4 Free Themes for XP from Microsoft

Even though Windows 7 is becoming more popular every day, most people are still using Windows XP. Since you’ve had XP for so long, isn’t it time you gave it a fresh facelift?

Check out these four free Windows XP themes from Microsoft.


download page



download page


Ree Ree Khao Sarn

download page



download page


The only thing you may not like about these themes is that you will have to pass the Windows Validation test to download them. It’s not a big deal, unless you have a pirated copy of Windows.

Here are several other themes and mods for XP that we’ve shown off in the past:

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I hope you enjoy trying some of these themes out. If you have a theme you’d like to tell us about, be sure to comment below.

Twitter Confirms Auto-Follow Bug, Promises a Quick Fix

Twitter confirmed a security vulnerability today which allows people to force twitter accounts to follow them.  One of the first few accounts to be attacked by this bug were those of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Evan Williams.

Their accounts were pointed to a dummy account which was created for this purpose.

To make use of this exploit, all we needed to do was to send out a tweet as “accept @username” to make any username follow us on Twitter. The bug was first spotted by a turkish blog which was made popular on Twitter by @hasanbasusta. This bug was tested on this blog with a dummy account which was given Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, Mark Zuckersberg and Evan Williams as followers.

To resolve this issue, Twitter first fixed this bug and then moved on to mend the fake followings. Though, it could not see any possible way of doing that and had to reset the follower count to 0 to prevent any outrage. In the meanwhile Gizmodo found out that this bug works for the web interface only and not with the API.

Finally, it seems that the issue is resolved now and there are some numbers appearing beside the follower/following counts. Finally, we all can go back to safe tweeting once again.
(Via: Cnet)

Android Finally Surpasses iPhone Sales

Android based cellphones have surpassed iPhone sales in the first quarter of the year 2010. This study was published in  a report by research firm The NPD Group. The data is valid only for the US.  It places RIM’s Blackberry at top with 36% of sales followed by Android with 28% of sales. Apple iPhone recorded a 21% of total cellphone sales, which puts it behind Android. A large part of this sale drive is credited to Verizon which went out of its way to promote Android with a $100 million marketing campaign. An extract from the report says,

Strong sales of the Droid, Droid Eris, and Blackberry Curve via these promotions helped keep Verizon Wireless’s smartphone sales on par with AT&T in Q1. According to NPD’s  Mobile Phone Track, smartphone sales at AT&T comprised nearly a third of the entire smartphone market (32 percent), followed by Verizon Wireless (30 percent), T-Mobile (17 percent) and Sprint (15 percent).

Android is gaining steadily and stably. It has an awesome community and has created a secure ecosystem for itself. This report places Android ahead by only a small fraction, for only one quarter and in only a single country. Though, soon this situation may extend to a larger scale. Given the rigidity Apple is showing nowadays, Android handsets offer an equally competitive and far more flexible product at a lesser price. This is a win for Android and the day is soon when it will get ahead of iPhone in this smartphone race. (Via:Venturebeat)

Ubuntu Light – An Instant-On Ubuntu Coming For OEMs

In the Ubuntu Developer Summit, Mark Shuttleworth a very exciting new variant of Ubuntu – Ubuntu Light.

Ubuntu Light is meant to be an instant-on OS to be supplied by OEM, as a dual boot installation with other OS (like Windows). Ubuntu Light will be easy to use for new users, safe for web browsing in unprotected environments like airports and hotels, focused on doing that job very well, but upgradeable with a huge list of applications, on demand. It will not have a traditional file manager and come with a small set of default applications for mail, web, media etc.

This is what Shuttleworth wrote:

Instant-on, dual boot installations are a new frontier for us. Over the past two years we have made great leaps forward as a first class option for PC OEM’s, who today ship millions of PC’s around the world with Ubuntu pre-installed. But traditionally, it’s been an either/orproposition either Windows in markets that prefer it, or Ubuntu in markets that don’t. The dual-boot opportunity gives us the chance to put a free software foot forward even in markets where people use Windows as a matter of course.

Unlike the other variants, Ubuntu Light will not be available for download from ubuntu.com. It will be especially optimized for each OEM so that it boots faster with the hardware in use. Right now the focus is on Ubuntu Netbook Light which is based on Unity. However, Canonical hopes to introduce a Light version for the desktop as well later.

Nintendo 3DS Will Have The Ability To Switch Between 2D And 3D Modes

The upcoming handheld console from Nintendo the Nintendo 3DS will have support for both the 2D and 3D gaming modes. Nintendo had announced the Nintendo 3DS in March, and a public demo of the device will be given at the upcoming E3 event in Los Angeles.

TheNintendo device will hit the retail market sometime in early 2011. The Nintendo 3DS, when released, will be the first handheld console in the market to feature 3D gaming without the use of special 3D glasses. Many analysts criticized the device, saying that 3D gaming may have ill effects on the gamers health. Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata in a recent interview with the Forbes cleared the doubt about 3D gaming on the Nintendo 3DS.

He said that it will be easy to turn off the 3-D function on the new machine, allowing people to play games, with or without 3-D.”

According to Eurogamer, the ability to switch between 2D and 3D modes give hints that the Nintendo 3DS utilises the Sharp’s parallax barrier technology. Currently, the Sharp’s parallax technology is the only technology in the market which allows to quickly switch between 2D and 3D view modes.

Unity – New Netbook Interface For Ubuntu

Today Mark Shuttleworth announced a new interface for Ubuntu Netbook Edition – Unity. The main focus of Unity are maximization of screen resource, mainly the vertical pixel, and making it suitable for touch-screen devices.

This is what Shuttleworth wrote about Unity:

The desktop screenshots we studied showed that people typically have between 3 and 10 launchers on their panels, for rapid access to key applications. We want to preserve that sense of having a few favorite applications that are instantly accessible. Rather than making it equally easy to access any installed application, we assume that almost everybody will run one of a few apps, and they need to switch between those apps and any others which might be running, very easily.

We focused on maximising screen real estate for content. In particular, we focused on maximising the available vertical pixels for web browsing. Netbooks have screens which are wide, but shallow. Notebooks in general are moving to wide screen formats. So vertical space is more precious than horizontal space.

We also want to embrace touch as a first class input. We want people to be able to launch and switch between applications using touch, so the launcher must be finger friendly.

The changes introduced in Unity are:

The bottom panel moved to the left of the screen

The bottom panel has been moved to the left of the screen and it devoted for launching and switching between applications. This frees up vertical space at the cost of horizontal space, as most netbooks nowadays uses widescreen displays.

Left-hand launcher expands so that it is touch-friendly

The left-hand launcher panel will be expanded so that it is touch-friendly. The Unity launcher will show what’s running, and support fast switching and drag-and-drop between applications.

Top-panel will use Global Menu

The top panel will use the global menu that we wrote about sometimes back.

If you want, you can  get a  preview Unity in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx as well.

Samsung YP-RB MP3 Player Features Up To 60 Hours Of Audio Playback

Samsung will soon launch the Samsung YP-RB Digital Audio Player (DAP) which has 60 hours battery backup. The player has a 3 inch screen with a resolution of 400*200 (WQVGA). The player will come in 4GB,Samsung YP-RB 8Gb and 16Gb storage variants. The player also has a T-DMB tuner. The dimensions of the player are 52.4 x 101.2 x 11.4 mm, and it weighs 97.9 grams. The Samsung YP-RB Mp3 player also features the Samsung’s proprietary DNSe Sound Alive technology which helps in providing a richer audio quality to the users.

The player supports MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, and AAC audio formats. The player is also capable of playing back video files of the following format AVI, WMV, ASF, MP4, H.264, and DivX. The device can also display JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF images. The wowfactor of the Samsung YP-RB MP3 player is its battery life. The player is capable of playing back videos for up to 10 hours, or 60 hours of audio playback. The battery life of the device is among the highest ever offered by a MP3 player.


Iron Grip: Warlord Makes it to Steam

What is your favorite kind of strategy game? Do you like to think it out like chess with turn-based strategy or ante up the offense with real-time strategy like Rook’s Revenge? How about tower defense? In this kind of strategy, your enemies will come in waves, and you have to construct turrets on their path to destroy them. Usually they need to be destroyed before they can destroy some invaluable building of your faction. I’m sure most of you have played some game of this type but I assure you that you have never played an FPS-tower-defense hybrid.


That is exactly what Iron Grip: Warlord is all about. Set in the Iron Grip universe, you are a defender of Atelia, a nation that is being consumed by the Confederacy. Over the course of several maps, you defend your Strongholds from basic soldiers to spider-walkers. While you can build your turrets and traps, you can also fight it out with muskets, rocket launchers and machine guns man-to-man!

The surreal effect of the entire game projects of war and a vague story reminded me a lot of Gone with the Blastwave, the game has a lot of addictive gameplay bundled with it. Based on the Quake 3 engine, the game looks decent enough by today’s standards and will run on most computers. However, many of the game’s features seem incomplete. Nevertheless the developers are actively at work, and have even started integrating Steamworks with their game.

Oh, yeah, did I tell you? This game is available on Steam for $7.99 this week only. Go buy it now! Or… wait for my review that can take anywhere between one day and two years to arrive.

Sony Releases New VAIO P Series Netbook

Sony today released the new VAIO P series netbook. The ultra-portable P series netbook weighs just 600g and is available in five colors. Sony VAIO P series netbook is the first netbook from Sony to feature a GPS and digital compass. It also has an accelerometer sensor and a touchpad.

Sony Vaio p series

The P series netbook has WLAN 802.11b/g/n and Everywair 3G connectivity up to 7.2 Mbps. Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR along with stereo speakers and microphone is also on board. Two USB ports, Motion Eye camera and a mic is also present. The P series netbook will run Genuine Windows ® 7 Home Premium (32-bit) OS.

The processor present in it is Intel ® Atomâ„¢ Z540 with a clock speed of 1.86GHz. 2GB DDR2 SDRAM along with 64GB SSD Flash drive is also present. The screen size is 8 inch with a resolution of 1600*768. The battery life is up to 5hrs, it can be expandable up to 10hrs ( extra charges).

The Sony VAIO P11S1E will be available in Orange, Green, Pink, Black or White. The price starts at $799.

(Image Source & News Source)

Amanita Design Adds Samarost 2 to the Humble Indie Bundle

Remember the Humble Indie Bundle? The bundle of five great Indie games that you could buy for whatever price? For those who have purchased, or will purchase, Amanita Design has added Samorost 2 a point-and-click flash game as an added bonus!


Amanita Design? Who? Heard of the beautiful, artistic and wonderful Machinarium? These people created that game.


If you have already bought the bundle, you should have received an email right regarding the game’s code. For future buyers, I’m sure you can find all the keys at one place.image

Have a great day and support indie gaming!

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