Gmail Wants You to Verify Email Addresses Before Auto Forwarding

Gmail filters are great – you can use them for a variety of tasks. From moving selected conversations to specific labels to auto archiving replies – Gmail filters and the auto forwarding feature makes life easy, in case you get dozens of emails every hour.

Gmail has added a security layer in the auto forwarding email procedure. When you try to add a new email address where you want to forward emails from your existing Gmail account, Gmail requires you to first verify that email address.

To add a new email address for auto forwarding email, go to Settings> Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Once you have added an email address, you are shown the following message:

Gmail sends a confirmatory link to that email address along with a verification code. You will have to click the confirmation link or enter the verification code to complete the auto forwarding set up procedure. Here is how the confirmatory email looks like:

However, if you are using Google Apps premier or Google Apps education edition, you   do not have to verify the forwarding email addresses. Regular Google apps users are an exception though. More information on Gmail forwarding can be found here.

Hulu Blocking Android 2.2 Devices Using Flash

Everyone must be really excited about and Flash 10.1, since it will bring a much needed relief to users who haven’t been able to watch flash videos on their devices.

Android 2.2 Flash 10.1

However, if you are a Hulu user and are gearing up to catch up some Hulu videos on your newly installed 2.2 OS with Flash 10.1 installed, you will be in for some disappointment since Hulu is reportedly blocking Flash 10.1 access on Android 2.2.

According to a PC World report who got a byte from Adobe, Hulu does not own the mobile distribution rights for the content they have, so they are legally obliged to block the content from mobile devices.

According to Adobe, Hulu does not own distribution rights for their content on mobile devices and therefore cannot stream video to smartphones. With no Hulu on the iPad and no Hulu on your Android phone, isn’t time for Hulu to develop an app? Let’s hope so.

This is definitely a big blow since Hulu is one of the best resources to catch up on television shows and the earlier reasons that Flash support on mobile devices being an issue no long holds.

However, given that Flash 10.1 and Android 2.2 are just released things may change in the near future. However, don’t keep your fingers crossed and in the meantime find alternatives to watch your favorite shows on your mobile device.

Flash 10.1 Available For Downloads For Android 2.2 Froyo

Quite recently, we told you how was spotted running Flash 10.1. With the official release of Android 2.2 Froyo at the Google I/O conference earlier today and the availability of 2.2 Froyo for Nexus One customers, it was time that Adobe too released the latest version to users.

Flash 10.1 for Android 2.2 Froyo

Adobe has officially released Flash Player 10.1 beta for Android devices running Android 2.2 Froyo. So if you are a user and have received an OTA update to Froyo, you can visit the official download page for Flash 10.1 and start viewing Flash videos and using Flash applications on your device.

To download the app to your phone, you will need to open the Download Flash Player 10.1 beta on your Android 2.2 device. Flash 10.1 cannot be installed in any other way right now.

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Download Opera With WebM Support [Ubuntu]

Yesterday, Google has released WebM, the open source, royalty-free video format based on the VP8 codec. Opera Labs has already released a WebM supported version for its Opera Browser.

Here is what you need to get it in Ubuntu:

Open the Terminal.

  • Execute the command below to download it:

For 32-bit


For 64-bit

  • Extract using the command:

For 32-bit

tar xjvf opera-10.54-21867-webm.i386.linux.tar.bz2

For 64-bit

tar xjvf opera-10.54-21867-webm.x86_64.linux.tar.bz2
  • Close the terminal and go to the extracted folder (opera-10.54-21867-webm.i386.linux).
  • Double click on the file called “opera”. In the dialog, choose “Run”.

Nexus One and Motorola Droid to Get Android 2.2 Froyo

2.2 Froyo was released earlier today and a Android 2.2 SDK was also available for downloads. However, before the apps can even be created, users will get to taste the Android 2.2 OS.

Android 2.2 Froyo

Nexus One users will be able to upgrade to later today (see update). The update will be available Over-The-Air (OTA). Android 2.2 will also be made available for Motorola Droid customers in near future.

Google will also release an Android 2.2 update for devices such as HTC Incredible, EVO 4G, HTC Desire and Motorola Milestone in the coming few weeks.


Update: Even though the source confirmed that Nexus One will receive an Android 2.2 OTA update today, there are varying reports which say that the update will be made available in June, we will update the post when more confirmed details becomes available.

Update 2: The Official Google IO account on Twitter has confirmed that the Froyo update for Nexus One will be available soon. The update says “Froyo on Nexus One soon! (next few weeks)”. You can read the update here.

How To Access Facebook In Pakistan?

Quite recently the Pakistan government banned Facebook over controversial Caricatures by some rogue groups which had come up on the site. However, the decision to ban might have left several users who want to access their favorite site in a spot.

No parking

There are always ways to circumvent around bans by using proxy servers. If you are a stuck Facebook user from Pakistan and are looking to access Facebook from there, you can always try using a proxy.

In the past we have written several guides on accessing blocked websites, you can read them all below and figure out the best way to access Facebook in your country.

These guides should allow you to access the banned Facebook in Pakistan. If you have any other method which would be useful to our readers, please feel free to share them with us.

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Is Arch Linux Faster Than Ubuntu? Not Really!

It is often claimed that Arch Linux is faster than Ubuntu. So, the guys over at Phoronix, decided to test if it is really true.

They put Ubuntu 10.04 against Arch Linux 2010.5 using their Phoronix Test Suite. They did a clean installation of Arch 2010.5 and Ubuntu 10.04. They also tested an Ubuntu 10.04 installation upgraded with the Maverick (10.10) packages.

They found out that both are have almost the identical performance. The only test where the performance of Arch Linux is significantly faster than Ubuntu was with the OpenGL test. However this is just because Arch Linux does not use Compiz by default when an accelerated OpenGL driver is available.

[image via Phoronix]

There were also some performance difference in the SQLite and Apache test. However, this is due to the different kernels that the two distros uses.

All in all, this demonstrates that Arch is somewhat faster than Ubuntu but not by much.

You can see the full test result over at Phoronix.

Download Android 2.2 Froyo SDK

Google announced Android 2.2 Froyo earlier today with about 5 times system speed improvement over 2.1 and several other interesting features which make this the best Android OS ever.

Android 2.2 Froyo

If you are a mobile developer who loves to develop apps, you can start developing your app for Android 2.2 by download the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Froyo and get started with your development.

Android 2.2 platform is available for the Android SDK along with new tools, documentation and a new NDK. You will find all the new features and details in the Froyo version notes.

To download the SDK and start development for Android 2.2 Froyo, visit the Android developer website at

Chatroulette Clone ChatVille Launched For Facebook By Digsby Team

The team behind Digsby the popular multi-protocol instant messenger have launched ChatVille, a brand new Facebook game that combines the best elements of Chatroulette with the gaming and viral mechanics of apps like Farmville.  We’ve had a lot of fun working on this project so we’re thrilled to finally release it into the wild.


ChatVille let’s you video chat with random Facebook users in a safe environment while earning compliments, unlocking badges, and leveling up through positive experiences with other users. You can also video chat with all your Facebook friends for the first time ever right from the Facebook website and post screenshots of your ChatVille adventures to Facebook albums.

Your interactions are tied to your Facebook account under the hood so there are actionable consequences for inappropriate behavior.  We’ve also developed a proprietary system for weeding out the bad apples quickly and permanently.

ChatVille is built completely in Google AppEngine and can be accessed by visiting

Android 2.2 "Froyo" Officially Launched

Google has officially launched 2.2 aka Froyo at the Google I/O conference. The newest Android version has a 2 to 5 times speed improvement over Android 2.1 and also has a new just-in-time compiler.

Android 2.2 FroYo

Froyo is the predecessor of Eclair and includes new enterprise features, better email support and Exchange integration and new backup apps for the device which will allow users to transfer data to a new device.

In addition to the changes, Froyo also add WiFi tethering to the devices making it easier to share the mobile internet connection with other devices. Android 2.2 also has a new JavaScript engine for the Android browser, making it one of the world’s fastest web browser, just like .

With Froyo out of the way, Google will now start working on Android 3.0 aka Ginger. Here’s looking to great developments in mobile browser with it.

Update: The Google Blog has made an official announcement of Android 2.2 Froyo, you can see the announcement here. You can also find all the details in Android 2.2 at the Android Developer Blog post here.


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