The Pirate Bay is Back With A Bang

Just yesterday, The Pirate Bay was shut down by pulling down it’s routing server. Though today, The Pirate Bay is back and as expected, they have an awesome reply to the shutdown. This time, the hosting has been changed to the Swedish Pirate Party.


The official Pirate Bay blog has written a post giving some hilarious update on this situation.






You do not even need to see closely to notice whats written in those bold in-between letters. There is a message for the The RIAA in it.

Hotmail To Launch a Massive Overhaul This Summer [Screenshots]

With Gmail taking over the world, Hotmail guys don’t want to sit in the back seat and do nothing. As a result, Dick Craddock of Hotmail announced in a blog post today that Hotmail is being re-invented and the new version will be launched sometime this summer.

The post goes into lots of details about users’ needs and the changes Hotmail is making to meet those needs, but here is a quick summary:

Hotmail Highlights: As soon as you log into your Hotmail inbox, you’ll see a summary of messages such as email from contacts, social updates e.t.c.

Email categories: Even within your inbox, you will see tabs like From Contacts, Social Updates and From Groups.

Sweep: Sweep is more like  Rules or  Filters in Gmail. You can sweep email in bulk from inbox to folders or set rules to do it for new mail as well. You can also do it for your Gmail and Yahoo! mail accounts that have been integrated to Hotmail.

Photos & Documents: In addition to viewing photos right in your inbox, Hotmail will now use the Office web apps to let you open any Word, Excel or Powerpoint within your inbox as well.

Videos: Watch a video from YouTube or Hulu directly in your inbox.

In addition to these, the new Hotmail will also offer a better syncing with your mobile phone, enhanced account protection, sub-folders, contact management, multiple email account and full session SSL. More details and discussions of these and more features is available at

Over all, the changes are great for Hotmail users but there is absolutely nothing in these offerings that Gmail already does not offer. Hotmail can definitely say they will be better than their current state but I think they would still be in no comparison to Gmail.

Sheldon Cooper: Ubuntu User

The Big Bang Theory has become my top favorite series from the time it started. The Big Bang Theory starring a group of four friends, all of whom have unusual habits has been a hit with the student and the geek culture.

The humor is something that only geeks get and that makes them feel special and exclusive.

Well, if you are a Linux fan and you have not noticed, Sheldon Cooper, the self-proclaimed genius and truest nerd on The Big Bang Theory has been seen using Ubuntu.

See for yourself in this video.

(Via: Seilo @ Geeky Ogre)

Facebook’s New Milestone: 500 Million Monthly Users, Coming Soon

Facebook is soon to announce its “500 million monthly users” milestone. This announcement is expected to come sometime before the end of June.


The last time Facebook reached a milestone (400 million users), it was in early February. June 25th is the projected date the 500 million user milestone will be reached, given Facebook continues to grow at the current rate. For the first time in its history, Facebook is ready to throw a big party to mark this milestone and is in mood for celebration.

Though, last week, Facebook told Search Engine Land,

The user number milestones we announce publicly do not always correspond to the exact date we reach these milestones.
We sometimes hold a growth milestone announcement to correspond with another announcement (such as a product launch), so the number may be significantly higher on the date we actually make the announcement.

This makes it clear that the announcement, if and when it comes in June end, would not mean that the milestone is reached exactly at that same time. Though, this announcement can surely do Facebook a favor by flushing out all unfavorable news.

After this, Facebook will get all its targets set to the “600 million users” mark which is expected at the end of this year.

(Via: All Facebook)

Amazon To Launch Kindle Application For Android OS Later This Summer

Amazon will soon be launching the Kindle its free eBook reader application for the Android OS. The Amazon Kindle is already available for PC, Mac and iTouch devices from Apple. The Kindle application is expected to launch by the end of the summer this year. The application will be compatible with Android OS v1.6 and above.

The Kindle application for Android will feature WhiteSync, which allows users to synchronize their bookmarks, highlights, last read pages across multiple Kindle supported devices.

Amazon Android

“Kindle for Android is the perfect companion application for Kindle and Kindle DX owners, and is also a great way for customers to enjoy over 540,000 books in the Kindle Store even if they don’t yet have a Kindle,” said Jay Marine, director, Amazon Kindle. “We think customers are going to love the convenience and simplicity of having instant access to a massive selection of books from Amazon on their Droid, Nexus, Incredible and many more Android devices.”

As of now, interested users can take a look at the upcoming Kindle application for Android here.

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ISParade Makes a Cute Parade Animation Of Your Twitter Timeline

There are hundreds of tools that let you view your Twitter timeline and do all sorts of fancy things on Twitter. ISParade, however, is the most fun app to view Twitter. Instead of showing your friends and their tweets as text, everything is converted into a very cute animation parade with some really up beat background music.

To start, just enter a Twitter username or a keyword and ISParade will convert those tweets and their users into a marching band parade. Each user is represented by an animated guy with profile picture as his head and the tweet popping up as a bubble. Just sit back and enjoy the show! You can turn off the music anytime pr even take a screen capture for your blog or mobile phone with the built-in photo capture tool.

It is undoubtedly one of the coolest Twitter apps around.

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Seagate To Launch 3TB Hard Disks By Year End

Seagate one of the world’s most popular Hard disk manufacturer has confirmed that they are working on a 3 TB drive. According to Seagate, they will be “announcing a 3TB drive later this year.” As of now, 2TB is the highest storage capacity available in a single hard disk drive. The launch of 3TB drives will push the prices of the 2TB drives down, which will help increase their sale.


The shift to 3TB drives will not be smooth though. LBA or Logical Block Addressing standard is not capable of addressing capacities in excess of 2.1 TB. Seagate says that users need to upgrade their system’s BIOS, update the drivers in order to use the 3TB drives. Seagate also said that Windows XP will fail to see the 3 TB drive, and if it does manage to identify the drive, it will not see the full 3TB of space. Users need to use the 64-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows 7 to make full use of the 3 TB of space. In addition, modifiedversion of Linux will be able to see the full 3TB of space.

Seagate’s Senior Product Manager Barbara Craig also said, There’s also a GUID partition table (GPT) that needs to be implemented, for the master boot record.

Seagate did not mention anything about the prices of these upcoming 3TB drives.


Super Photo Slideshow Screensaver – JPEGSaver

display-ico Most Windows systems already come with a nice built in screensaver for viewing the pictures you’ve stored on your hard drive. In Windows XP it’s called My Pictures Slideshowand it includes the basic settings you need to show your pictures when the computer is idle. Here’s an screenshot of the settings for it.


As you can see, the settings page is pretty simple. Many people complain that it doesn’t handle different size images very well and it doesn’t let you change images any faster than 6 seconds. I’ve also seen people complain that Windows 7 has even fewer options for displaying your photos in a screensaver.

Now you can get tons of options with the latest version of JPEGSaver. It works in all Windows versions and it’s still fairly easy to use.

Here’s what the settings for JPEGSaver looks like.


Take a look at all of those tabs. Each tab gives you far more control over how your photos are shown in the screensaver. It even lets you choose multiple folders of photos for it to display.

JPEGSaver does require a minimum of DirectX 9, and it will check your system for the correct DirectX files while it installs.

Download JPEGSaver:

Techie Buzz Verdict:

If you need more options when viewing your photos as a screensaver, JPEGSaver can be a life saver. Once installed it’s as easy to use as any of your other screensavers.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

Extend MS Office 2010 Trial Version For 180 Days

If your trial period of 30 days has run out on the latest Microsoft Office version 2010, don’t sweat. Trial extender lets you renew your trial period for another 30 days and you can repeat the drill up to 5 times. That comes to a total of 180 days of using latest MS Office for free. Trial Extender is based on a built-in feature so we assume it is safe and legal to use.

You do have to have a .NET framework installed on your machine but other than that there are no restrictions and no strings attached. The Trial Extender can be downloaded here. Hopefully in 6 months you would have had enough trial of the software and would have made a decision to buy it or not. This latest version of MS Office offers some great new features and we have already told you about some really good tips and tricks to optimize the software.

Extend Office 2010 Trial

Facebook Served 176 Billion Ad Impressions In First Quarter

Irrespective of all the issues that continuously surround Facebook, it is growing beyond all expectation. The userbase is about to reach 500 Million and according to ComScore, Facebook served the largest number ad impressions to US based internet users in first quarter of this year. The 176 Billion impressions that Facebook served in the 3 month period represents 16.2% of the total ad impressions served to the US based internet users.

Facebook was followed by Yahoo! with 132 Billion impressions while Microsoft sites only managed to serve a meager 60 Billion impressions representing less than 6% of the total market share. The total number of impressions for Q1 in 2010 went up to 1.1 Trillion which is 15% more than the same quarter of previous year. This includes static and rich media ads but does not include video ads (no wonder YouTube didn’t make it to the list).

Over all, these impressions cost $2.7 Billion which brings the average CPM to $2.48. Out of the 1.1 Trillion impressions, around  2.4% or 26 Billion ads were of AT&T followed by Verizon, Scottrade and Experian Interactive. The 15% growth witnessed in the last quarter is a strong sign of recovery for online display ads market which slipped into a recession in late 2008. If the growth continues, the US market alone will amount up to 4.5 Trillion impressions for the full year of 2010.

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