Rekonq To Be The Default Web Browser In Kubuntu 10.10

With the Ubuntu Developer Summit going on, we are constantly receiving reports of new changes and feature addition for Maverick.

The latest news that caught my attention is that Rekonq is going to be the default browser in Kubuntu 10.10.

Rekonq is a KDE web browser based off of Nokia’s QtDemoBrowser, which is what  the Arora web browser is based on. Rekonq’s focus is to provide a  QtWebKit-based web browser with superior KDE integration. Its aim is to  embrace KDE technologies to have a fully-featured KDE web browser.
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Uses KDE download system for downloading files
  • Shares bookmarks with Konqueror
  • Supports proxies and anonymous browsing
  • Can inspect web pages

Although many might not have heard of Rekonq, its is quite a solid browser with a lot of potential. I did a HTML5 compatibility test about a month back and was quite surprised to find that it outperformed even Firefox and Opera. However, what bothers me is that it is not as polished as I would like it to be. Hopefully by the time for the release of Kubuntu 10.10, it will be sufficiently polished.

If you want to try out Rekonq, open the terminal and execute the command given below:

sudo apt-get install rekong

HP To Launch 3 New LCDs Sporting A Low Price Tag

The prices of LCDs have gone down a lot from the time of their introduction. Manufacturers have understood the consumers need for low priced LCDs, and are launching LCDs carrying a low price tag. HP will soon be launchingclip_image001 three new LCDs carrying an extremely low price tag. The LCDs will be available in sizes of 20 inch, 21.5 inch and 23 inch. The 20 inch S2031 LCD will have a contrast ratio of 1000:1, along with a VGA and a DVI-D connector.

The LCD has a response time of 5ms and it has a resolution of 1600×900. The S2031 LCD will also use a two-lamp panel instead of the usual four-lamp one to reduce the power consumption. The other two LCDs the S2231 and the S2331 are of 21.5 inch and 23 inch respectively. Both the LCDs have a resolution of 1080p (1920*1080). Like the S2031, the S2231 and S2331 LCDs have a contrast ratio of 1000:1, and feature the VGA and DVI-D ports. The response time of both the LCDs is 5ms.

The S2031 LCD is expected to cost $150, while the S2231 and S2331 will cost $190 and $220 respectively. All the three LCDs are expected to go on sale from May 16th.

Sleep is Death is Cheap as Living – Pay What You Want!

While I bought this game for $9 (and no regrets, thank you), Sleep is Death is worth at least $15. There is a special level of pixelated charm that this storytelling device (as it does not entirely fit into the common definition of video gamein my opinion), and from all accounts this game is awesome. The games stories I played/made on this platform had a whole new level of new-ness attached to them.


So when Jason Rohrer, the creator of this game, tells you that you can buy this game for as much as you are willing to pay for it, you know it’ll make your day. Yes! Though you have to pay the minimum price ($1.75) that covers the cost of the bandwidth for download and payment processing, you get two copies of the game (since this game is two-player only). So, if you will take our advice, GO BUY IT!

Freeware Fridays | Top Tools Of the Week #8

freeware-signIn case you haven’t seen them, here are the most recent posts in our Freeware category. We hope you enjoy reading about these freebies, and maybe you’ll find a keeper in the mix.



Quickly Scan Any File with 40 Different Antivirus Engines

Having a good antivirus program installed on your PC is a must have. The additional ability to double check files using 40 different antivirus engines is not required, but it sure is nice to have.



Protect Your Portable Files with USB Safeguard

Traveling around with a USB flash drive full of your personal files is often very useful. However, it can also be risky. USB Safeguard can reduce the risk.


mouse MouseTrap Locks the Mouse Cursor in a Multi Monitor Setup

MouseTrap is a free utility for Windows which can lock the position of mouse cursor in multi monitor setups. You can use keyboard shortcuts to lock and confine the position of mouse cursors.



Screenshot Preview of Kubuntu Netbook Remix

I recently tried the newest version of the Kubuntu Netbook Remix (KNR). Take a look at the screenshots I’ve included here. You might consider trying this new OS on your netbook.


Clavier Makes it Dead Simple to Define Custom Hotkeys in Windows

Clavier is a nifty little utility for Windows which makes it dead easy to define your own keyboard shortcuts. You can use the keyboard shortcuts to launch programs, open folders, files, images, videos or possible everything in your hard drive.



4 Free Themes for XP from Microsoft

Even though Windows 7 is becoming more popular every day, most people are still using Windows XP. Since you’ve had XP for so long, isn’t it time you gave it a fresh facelift?



Linux Mint 9 is Expected to Release Very Soon

According to the Mint blog: "we’re about 1 week away from releasing Linux Mint 9". Take a look at this video showing off the newest version of Mint.


Be sure to let us know if you have a favorite freebie you’d like to see posted here. Our comments (below) are always open to you.

Wipro To Build Datacenters For Three States

Wipro Infotech has bagged big orders for three Indian states which involves building high end datacenters from scratch. According to a news release, Wipro will build, manage and commission State data centres (SDCs) for Maharashtra and West Bengal. The third state is Gujarat which already has a State Data Center, so here Wipro will only upgrade and commission the datacenter.

These data centres would host applications and provide Government to Government (G2G), Government-to-business (G2B) and Government-to-citizen (G2C) services. Wipro would also build a central repository for all data related to the State on citizen information, services portal and online services. SDCs are emerging as one of the key elements of the core infrastructure required for the National eGovernance Plan (NeGP). Once integrated with the other infrastructure projects such as State Wide Area Network (SWAN) and Common Service Centres (CSC), it would form the framework for roll out of various eGovernment services.

DYK Thursday – Bliss, Now and Then!

Recently, while I was stumbling I found a nice article on Wikipedia and thought I would share that in today’s DYK.

Every MS Windows user will be knowing the default Windows wallpaper, Bliss (The blue sky, the green hill and small white clouds, remember?). The wallpaper which was introduced for Windows XP, as default,   is pretty popular among Windows users.

Going to the history of this wallpaper, this photograph was shot by Charles O’ Rear, who works for a company named HighTurn. This photograph was taken in 1996 – which is around five years before XP was released. O’ Rear wanted to photograph the winemaking on that hill but, unfortunately at that time there was no grapevines on that hill.

The photograph Bliss, inspired a Windows XP’s advertising campaign called “Yes You Can” and thus the photograph entered into the XP home screen.

Later, in November 2006, artist collaboration Goldin & Senneby re-photographed the same site, from the same location. This time, it was full of Grapevines. Check the two pics below.


Oh, and did I tell you where the Bliss image was taken? The Bliss image was taken 3050 Fremont Dr. (Sonoma Hwy.), Sonoma, CA.

Well, nothing much useful here. Just some information. Hope you liked this post! Thank you!

Source: Wikipedia

Sony To Launch The PSP2 At The E3 This Year?

The biggest gaming event of the year the E3 Expo is just a month away now. This time the E3 expo is going to be held in the Los Angeles Convention Center. The event will start onSony PlayStation Portable June 14th and continue until the 17th of June. It is already known that Microsoft will demo the Project Natal, Sony will provide a demo of the PlayStation Move and Nintendo will give us the preview of the Nintendo 3DS.

Now rumors suggest that Sony might announce the PSP2. The original PSP was launched six years ago, and was quite popular among the teenagers. With the passage of time though, the device has lost its charm. The popularity of the Apple iTouch as a gaming device has further pushed the PSP into the oblivion. In the past six years, the Sony PSP hardly got any major makeover. Sony did launch the PSPgo, but the device has been a failure.

Analysts now expect that Sony will launch a new PSP at the E3 Expo, so as revive the falling PlayStation Portable brand. If Sony does launch the PSP2 at the E3, it will be one of the biggest surprises of this year event.

Airtel Offers Local Airtel To Airtel Calling For Only 25p A Minute

Airtel the biggest network provider of India has launched a new promo pack for its prepaid users in Kolkata. This pack will allow users to call any local Airtel mobile number for 25p/minute. This pack carries a validity of 30 days.


Plan Details:

Price: Rs 12

Validity: 30 days

Circle: Kolkata

Benefits: Call local Airtel numbers for only 25 paisa a minute.

This pack is not valid for customers who are on per second tariff. The low call rates are only valid for 19 hours of the day. The 19 hours starts from 11 pm to 6 pm. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask us through comments.

New Privacy Option For YouTube Videos: Upload Videos as “Unlisted”

Later yesterday, YouTube announced a new privacy option for uploading videos – Unlisted videos. Now you can upload videos in your YouTube account and mark them as “Unlisted”.

The unlisted videos are sort of private videos, which will never appear in the video search result pages. Only those people can view and comment on your unlisted video who know the Video URL, rest of the world does not knows about it.

The “unlisted videos” are also hidden from your channel page, which means your subscribers will not get any update whenever you upload a new video and mark it as “unlisted”.

Earlier, YouTube allowed a similar privacy feature – share the video with a maximum of 25 YouTube users. That feature is kept intact but with Unlisted videos, there is no limit on the number of people who can view a video. Another feature worth mentioning – the viewers do not need a YouTube account to view the private video of yours.

This appears strange, if privacy is a concern and YouTube wants to add the ability to upload private videos, why not add a restriction on the number of viewers?

However, the “unlisted” sharing mode will be useful for many users. Consider a scenario: you have a small video clip of your wedding anniversary and want to share the video with a distant friend. Just upload the video in your YouTube account, mark it as “unlisted” and share the URL with your friend. Remember to tell your friend not to share the URL with anyone else.

Are you going to use the “unlisted” mode for YouTube videos? Share your ideas in the comments section.

New Default Applications For Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10

In the UDS-M, it has been decided that there will most likely be some changes in the applications that are installed by default with Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10.

Here are the new applications that are being considered for UNE 10.10:


It has been decided to have Chromium as the default web browser rather than Firefox. One of the main reasons for choosing Chromium is its speed. However, there are still some concern regarding Chromium’s non-native look and how it  will work with Global Menu. As of now the decision to include Chromium is only till Alpha 3, after which they will take the final decision regarding its inclusion.


F-Spot, currently the default photo management application in UNE, will most likely be Shotwell in UNE 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.

Megoo Media Player/Banshee

A lot of discussion has been going on regarding the media player for UNE 10.10. The focus is on having a Unified Media Player – one which can play both video and audio. Various applications have been looked at. However, Banshee seems to be the front runner as it already has Ubuntu One Music Store Integration and there is no disk space issue as UNE already comes with Mono.

Evolution Express

There were also discussions about the default email client. Instead of opting for a new application, it has been decided to have a version of Evolution optimized for netbook by default. Such a version of Evolution, called Evolution Express, already exist.


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