Wondershare USB Drive Encryption Giveaway On May 13th

USB Drive Encryption Wondershare Software will be together with Giveawayoftheday.com to provide free Wondershare USB Drive Encryption. This would be good news to those who intend to encrypt USB drives for their confidential personal and company data in case of data leakage over lost or stolen USB flash drives.

Priced at $24.95 originally, Wondershare USB Drive Encryption is free on http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ on May 13, 2010. Please remember the free offer is only valid for 24 hours on May 13, 2010. Giveawayoftheday.com is a new initiative in the software distribution world, which everyday offers for FREE licensed software that users have to buy otherwise.

Wondershare USB Drive Encryption can help you protect USB devices with password, preventing unauthorized users from your sensitive data. With correct password, the encrypted data is viewable for you in any computer without USB Drive Encryption installed. It also has the ability to hide your encrypted data and protect the encrypted data from viruses.
Characterized with US military-level 256-bit AES algorithm, Wondershare USB Drive Encryption allows you to get the highest level protection available now for your data. It’s a good option for you and your company to encrypt USB drives.

With Wondershare USB Drive Encryption, I no longer have to worry about leaking my private photos and business secrets when my USB flash drive is misplaced, lost or stolen.Christina, a user of the test version of USB Drive Encryption said. That is exactly what Wondershare USB Drive Encryption wants to bring to users.

iPhone 4G Images Leaked From Vietnam

4G, which is the next generation of iPhone devices has been under a lot of speculation. Just last month we posted some videos of iPhone HD, which was reportedly the next generation of iPhone, along with some so cute fake iPhone 4G images.

However, the folks at Giz posted some true images of the iPhone 4G which was found in a bar in San Francisco and for which we had tips to get an hands on, but albeit we could not.

Nevertheless, this time around there are some new leaked images of the iPhone 4G which have been reportedly been seen in Vietnam by Gizmodo.

iPhone 4G Leaked Images

iPhone 4G Leaked Device Vietnam

So what do you think? Is this device the real iPhone 4G, or would you wait for Steve Jobs to actually come on stage and show the device to you?

Ubuntu Will Switch to a User Mode X Server Soon

Ubuntu has already switched to a kernel mode setting to run most of the OS components. A primary advantage of kernel mode setting is that it lets us run OS components seamlessly without too much of swapping and context switching. This nifty feature present from kernel 2.6.32 onwards has been used on Intel, AMD and NVidia hardware and is already in place in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.

A better understanding of Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) is provided here:

Kernel Mode Setting is all about taking the bulk of the Graphics Driver code out of the X server and putting it into the Kernel.  This means that the kernel has Graphics Drivers just like the kernel has Network Card Drivers, Wireless Drivers, USB Drivers, etc.

Most importantly, the kernel can set the mode whenever we need to and restore it on resume.  The three most user-visible results of this are:

  • a high-color, high-resolution splash screen during boot with a seamless (no black screen) transition into the X server
  • fast and seamless transition between X servers when user switching
  • extraordinarily fast resume from suspend directly into graphics (no blinking text cursor)

This was all about kernel mode setting running on Lucid though, at the latest Ubuntu Developer Summit in Brussels, there were talks on moving X.Org Server to the user-space and running it as a normal user instead of the current root. This can already be seen in Moblin.

The only  hindrance  in this is the presence of hardware that does not use KMS already. This change is expected to appear in Ubuntu 11.04 by the earlier.
(Via: Phoronix)

Linagora Acquires Mandriva

Mandriva, the Linux distro and the company behind this distro are both up for sale as confirmed by one of the potential buyers. Mandriva is a French company with a Linux distro by the same name. This announcement was made on the French Mandriva portal.

Mandriva is a merger of the Mandrake and the Conectiva  distro. Though, it seems like the company is in heavy losses and cannot hold up anymore. Mandriva is also well knows for filing a  bankruptcy  protection earlier. This time though, it is simply giving up for good.

Mandriva is said to have decided on this a month ago and is looking for potential buyers ever since. A potential buyer includes Linagora, which is a French open-source company. Lingaroa has also confirmed that it is going to acquire Mandriva and they have already started moving Mandriva assets.

Mandriva has been a very popular Linux distro and has gathered a strong following. Once this acquisition completes, Linagora should assure Mandriva users with a continued support and development.

(Via: Unixmen)

John Lilly Enjoys His Last Few Days As Mozilla CEO

Mitchell Baker, the Mozilla foundation chairwoman and the ex-CEO of Mozilla Foundation has announced recently that John Lilly will step down as CEO of Mozilla Foundation and will move to Greylock Partners as a venture capitalist.

This development will be seen later this year and that will mark the end of the two years term of John Lilly as the Mozilla Foundation CEO and his five years term as a Mozilla member.

John Lilly writes about this saying,

I just announced internally that after 5 years at Mozilla, and a couple as the CEO, I’ve decided to leave later this year to join Greylock Partners as a venture partner. I’ll be in my role here at Mozilla until we conclude a successful search for a new CEO, and intend to stay involved and on the Board of Directors.  I’ll have more to say about Mozilla over the next few months as we go through transition — I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done over the last several years, and very optimistic about what the future holds.

John Lilly was the COO of Mozilla before becoming the CEO and throughout his term in Mozilla, he has worked towards bettering Mozilla Foundation with innovative projects and ideas.

Aircel Launches Facebook Updates On SMS For 50 Paise

Social Networking on sites like and has taken off in a huge way in the Indian market, with dedicated phones for social networking and tight integration with them through several apps like Nimbuzz and more.

Aircel Facebook on SMS

However, the smartphone penetration in India is not that high and several users still have phones which do not have web browsing capabilities or the capability to use apps. To tackle the issue, Aircel has now launched a new social networking service using which users can send and receive Facebook updates through SMS on a new short number 51555.

Aircel Facebook on SMS service will allow users to view and post updates, comments, likes, pokes and more with a simple SMS. Each SMS sent to the short number 51555 will be charged 50 paise.

In order to activate and use the service with your Facebook account, follow the steps given below:

  • Sign in on Facebook and access your ‘Account Settings’
  • Under the ‘Mobile’ tab, select ‘Register for Facebook Text Messages’
  • Select ‘Aircel India’ as your mobile provider and send ‘f’ to 51555 via SMS to confirm your number (SMS charges at 50 paisa)
  • Enter the confirmation code received via SMS, and You’re done!

More information on the service can be found at the official Aircel for Facebook SMS page.

[via infocera.com]

HTC HD Mini Launched In India For Rs. 23,490

HTC has launched the HD Mini phone in India for a affordable price of Rs. 23,490. HTC HD Mini will run Windows Mobile 6.3 and is a 3G phone with Wi-Fi support.


HTC HD Mini comes with a Capacitive touch screen, 512MB ROM, 384MB RAM, 3.2″ HVGA display, 5MP camera. The HD Mini also comes with the popular HTC Sense. Last year, HTC launched two phones in India, including the HTC HD2 for Rs. 36,990 and the HTC Touch2 for Rs. 24,490.

This year, HTC has launched the cheap HTC Smart for Rs. 9,990 with many new phones including the HTC Desire slated to launch in India in the near future. India has now become one of the top destinations for launching new smartphones and considering that there are around 600 million subscribers, it would make more sense for manufacturers to penetrate the rural markets with cheap smartphones.

HTC HD Mini can be purchased for Rs. 23, 490 from HTC authorized stores across India.

[via Cell Bharat]

Lenovo Unveils The IdeaCenre A700 All-In-One Computer With Touch Screen

Lenovo has just unveiled the Lenovo IdeaCentre A700 all-in-computer with a 23LED full HD touch screen display. Seems like every computer manufacture is jumping into the new all-in-one computer with touch screen display bandwagon. WayLenovo A700 back in December, Dell had also launched its all-in-one Inspiron One 19 PC with a 19touch screen display. The multi-touch display on the A700 is optional and is sadly not available in all regions of the world.

According to Lenovo, the A700 uses the Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screen technology which is used in medical applications. This technology arguably improves the touch screen response. The Lenovo A700 is at its thickest point a mere 2.5 inch thick, and a mere 0.88 inch thick at its slimmest point. This all-in-one computer will definitely turn some eye-balls when it will be launched. The Lenovo A700 is also wall mountable, making for a perfect living room PC.

Users can select any processor up to the Intel Core i7 processor. The device also has a HDMI in and a HDMI out port. The device can be loaded with up to 8Gb of DDR3 RAM and 2TB of storage space. The Lenovo A700 will come with an ATI Dx 11 based graphics card. The device also features 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and a 6-in-1 card reader.

The Lenovo A700 will be available since June-end onwards and the base model of the device will cost $699.

Dell Launches The WM311 Optical Mouse

Dell is a company which many people think only sells LCDs, computers andDell WM311 laptops. Well Dell also manufacturers mice for computers and laptops . Their mice might not be as popular as that from Logitech, Razor but nevertheless they still manufacture them. Dell has just released a new wireless optical mouse. The mouse has a density of 1000 dpi and features 3 buttons. The mouse is named as the WM311. The plus point of this mouse is that the mini USB receiver of the mouse can be stored within the device itself.

The WM311 is available in Red, Blue and Black colours. The device has a two tone colour, and the base of the mouse will be in black irrespective of the colour users choose. Users can purchase the mouse from Dell’s Online shop for $29.99 excluding shipping and taxes.


Global Menu Comes To KDE SC

In the Ubuntu Developers Summit, Aurelien Gateau presented a project that he has been working on for the next Kubuntu release i.e. Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. He introduced a Global Menu for KDE SC following the announcement of Global Menu for GNOME that Mark Shuttleworth made earlier. However, the feature is being developed for KDE SC 3.x and has not been ported to KDE SC 4.x yet.

The Global Menu implementation uses D-Bus, which means that GTK+ applications running in KDE will also have its menu bar in the Global Menu. As Shuttleworth pointed out when he introduced the Global Menu earlier, this is mainly aimed at  Netbook users to maximize the vertical pixel usage at the expense of horizontal space.

Here is a video to demonstrate the Global Menu:

[via agateau.wordpress.com]

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