Gray Powell Gets Complimentary Flight To Munich and Free Beer For Loosing His iPhone

Although, Gizmodo’s decision to publicly name and shame Gray Powell was despicable, we are glad that at least something good is coming out of it (and no Gizmodo, you don’t get to take the credit for this).

To cut a long story short, Gray Powell – a software engineer at Apple, misplaced his iPhone in a bar. This was picked up by an unknown person who sold it to Gizmodo. After dissecting the prototype for a month, Gizmodo fired a slew of posts in which they publically named Gray Powell.

Lufthansa Airlines – the largest airline in Europe (in terms of overall passengers carried), has offered Gray Powell free business class transportation to Munich to check out some of the finest German Beer. Quite obviously, Lufthansa Airlines is trying to milk the situation to gain some free publicity. But, we don’t mind. Gray Powell has possibly had a harrowing time over the past couple of days and he definitely needs a break.

It will be interesting to see if Powell accepts the offer. I get a feeling that he won’t. Nevertheless, kudos to Lufthansa for some clever marketing. Here is the open letter shared by Nicola Lange, Lufthansa’s marketing director for the Americas.


Microsoft Drops Windows XP Support From Windows Live Essentials

Windows XP was one of the most successful operating systems in Microsoft’s history. However, now it is starting to become a thorn in its side, as millions of Windows XP users around the world are refusing to let go. Nevertheless, Microsoft is making it clear that it is ready to move on.


After Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft has decided to drop Windows XP support from the next generation of Windows Live Essential applications. Microsoft confirmed this through a comment posted on the WindowsTeamBlog:

We know many customers use Windows XP and are happy with their experience, and of course we will continue to support our current release of Windows Live Essentials on XP and the new versions all of our web-based services (including Hotmail and SkyDrive) will run on XP. As some have noted on this blog, Windows XP is nearly 10 years old and simply doesn’t provide the same level of platform support for graphics, and we recognized early in our work on Wave 4 that we could do much more in our software on a modern graphics platform. As a result our new version of Essentials will require the new graphics platform and controls that are only available on Windows 7 or Windows Vista and therefore will only run on these platforms. So if you are happy with XP, you can keep running the current version of Windows Live and our new services. When you move to Windows 7 and Windows Vista, we will have a new version that will let you do more on a modern platform.

Windows Live Essential bundles various Microsoft utilities for home users including Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Photo Gallery. Microsoft is currently getting ready to begin the public beta phase of Windows Live Wave 4. However, an early version has already been leaked on torrent websites.

LG Launches 3D LCD TVs in India – Teams Up With Valuable Group To Broadcast Final IPL Matches in 3D

LG Electronics has announced the launch of its 3D LCD TVs in India. Initially it will be installing these televisions in public places like restaurants where large groups of people can enjoy 3D television in its full glory.

Valuable Group, a Mumbai-based media company, will be providing the 3D stream. It has already procured licenses to broadcast the remaining IPL matches in 3D. Ameya Hete, of Valuable Group, said, 3D brings a player’s perspective to the viewer. The ball comes towards him as the wicketkeeper would see it. This unique experience has been now brought to the people.

LH50 3D TV is one of the first commercially available 3D television sets in the world. It features an LED-backlight display, which can be coupled with specially constructed polarized filter glasses for full three-dimensional viewing experience.

The First Video Uploaded On YouTube Turns Five Today

Today YouTube is celebrating its fifth birthday. Exactly five years ago, a 19-second clip called Me at the Zoo’ was uploaded by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim, after a visit to the San Diego Zoo. Back then, Mr. Karim was employed at PayPal. Here’s the historic video:

This video is also a throwback to YouTube’s humble beginnings. Although YouTube is now big enough to attract movie premiers and live events, for me the biggest draw of YouTube remains its odd amateur videos. It has spawned innumerable viral sensations including the JK wedding entrance dance, the Numa Numa kid, David after dentist and the keyboard cat. And, I am sure we will see more in the years to come. Happy Birthday YouTube!

Hours of Fun with SoupToys on Your Desktop

souptoys-icon [Windows Only] Souptoys is a collection of toys that you can play with on your PC desktop. Rather than tell you about it, I’ll show you in a video …

Link to video

As you can see, each type of toy has it’s own physical properties and you can place them on your screen so that they form a Rube Goldberg device. If you’re a kid playing with this, you may not care if you make anything interesting. These toys are simply fun to play with.

Here’s what the home site says:

Designed with players aged 5 to 12 in mind, but enjoyed globally by everyone, this physics sandbox game replicates a child’s wooden toy box full of toys, including basketballs, robots, wooden blocks, snowmen, cannons, flying bees and a pirate ship. With its open-ended design, the possibilities are endless and players are limited only by their imagination.

As you continue to build your own playground, you can save the toy placements as “playset” files. You can also download playsets from the home site or use any of the dozens of playsets that come with the program.


Download Souptoys

Techie Buzz Verdict:

I had fun playing with Souptoys and I can’t wait to show it to my nieces and nephews. The only thing I’d wish for, is that Souptoys was an open source project that everyone could contribute to. I’d bet there’d be an explosion of new toys to play with every day.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Is Apple Acquiring ARM? ARM Clarifies With a Big ‘No’

Despite of all the speculation on Apple buying ARM, which generated a lot of buzz over the blogosphere, we were waiting for the inside scoop and it has appeared on eWeek finally. It is confirmed that Apple is not buying ARM and there are a good number of reasons for that.

This news has been confirmed by ARM itself.

How this affected Apple?

This news has not affected Apple at all. Apple, which clearly had no intentions to buy ARM took the backseat and enjoyed this drama. There were many speculations on why Apple should and should not buy ARM. The best one was that ARM is an investment of $8 billion to acquire a technology which is pretty much open and needs sharing to thrive. Apple could either attempt to stop this sharing which would send down ARM revenue or it could just buy and keep ARM as a souvenir, sit on it and keep losing money on it.

How this affected ARM?

ARM is the only one with a benefit from this deal which was not made. ARMs low stock prices rose up so high, it recorded an eight years high. ARM’s business design is such that it will thrive only if it runs on the current model.

How this affected Intel?

Intel, which could not make its ARM killer into a success now seems like the most suitable one to buy ARM. Now, Intel has an advantage of being in the same field already. So, it is more appropriate if Intel sets out to buy ARM.

YouTube Video Rentals Now Available

We told you earlier about 3 Idiots becoming available on YouTube for a legal download. Now it seems like the official YouTube video rental store has been launched at You can use the store to rent movies and TV shows for a specific price ($0.99 to 419.99) and be able to watch them for upto a pre-defined limit (usually 24 hours).

The store already contains a number of movies (lots of Bollywood), documentaries, popular TV shows, biographies and even some educational videos. Most of the TV shows include information about the air date and even the number of views the videos have received. Before renting out a video, you can watch a 2 minute preview to see the video quality. You do need a YouTube account to use the rental service. Payments are made through Google Checkout.

YouTube Rental Store

If you need help with the service, YouTube has a separate support platform. The service does not currently allow you to download videos, but you can play it as much as you want during the allotted 24 hours. Another catch is that YouTube rentals are only available to US users right now. Plus, like every good video rental store if you were unable to play a video due to a technical issue, you can claim a refund by filling out this form.

It is interesting to see that some of the videos can be rented out for an unlimited period of time which means you’ll have access to them forever. Any organization with authentic videos that have a demand can become a YouTube partner and start renting out videos online. There is no fixed fee for listing but YouTube shares the revenue with you.

Do you think this model will work for YouTube? Also, with so many streaming movies available at Netflix for a fixed price, why would somebody pay-per-video to watch the videos on YouTube?

Android Now has Over 38,000 Apps

Everyday the battle between iPhone and Android gets more intense. Even though Android is nowhere close to iPhone yet, but the growth rate is phenomenal. A recent proof of that comes from the fact that Android market now has over 38,000 apps. FierceMobileContent reports that this is a 70% increase from last quarter.

More interestingly, Google claims that they are now selling and activating around 60,000 new Android phones every day. There are now 34 different phones from a dozen different manufacturers that are powered by Android. With Google’s acquisition of adMob, Apple starting a rival mobile ad platform and the high growth rate of Android apps, the competition between iPhone and Android will just get more fierce.

However, it is clear that Google has its fair share of problems when it comes to mobile. For example, the FTC still doesn’t like Google’s acquisition of adMob for $750 Million and is trying to mount an anti-trust challenge. If Google cannot hold ground in this issue, it would be a huge below for Android. There are tens of other mobile ad networks out there and with so many new phones coming out each week, the market is getting quiet competitive.

Nokia Q1 2010 Financial Statement

Nokia’s Q1 statement of 2010 is out and everything is going good for them. The Net sales of Nokia has increased to EUR 9.5 billion compared to last year’s Q1 EUR 9.2 billion. Along with this came the news that the Symbian^3 phone, which was supposed to be launched by mid 2010 is delayed by Q3 this year.


The operating profit of Nokia also increased to EUR 488 million compared to last year’s Q1 EUR 55 million. If we compare this Q1 2010 results with Q4 2009, then we find complete drop in most sectors. The Net sales in Q4 2009 was EUR 11.9 billion compared to EUR 9.5 billion in Q1 2010. The operating profit in Q4 2009 was EUR 1.1 billion compared to EUR 488 million in Q1 2010.

However, these small drops are not big worries for Nokia because the MeeGo which they have developed along with Intel, will be coming soon and is looking promising.


Get a Facebook ‘Like’ Button on Any Website With This Chrome Extension

Facebook’s recently launched “Like” feature, which aims to make the whole web more social, is the most actively discussed topic right now. Webmasters across the world seem to be debating whether to implement the feature or not. Buy if you use Google Chrome, you don’t need to wait to see your favorite website implement the feature.

The Google Chrome extension let you ‘Like’ any website with a couple of clicks. Once you install the add-on from here, a small facebook icons appear next to your address bar. Clicking on that button while browsing any website would allow you to show your likeness for the website and also display recent activity from your friends. However, you do need to be logged in to Facebook to access this feature, if you are not, a pop-up window will ask you to do so first.

Facebook Like

Whenever you ‘Like’ a webpage, the activity will show in your Facebook feeds, so make sure you don’t click on any websites that you don’t want to show up on your Facebook profile. It is a great little tool to make your browsing more social and share good stuff from across the web with your Facebook friends.

[Via DownloadSquad]

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