VIA Unveils Nano-E 64 Bit Processors

Apart from Intel and AMD, VIA technologies are also one of the x86-64 processor manufacturers in the market. VIA CPUs might not be as popular as their Intel and AMD counterparts, but the company still has some market share. Today, VIA unveiled their Nano E-series of processors. The Nano-E series of CPUs have native 64 bit softwareVIA support and virtualization support.

At the time of their launch, the Nano-E CPUs will be available in speeds ranging from 800MHz to 1.8Ghz. The CPUs will also feature VIA’s integrated media system processors and various other codec’s including HD video playback and 3D graphics acceleration. VIA have guaranteed that these processors will have a longevity of seven years. The Nano-E series processors from VIA have many other top-end features so as to support the upcoming Windows Embedded Standard 7.

The Windows Embedded Standard 7 states that every CPU should double the amount of data it can process per clock cycle. But according to VIA, virtual software deployment could revolutionize the embedded market. VIA said that it expects to become the norm, not the exception for upcoming embedded system developers.


Encrypt Your Files Quickly with AxCrypt

axxcrypt-ico [Windows Only] ÀxCrypt is a free and open source (FOSS) application that lets you quickly encrypt multiple files with a password. There are many free encryption utilities out there and some of them may be as good or better. However, AxCrypt is sure to be handy even if you don’t use encryption very often, since it comes with a portable version named AxCrypt2Go. You can always use the portable version on any PC without the need to install it.

For those who need to encrypt files often, AxCrypt integrates it’s actions into the Windows right click menus. It also allows you to create self-decrypting executable files (encrypt copy to EXE). The self-decrypting files allow anyone to open them up, as long as they have the correct password. It’s safe to send AxCrypt files using email, since AES-128 encryption is used, and it’s not likely that anyone will be able to crack your files open.

Here are some snapshots and descriptions of AxCrypt:

1. When you start installing AxCrypt, you will first have to agree to the GPL license.


2. You can disable any features you don’t want, using the custom setup screen.


3. One drawback at this point is that I didn’t see any way to tell the app where I wanted it to install at on my hard drive.


4. Once it’s installed, the first thing it shows is a prompt asking for an email address. Don’t worry, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. So far, AxCrypt has over 1,805,250 registered users.


5. Now it nags you if you didn’t supply an email address. Did they learn this trick from Microsoft? I wonder how many software engineers think that this really adds any value to the application.


6. Nothing seems to happen after that, but now whenever you right click on a file or folder, you’ll see that you have more options under the "AxCrypt" menu item. Everything needed to use AxCrypt is in there. As you can see, it has some very nice features and functions.


7. If you select "Encrypt", you’ll be prompted for a password.


8. If you select either of the two check-boxes, AxCrypt will remember your password when it’s encrypting or decrypting files.


9. Here you can see me getting ready to encrypt two music files.


10. Once they are encrypted, the files will have an "AXX" file extension.


11. If you right click on them again and choose "Rename" in the AxCrypt menu, it will rename them so that nobody can figure out what was in those files. When you decrypt those files using AxCrypt, it remembers what the file names were and puts them back the way they were before.


12. To get the portable version of AxCrypt, I opened up the Program folder and copied the AxCrypt2Go.exe file onto my flash drive. In order to test it, I un-installed AxCrypt from my PC and tried to use AxCrypt2Go to decrypt some files. It worked fine, and now I don’t need to keep AxCrypt installed on my computer. I will simply keep AxCrypt2Go stored away until I need it. It’s only 486k in size.


AxCrypt will work on most PCs running Windows 2000/XP/Vista or later. AxCrypt has built in translations for English, Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Spanish, French, Italian and Norwegian.

Download AxCrypt

Techie Buzz Verdict:

I discovered that AxCrypt is very easy to use when it’s installed on your PC. However, the portable version definitely needs work. You can only navigate from the left folder view. If you click on any file or folder in the main (right hand) view, it opens the file or folder in it’s associated program. To encrypt or decrypt, you have to right click on the files. Once you’ve figured that out, I think you’ll find that it’s worth keeping.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

Android Market Crosses 50,000 Apps

Android Market is really beginning to take off. It received 9,000 new apps in March alone and now, it has crossed the 50,000 apps mark.

This figure comes from AndroLib – a 3rd party Android Market Tracker, since Google doesn’t officially disclose the total app count. Of course, the Apple App Store is still the big daddy of all app stores. Moreover, AndroLib tracks over ten different Android Markets. So, not all fifty thousand apps will be available in a single Android Market.


Nevertheless, the accelerating growth of Android further highlights the fact that Google is succeeding in at least throwing some challenge to the Apple iPhone. With dozens of new handsets from various manufacturers in the pipeline, the future looks bright for Android.

Watch Deccan Chargers vs Bangalore Royal Challengers IPL 3rd Place Online Live

Deccan Chargers and Bangalore Royal Challengers are gearing to play the 3rd place for and a chance to win a spot in the Champions League T20 tournament. There is lot at stake for both teams as they have been wounded in their semi-final encounter.


Bangalore Royal Challengers will definitely be dejected losing the IPL semi-final to Mumbai Indians by more than 30 runs and would want to gain some pride by winning the 3rd place and a spot in the Champions League T20 tournament in 2010.

Deccan Chargers on the other hand have would want to win the 3rd place to considering that they were champions last year. Expect Rohit Sharma, Andrew Symonds and Gilchrist to go out with a bang.

Bangalore Royal Challengers are the clear favorites, however, they have faced heartbreak last time around and Deccan Chargers will not make it easy for them. Only time will tell who will be the winner, and of course this is 20-20, the team which plays well on the given day will win on the day, so it is anyone’s game.

The match will be broadcast live on in association with the stream IPL is providing, however, the stream is definitely not the best on YouTube and is not available in the United States. Check out how you want to watch IPL in the US. In the meantime don’t forget to watch the match between Bangalore Royal Challengers and Deccan Chargers live on YouTube at

So who according to you will win between the Bangalore Royal Challengers and Deccan Chargers?

Airtel World SIM Offers Cheap International Roaming Facility

If you have to frequently travel overseas, you will love the next bit of info. Airtel has announced a new World SIM for international travellers, which will significantly slash roaming charges.


Currently, a one-minute incoming call in the US costs Rs. 100, while a one-minute outgoing call from the US costs Rs. 150. With World SIM, you will have to pay only Rs. 10 and Rs. 41 respectively for the same services.

The benefit of World SIM over international calling cards (like the ones offered by Matrix) is that you are able to retain your original phone number. For the subscribers of Airtel World SIM, the same SIM will work in all the country,said Shireesh Joshi, director — marketing (mobile services), Bharti Airtel.Airtel World SIM will cost Rs. 500. If it takes off, expect similar services from other telecom operators.

Airtel Introduces ‘Live Aarti’ Service For Religious Devotees

Religion sells and Airtel knows it. Bharti Airtel has introduced a new VAS (value added service) called Live Aarti, which offers daily live pujas and aartis directly from the shrines.


At the moment, Airtel is offering live Pujas and Aartis from Tirupati Balaji, Sidhi Vinayak, Shirdi Sai Baba and Bangla Sahib. More shrines including Golden Temple, Vaishno Devi, Kashi Vishawanath, Har Ki Podi, Nathdwara, Patna Sahib Gurudwara, and Puri Jagannath will be added in the near future.

Announcing the launch of the service, Mr. Shireesh Joshi, Director-Marketing, Mobile Services, Bharti Airtel said, Airtel continues to innovate and bridge barriers through technology. Airtel Live Aarti is yet another initiative in this direction. Devotees across India can now listen to Aartis – LIVE from some of the holiest places of worship in India. This is a great demonstration of how technology can bridge physical distances and bringing experiences emotional and spiritual on the mobile at the click of a button.

The Live Aarti VAS comes with a one-time subscription fee of Rs. 5 and a daily charge of Rs. 2 per shrine. To subscribe you need to just call 55200 (Tirupati Balaji and Sidhi Vinayak), 55205 (Bangla Sahib) or 55222 (Shirdi Sai Baba) from your Airtel mobile phones.

Nokia Launches Four Dirt Cheap Handsets in India – Nokia 1280, 1616, 1800 and 2690

Nokia may be having a tough time elsewhere, but it is still the king of the hill when it comes to India – especially in the low-end mobile segment. Nokia 1100 and Nokia 1110 are iconic phones, which became a slam-dunk hit in India, thanks to their sturdy built and low cost. Now, Nokia has announced that it will be launching four more low cost models for Indian consumers.


Nokia 1280 is the cheapest of the lot. In fact, it is the cheapest phone ever launched by Nokia. As you can expect, this phone is pretty thin on features. It utilises a monochrome display and includes a FM Radio as well as a torchlight. Nokia 1280 is expected to cost Rs. 1,200.

If you don’t want to go with a monochrome screen, then Nokia 1616 is your cheapest bet. This handset costs around Rs 1,600 and features a TFT screen with 65K colours.

Nokia 1800 costs around about two hundred bucks more than Nokia 1616, but it features some extra goodies including prepaid tracker, anti-scratch cover and dust-resistant keymat.

Nokia 2690 is the most feature packed phone among the four. It includes a VGA camera, MP3 Player, Bluetooth, EDGE and expandable memory up to 8GB (microSD). This handset is expected to retail for around Rs. 2,700.

Nokia 2690, Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 also offer Nokia Life Tools, which is an SMS based VAS (value added service) aimed at rural India.

LG GU285 and GU220 – Cheap And Attractive Entertainment Phones For Indian Consumers


LG has launched two new slider phones for Indian consumers – the LG GU220 and the LG GU285. The 3G enabled GU285 is the more feature packed sibling. It sports a 5.6 cm screen along with a 1.3 megapixel camera. A secondary VGA camera is also present to facilitate self-portraits and video telephony. Other features include MP3 Player with equaliser, EDGE connectivity, up to 5 e-mail account support, and instant messaging clients.

The LG GU220 also features a 5.6 cm screen. However, it doesn’t support 3G and provides just a single VGA camera. Other features include FM recording and a talk time of 10 hours.

Sudhin Mathur, Business Group Head, Mobile Communications, LGEIL said, The new phones are an extension of our unique offerings in the Buzz series that promises to give our users benefits of mega multimedia for entertainment on the move. The extensive basket of features, make these phones a preferred choice for consumers who demand for more. As always, we promise to come up with more handsets that cater to varied needs of consumers.

Both the models are available in trendy and attractive designs. The LG GU285 is priced at Rs.6500 while the LG GU220 comes at Rs. 4500.

Credit Card Numbers Of Blippy Users Show Up on Google

Blippy, is a social network for shoppers. Blippy users share with each other what they have just bought and socialize around their purchases. Apparently, some users got much more than they signed up for when there credit card numbers showed up on Google recently.

When a power user entered search term “from card” , Google showed him a number of recent purchases by Blippy users along with their credit card numbers. As reported by VentureBeat, most of them were Citibank issued master card numbers. Investigation is still underway to determine how this happened, but Google has meanwhile blocked all searches for the site

What makes the event more interesting is the reply by Blippy Co-Founder Philip Kaplan, who says it is not as bad as it looks. According to him, we hand our credit card to waiters and cashiers all the time and the 4 users affected by this incident need not worry since they are not responsible for any purchases made without their permission. He further explains how the credit card numbers go back during Blippy’s beta days when the data was on HTML pages and somehow those pages were still in Google cache.

Even though, the incident didn’t cause much damage, it is still shocking to see how vulnerable sensitive information has become due to it being accessed by every mom and pop social network. It is also interesting to know that Blippy had raised $11 Million of funding just a day before this credit card fiasco.

[Image Credit VentureBeat]

India: a Potential and Emerging Cybercrime Hub and Target

“Symantec Global Internet Security Threat Report” collects cybercrime and vulnerability data from across the globe and analyzes it to produce near-perfect cybercrime reports. The 100 page report generated from 2009 just came in and the most pressing issue according to it is that criminal activities over the Internet, termed as cybercrime has started moving to emerging countries.

Two countries in focus in these reports are Brazil and India. The Internet is a global entity and the lack of awareness has put India into that report. China, which was included in the last report has evolved and is now much more aware regarding the Internet.

Not only this, India is also a soft target in cybercrime. India serves as the best testing bed for hack attacks and more than 4/5th of hacks in India originated in other countries. There is a high broadband penetration but the awareness of safe usage is absolutely zero. People are still happy winning those lotteries and screensaver and are willingly giving away potential personal information.

India ranks #5 in cybercrime and serves 788 bots each day.  Out of these, Mumbai, India’s largest city also claimed the largest bot activity of 50% in the country. Also, there are at least 62,623 bot infected computers in India.
(Via: PCMag)

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