of the conference, developers aired their concerns with some questions. Twitter responded by highlighting its belief in a collective effort. It said,

Twitter is the way it is because of our ecosystem.  There’s no way we could be successful without you being successful.

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The Library Of Congress Will Archive All Public Twitter Messages Ever

Twitter is the de-facto microblogging service nowadays. It is extensively used by social media activists for its ease of use and the simple model it is built on.

One  specialty  of Twitter is the 140 character limit which ensures a content rich message. Well, if you have ever sent a public message on Twitter, it will now feature in the Library Of Congress.

Every public tweet sent on Twitter ever since it was born in March 2006 will now be archived by the Library Of Congress. This decision was announced at an official blog post and through a tweet at the official Twitter account @librarycongress.

Twitter is yet to announce this development through its own official blog. Though, it is expected to be made at Chirp, the ongoing Twitter Developer Conference.

In case you thought what would the Library Of Congress do with archiving tweets, it clarifies by saying,

The Library has been collecting materials from the web since it began harvesting congressional and presidential campaign websites in 2000. Today we hold more than 167 terabytes of web-based information, including legal blogs, websites of candidates for national office, and websites of Members of Congress.

The Library has done an excellent job archiving hard-copy content over years. This move to archive digital content will surely earn it a name amongst the tech-savvy, information hungry youth.

MTS Offers Unlimited MTS Calling For Rs.99 in Kerala

MTS subscribers in Kerala circle can stay connected with their friends and relatives without spending much on costly tariff plans since MTS is currently offering free unlimited MTS to MTS calling at an affordable price. This special recharge voucher is valid only for calling local MTS numbers in Kerala Circle. It comes with a validity of 30 days.

mts animation

Plan Details:

Price: Rs.99
Validity: 30 days
Circle: Kerala
Benefits: Free unlimited calling to local MTS numbers in Kerala.

The price of this plan is extremely less as compared to the free own network calling packs offered by other CDMA operators such as Reliance and Tata Indicom. This special recharge is priced at Rs.95 and it is available only through e-Recharge. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments.

Automatic Spelling Correction and Text Expansion with Texter

texter-icon [Windows Only] How often do you type the word “teh” instead of “the”? If it’s very often, you aren’t alone. “Teh” is so common that it’s become an accepted word on the internet.

Would you like to have most of your misspellings corrected automatically? You can have that, and much more, with a small portable freeware utility named ‘Texter’.

Texter is a text replacement tool from Adam Pash at Lifehacker. It includes a small library of common spelling errors, and it will constantly watch every word you type. When it recognizes a misspelled word, it can automatically change the letters to correct the error. However, the real power it gives you is the ability to create your own letter combinations and replacements. For example, I can set up Texter to automatically replace “imo” with “In my opinion”.

Watch this video if you’d like to see Texter in action:

( link to video )

I use Texter for:
• phrases that I type often
• abbreviations that I like to expand
• addresses I type often
• passwords at websites
• long signatures at the end of letters
• famous quotes at the end of letters
• programming code snippets

Download from Texter Home Page:

If you liked this post, you should take a look at some free copy and paste enhancements and a clipboard manager named Ditto.


Techie Buzz Verdict:
If you aren’t using a text replacement tool already, Texter is good place to start. It’s free, it’s portable and it’s easy to use. Like me, you may find that it’s a ‘must-have’ on your PC and on your portable flash drive. The only thing it’s missing is a local help file describing all of the features.


Techie Buzz Rating: 4.5/5 (almost perfect)

Aircel Offers Night Calling At Rs.1/30min In All Telecom Circles

We recently posted a new Rate Cutter plan from Aircel that allows you to call your friends at Rs.1 for 30 minutes at night. But this plan was limited only to Aircel subscribers in Orissa Circle. If you are an Aircel subscriber from other telecom circle, then you have a reason to cheer since this pack has been launched by Aircel in all the telecom circles.

aircel night

Plan Details:

Price: Rs.39
Validity: 30 days
Circle: All Telecom Circles
Time: 11 pm to 7 am
Benefits: Local calling to any mobile at Rs.1 for 30 minutes

This Rate Cutter plan is offered only for Rs.39 which has a validity of 30 days. You can avail the benefits only at night between 11 pm and 7 am. If you have any queries, please ask us in the comments or you can also contact Aircel Customer Care by dialing 121 from your Aircel number.

Google Planning to Take Goggles Platform to the Next Level

Where on one hand, Yelp is pushing augmented reality over mobile search, Google is planning to take its Goggles platform to the next level.

Yelp is an augmented search tool. It takes any picture and analyzes it over social networks to give business suggestions and street information. Google has a similar product, the Goggles. Google has made itself clear on the non-availability of Augmented Search. Instead, it will have support for the Visual Search through Goggles.

Goggles product manager Shailesh Nalawadi said,

80% of information is consumed visually, and not through any of the other senses. Why is it you have to translate and transcribe what you see into words?

Almost 80% of data in this whole world is sent through images. Shailesh Nalawadi has also said,

Goggles is not just an app – it’s a platform. Yes, we do plan to open up the platform as an API but we are not sure what the platform should be.

Goggles is not just an app. it is a full-fledged platform now, just like Java. Google has speculated that it could soon release the API for this feature. (Via: Techradar)

Lightworks: Academy And Emmy Award Winner Software Goes Open-source [Linux Software]

Academy ® and Emmy ® award-winning video editing software Lightworks has gone Open Source. The non-linear video editing software has been released as a platform and offers support for user-developed plugins. This also allows developers to sell the plugins they have created. Lightworks has a centralized marketplace to manage this.

Lightworks supports resolution and codec independent editing of videos. It also supports live video editing and has many effects to choose from.

Apparently, Editshare did not create Lightworks but just acquired it.  EditShare writes on the open-sourcing at its official blog saying,

EditShare ®, the technology leader in cross-platform collaborative editing and shared media storage, unveiled plans for the newly acquired Lightworks solution at the NAB 2010 exhibition on opening day. The company has transformed the time-honored editing solution into Lightworks Open Source, the industry’s first open-source development initiative for a large-scale, non-linear editing (NLE) platform. A departure from standard 3rd-party developer programs that limit access, the Lightworks Open Source platform offers an unprecedented gateway into the NLE’s core engine, enabling a wide-range of creative developers to implement forward-thinking features and workflows.

The  announcement  has just been made and it will be another two to three months before the software is available for free download.

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