Google Maps for Android Gets Free turn-by turn Navigation

The Android OS speaks for itself that there is no end for its rising power as an OS. Last month, a high rise in the number of applications in the Android market was seen ( around 9000), which brings the total around 44000 applications in the Android market. Now, Google brings Free turn-by-turn navigations on Android devices in UK.


The Android users in UK just have to update the version of the Google Maps to 4.1.1 and free navigation is now in their device. HTC Desire and Nexus One, the handsets running on Android 2.1 got the navigation after the update, while Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 which runs Android 1.6 also successfully ran the navigation supported Google Maps.

Until now, the free turn-by-turn free navigation was available for the US Android users only.


The New Price For iPad: $499 and a Finger?

When 59 year old Bill Jordan went to get his iPad from the local Apple store, he paid a little more than the agreed price of $499. As the story goes, when the Denver resident left Apple store with his prized gadget, he had his fingers wrapped around the device so he doesn’t drop it. Little did he know that somebody more enthusiastic than him has been stalking him. As soon as the thief got a chance, he got into a physical struggle with Bill Jordan to snatch his iPad.

As crazy as it sounds, the thief tried so hard that in addition to the iPad, he was able to tore some flesh off the pinky. The finger had to be amputated to prevent further damage. The police, however, has caught the event on a surveillance camera and is trying to catch the culprit. Here is a picture of Bill Jordan after the incident:


The funniest part of the story is that Bill Jordan didn’t even know what an iPad is; rather, his company told him to get one as a business gift to a co-worker. Denver Crime Stoppers are offering a reward of $2000 to anybody who can lead to the capture of this iPad culprit. Am I the only one who thinks this iPad craze is going a bit too far? Below is the video from one of the surveillance cameras showing the incident:

[Image Credit: Mashable]

TinePayMe: The Easiest Way To Sell Stuff Online

Traditionally, if you want to sell something online you would either setup a store or put it up on eBay. Even though both these options are great, they don’t work for each and every situation. For example, if you want to sell only a couple of items and want to target them to a certain group of people, none of these would work. In such situations, a better solution is to use a service like TinyPayMe.

It takes less than 2 minutes to setup a sale on TinyPayMe; you can include as little or as much information possible including price, quantity, pictures, description, tags, location and any personal info that you want to publish. You can sell physical items as well as digital content using TinyPayMe. Once you have created your listing, simply share the link with desired audience or embed it on your website or blog. A user will be able to purchase the item through PayPal instantly.

The service however is not free, they do charge 5% of the selling price as their service fee. You can also donate a portion of every sale to a specific charity if you want. There is also an option to display pageviews, include listing in search results and require a shipment address from the buyer. Over all, TinyPayMe is not a world-changing solution but can work really well if you are trying to do a very targeted sale and think the convenience is worth the 5% fees.

[Via DownloadSquad]

IPL Semi-final: Watch Mumbai Indians vs Bangalore Royal Challengers Online Live

Mumbai Indians and Bangalore Royal Challengers are gearing to play the first semi-final of IPL 3 2010. This will definitely be a cracker of a match and you can expect a lot of fireworks with both the bat and the ball.


Bangalore Royal Challengers will definitely be dejected because of the moving of the IPL semi-final from their home ground to Mumbai. However, home advantage aside, they have also lost the last match to Mumbai Indians, which will play around on their mind.

Though Mumbai Indians lost the last match, they were without the key players, however, they will definitely play a full strength team in the semi-final, so expect some really good batting from Sachin Tendulkar and company.

Though Mumbai are the clear favorites, only time will tell who will be the winner, and of course this is 20-20, the team which plays well on the given day will win on the day, so it is anyone’s game.

The match will be broadcast live on in association with the stream IPL is providing, however, the stream is definitely not the best on YouTube and is not available in the United States. Check out how you want to watch IPL in the US. In the meantime don’t forget to watch the match between Mumbai Indians and Bangalore Royal Challengers live on YouTube at

So who according to you will win between the Bangalore Royal Challengers and Mumbai Indians?

Watch Bayern Munich vs Lyon Semi-Final Online Live: UEFA Champions League

German giants Bayern Munich will take on French Giants Lyon in the exciting UEFA Champions League semi-final match of the UEFA champions league in the first leg on April 21st at 8:45PM (CET).

 UEFA Champions League

Bayern Munich come on a exciting streak where they defeated Manchester United in the quarter final of the champions league. Lyon who had defeated Bordeaux in the quarter finals will also look to get something from their away match before meeting Bayern at home in the return match.

Considering Lyon’s recent form, this should more or less be a easy match for Bayern, but with glory at stake don’t expect a easy giveaway by Lyon.

If you use , you can use an extension to watch UEFA Champions League matches online, if you don’t then try out this link which has live streams of the Inter Milan vs FC Barcelona matches live online. You can also try your luck on where users sometimes stream the matches live online.

On the official front you can always catch up the live match details and commentary on the official UEFA site at

TATA DOCOMO extends its services in Gujrat with Awesome plans

Tata Docomo has launched its services in Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Jamnagar. Docomo`s services were launched in Gujarat couple of weeks back but left out these 3 cities due to non-release of spectrum. The price of the SIM card is Rs 49 and comes with lifetime validity.

The services offered by Docomo in these cities are as follows:-

1) Local Calls @ 1p/sec
2) STD Calls @ 2p/sec
3) Local SMS @ Re. 0.60
4) National SMS @Re. 1
5) International SMS @Rs. 5
6)200 Local or National SMS free every day (only first SMS gets charged)
7) Local On-net calls between 11pm-7am @ 1p/4sec for 180 days (applicable on recharges of Rs 51, 56, 101)

However, you need to make a recharge of Rs 100 within the first six months to continue with the SIM.

Latest Chinese Technology Acquisition and Why It Matters!

Far away from all the hubbub of China vs. Google, a Chinese company has made a silent albeit important acquisition. The company being acquired is Echolane, one of the top solution providers and consultants for many cloud-based technologies including Echolane has been bought by a Chinese technology company called hiSoft which is one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in the world. Founded by alumni, Echolane will remain a wholly owned subsidiary of hiSoft.

With this latest acquisition in the cloud-based technology, it is clear that Chinese companies know where the future lies and are trying to get ahead of the game. They might not beat Google or Microsoft when it comes to offering cloud-computing, but with globally dominant outsourcing, they’ll probably be involved in the process somewhere in between. With this ever increasing reliance on Chinese companies for outsourcing, would the US ever be able to confront China on any technology issue? Let’s just say Google had deep enough pockets to accept the consequences of walking out of China, but would small and mid-size companies be able to afford to do so? I don’t think so.

With every such move, it’ll just get harder for US to sever technology ties with China. On the other hand, China has proved again and again that when it comes to technology, the world needs them more than they need the world. With Baidu and AliPay, China doesn’t need Google or PayPal, but these global internet giants still dream of establishing themselves in the huge Chinese market and capture billions of dollars of potential revenue.

Facebook Fails Stanford Test, Twitter and iPhone Pass

In a recent study conducted by, Facebook fails in maintaining standard privacy of its users.

WhatApp is a site that rates the privacy, security and openness of web and mobile applications as well as the various platforms they run on. uses various analysis tools to rate apps and websites and Twitter and iPhone apps fared well with good scores whereas Facebook was slapped on the face with a score of 2. The total score was five. The results obtained are extrapolated from data obtained from individual apps running on platforms. Facebook was rated based on its apps.

The co-founder of What.App Ryan Calo, who is also a Stanford University Law fellow  says,

I think people are upset because when you download an app, you don’t have any control over what the app developer sees on your profile,says Calo. There’s the perception among users that they don’t need to give away so much information to have the apps do the same thing as they are currently doing.

There were three areas of analysis, namely privacy, security and openness. Facebook scored two in all three. This should not come as a surprise as it simply justifies Mark Zuckerberg’s earlier statement of “privacy is no longer a social norm”.


Yahoo! Buys the Me.Me Domain, Planning on a Twitter Killer

Yahoo! has bought the Me.Me domain as a part of its strategy to compete with Twitter. This will serve as a nice add-on for its Yahoo Meme service which was supposed to take on Twitter. The domain owes its mane to the country of Montenegro and  the particulars of the deal are being kept undisclosed.

This is clearly indicating that Yahoo! has big plans for the Yahoo Meme it had been sitting on it all this long. Antonio Silveira, director of product development and engineering, Yahoo!  says,

Thanks to Sedo’s services and the consultation of Sedo broker, Jeff Gabriel, we were able to obtain the Me.Me domain name, which is an essential component of our online branding strategy.

Sedo went the extra mile by proactively recommending the domain for our campaign and utilizing their existing relationship with the .Me Registry to quickly and securely acquire it on our behalf.

About Sedo,

Sedo, an acronym for “Search Engine for Domain Offers,” is the leading domain marketplace and monetization provider. Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Sedo has assembled the world’s largest database of domain names for sale, with more than 15 million listings.

Almost every tech giant out there is so much in love with microblogging that they are launching one of their own. Though, they should clearly see it now that Twitter rules the microblogging world. Any attempt to get at Twitter is a waste of time and resource. You need an assured and dedicated future-user base even before a huge investment. Twitter here, already has it.

(Via: BusinessWire and PaidContent)

90% of Google Buzz is Spam, the Rest 10% Are Just Lone Bees

Google buzz fell flat after 10 weeks of its launch. The current state of Google Buzz is such that there are fewer people using it, more of them leaving it and even fewer bothering to try it out. Google Buzz had initial problems with exposing contact lists and probably, this has taken a toll on the awesome tool launched by Google.

Postrank blog writes,

we were really excited about the buzz around Google Buzz (pardon the pun), as it meant more social engagement data that we could integrate into our system. Which we did. PostRank now tracks all of the public Buzz feeds. However, after doing some careful data analysis, the quality of the Buzz feeds is, well, questionable.

Google Buzz has around 60% of its content coming from Twitter and almost 27% of it is from automated RSS feeds. That leaves a mere 11% of content which is purely typed in by the user. These statistics show that Buzz is losing out. This makes the Buzz it button on websites useless as there is no-one to buzz the topic. It is only going into the Buzz stream one-time.

Though in my opinion, it is too early to call this service a flop. Google has integrated this service into Gmail and if done right, it has a huge potential. It is powerful enough to thrive in a world of Twitter and Facebook which are its direct competitors. 10% of original user generated content in 10 weeks cannot be called bad if not impressive enough.

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