Watch West Indies vs Australia Twenty20 World Cup Online Live

West Indies take on Australia in a do or die Super8 match against Australia. Only victory will see the West Indies team through to the Semi-finals. The West Indies side might be a bit confident considering their recent victory against India and a good form for the captain Chris Gayle.

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However, don’t even take the Aussies lightly as they have shown some really good form in the tournament and are still unbeaten in the series. West Indies will have their task cut out and their powerful batting line up will have some work to do while facing the Australian bowlers.

Aussies on the other hand have no problems with either their batting or bowling department and will go all out for a win.

This will be one exciting match and you can catch up all the live action online today. ESPN Star have a live streaming of the matches at their own portal, you can watch the T20 World Cup matches live online at

You can also watch the T20 World Cup matches live online at or also catch up on live streaming at User channels for the T20 World Cup matches can also be found at, where you will find a lot of user hosted channels.

Flash 10.1 Shows Up On Nexus One Running Android 2.2 "FroYo"

Apple has shunned away Flash, but Adobe has not yet let hopes of making it big on the mobile browsers. and Me have spotted a new version of Flash 10.1 running on a with Android 2.2.

A new video uploaded by Adobe evangelist Ryan Stewart shows a Nexus One with Android 2.2 running flash videos using Flash 10.1. Google has not yet released Android 2.2 to the public and the OS codenamed FroYo will be unveiled at this month’s Google IO conference.

Android based phones have recently surpassed the OS and are now the largest OS running on mobile phones for the first quarter of 2010, so running Flash on the OS would definitely mean that Flash will still be alive for sometime to come.

Watch the video of Flash 10.1 running on a Nexus One with Android 2.2 below.

Brazil Does Away With Notice-and-Takedown System For Third Party Content

Brazil is making serious amendments to its DMCA policy. Under the new rules, a notice-and-takedown system will be hugely revised so as to safeguard third parties content.

The DMCA that is in place in the US is pretty rigid and requires almost all takedown notices to be adhered to. This system can easily be abused. Brazil has been following a similar system but now, it is out to change this.

The new system that is in place allows service providers to take down only the offensive content, that too only on a court order. You can read the proposal here. This provides some assurance against hate-groups who could earlier take down websites issuing baseless takedown notices.

Eric Goldman gives his expert opinion on this saying,

According to the new system, online service providers are only liable for third-party content if they do not comply with a takedown order issued by a court of law. In addition, the proposed notice and takedown system is completely gone: instead of a simple request from the alleged victim, a court order will be mandatory to take down alleged harmful content, requiring a prima facie analysis of said content by a judge.

This seems far more reasonable as compared to what the US still has. Though, we are expecting that things will change once Brazil implements this.

Watch India vs Sri Lanka T20 World Cup Online Live

India play their last match in the Twenty20 World Cup 2010 tournament tonight, the match is important for both India and Sri Lanka who have to win to progress to the semi-final, however, it holds more significance for India, who have to compulsorily win the match by some margin to stay alive in the tournament.

ICC Twenty20 World Cup West Indies 2010

The Indian team showed good form in the group stages but have failed to perform in the Super8 stage, which is why they are now at a do or die stage. Sri Lanka on the other hand have played good cricket, but their recent loss to Australia may come to haunt them if they lose to India today.

India has their task cut out as they have to not only win this match, but win it by a pre-determined margin to even have a chance to move to the semi-finals, and winning would not guarantee a place in the Semi-finals as they would also have to hope that the Aussies beat the West Indians in the other match tonight.

Nevertheless, this will be one exciting match and you can catch up all the live action online today. ESPN Star have a live streaming of the matches at their own portal, you can watch the T20 World Cup matches live online at

You can also watch the T20 World Cup matches live online at or also catch up on live streaming at User channels for the T20 World Cup matches can also be found at, where you will find a lot of user hosted channels.

Watch ICC T20 Twenty20 World Cup 2010 Online Live

The ICC T20 World Cup brings about the best in all cricketing nations to the shortest format of the game. The Twenty20 World Cup 2010 is after the lucrative tournament and features the players from there in their national colors.

ICC Twenty20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup tournament is already underway and the matches are not in the final Super 8 stages, none of the teams except for England and Pakistan have assured their places in the Semi-final yet and it would be interesting to see who makes it to the semi-final among India, West Indies, Australia and Sri Lanka.

The T20 World Cup 2010 is being played in West Indies and matches are shown to lure more of the sub-continent to the television. However, if you do not have access to the tournament on your television sets, you can watch the live T20 World Cup 2010 matches online.

ESPN Star have a live streaming of the matches at their own portal, you can watch the T20 World Cup matches live online at

You can also watch the T20 World Cup matches live online at or also catch up on live streaming at User channels for the T20 World Cup matches can also be found at, where you will find a lot of user hosted channels.

GNOME 3.0 Will Feature A New User Guide

The Gnome Team is very enthusiastic about the new Gnome 3.0 help. This help is being created by the Gnome Documentation team and they are using Mallard to rewrite the complete help for Gnome. Included in this reform are some Gnome applications as well.


The use of Mallard will render a better quality help system for Gnome 3.0.

Mallard is a markup language that makes it easier for you to provide better user help for your software. Mallard documents are  topic-oriented: They provide information in small chunks that match your users’ needs without forcing them to read lengthy manuals.

The earlier help files were created using a Docbook XML but Mallad here is a new XML language and will need some quick learning for the documentation writers.

The goal of this rewrite is to get users to the topic they are looking for instantly. The applications included in this rewrite list are  Banshee,  Brasero,  Cheese,  F-Spot,  gLabels,  Rhythmbox and  Tomboy.

The Documentation team is also offering help on using Mallard if you want to contribute to the new Gnome Help.

A new user guide will simply help newbies in Getting Things Gnome!
(Via: Paul Cutler’s Blog)

Say Goodbye to Windows XP SP2 on July 13th

Microsoft has finally announced that it will end support for Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 this July the 13th. Windows XP SP2 and Windows 200 are currently running on extended support. This is a standard Microsoft support policy according to which it supports a product for the first five years on regular basis and for the next five years on extended support.

The announcement is available at this page on It says,

Support is ending for some versions of  Windows

  • Support for  Windows  Vista  without any service packs ended on April 13, 2010.
  • Support for  Windows  XP  with Service Pack 2 (SP2) will end on July 13, 2010.*

If you’re running one of these versions after support ends, you won’t get security updates forWindows.

Existing users of Windows 2000 need to get hold of a new version of Windows whereas, Windows XP SP2 users can simply upgrade to Windows XP SP3 which will be supported for longer.

Windows Vista suers on the other hand, can upgrade to Vista SP2 for free and continue using their product.

What to Expect From Firefox 4

Mike Beltzner, Mozilla’s Director of Firefox has recently made an announcement outlining a vision for Firefox 4 in a recent blog post.


This can as well be called an early product plan and he introduces it with the lines,

Today, I presented an early product plan for Firefox 4 to the Mozilla community (live, over the web!) to share our vision for the next version of Firefox, and what projects are underway to realize it. Then I invited everyone to get involved by joining our engineering or product development efforts.

The primary goal of Firefox 4 development will be according to Mike, making Firefox “super-duper fast”. Other features which they are aiming at are enabling new open web standards and allowing more user control over the browser and their browsing.

To better understand this, you can see the slide presentation Mike has prepared on his blog.

Now getting to the goals, open web standards and user control are already increasing day by day on Firefox. Firefox is quick to adapt to new web standards. Though, one thing to watch out for is how and by how much they are improving Firefox in terms of speed and making it super-duper fast as claimed. Firefox 3.7 is expected to become Firefox 4.0 by the end of this year.

MTNL Mumbai Introduces Power Recharge Coupons

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) Delhi has introduced a Power recharge coupon for Rs 399 for it’s Delhi customers. This power pack is really a powerful one as it comes with exciting freebies on SMS, local calls, and STD calls. The kind of services and offers this Power Recharge Coupon pack provides, it will surely capture a good niche among the subscribers.

Here are a few salient features of the MTNL Power Recharge coupon pack:

  • Power Recharge pack is available at Rs 399.
  • It comes with a validity of 30 days and bids a talktime of Rs 17
  • Power Recharge offers 1399 minutes free calls, 39 minute free STD calls, and 99 local free SMS.

Via Cellbharat

Indian Telecom Analysis (2008 – 2012): A Report

Telecom industry in India has undergone a major revolution in the recent years and no doubt we all know that looking at the latest technologies that are being introduced to customers every day. India is ranked second worldwide in terms of having the largest telecommunication network only after China.

Tele-density in India has improved significantly over the recent years. The   tele-density in India currently stands at 51%. All this has been possible owing to improving network infrastructure as a result of the ongoing investments. The launch of advanced telecom services like 3G and IPTV will also drive the growth in Indian telecom subscriber base over the forecast period. Furthermore, mobile handset market is also expected to register a robust growth in near future.

With a strong population of over 1.1 Billion, India has become one of the most dynamic and promising telecom markets of the world and has emerged as one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world. During 2003-2007, the country witnessed the number of phones increasing more than triple and total tele-density rising from 5.1% to 18.2%.

Some major achievements of the Indian Telecom Industry:

  • The total telecom subscription in India surged at a CAGR of over 38% from fiscal 2003 to fiscal 2007, making the country the third largest telecom market in the world.
  • Mobile phones accounted for 80.2% of the total telephone subscriber base at the end of March 2007.
  • The Internet subscriber base in the country, as on March 31, 2007, stood at 9.3 Million as compared to 6.9 Million on March 31, 2006 registering a growth of 34.8%.
  • § By fiscal 2010, Indian will require around 330,000 telecom network towers. To meet this enormous need, the telecom operators are resorting to network infrastructure sharing.

More key stats and reports can be read about on the Indian Telecom Report.

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