Download Thunderbird 3.1 Release Candidate

Thunderbird 3 was quite a dampener for users who have been using this Microsoft Outlook alternative. Based on the comments on our Thunderbird 3 review, there have been quite a lot of disappointed users who could have done without the update.

Thunderbird 3.1

However, Mozilla has looked to rectify the issue with Thunderbird 3.1 and they have now released the first released candidate, Thunderbird 3.1 RC to the public for testing.

Some of the new features in Thunderbird 3.1 RC1 release include:

  • New Quick Filter toolbar
  • New Migration Assistant
  • Saved Files Manager
  • Several fixes to improve upgrading from Thunderbird 2
  • Several design improvements and corrections to the interface
  • Stability, memory, and password handling improvements

Thunderbird 3.1 RC1 is available for downloads for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in 44 languages. Users can download the Thunderbird 3.1 RC for their OS by visiting this link, for more information about the Thunderbird 3.1 RC visit this link.

Steve Ballmer And Steve Jobs Together At WWDC 2010?

is still 10 days away, however, the rumor mongers are making this interesting. According to some rumors floating around, we might see the unthinkable happening at WWDC 2010.


The unthinkable is two rival CEO’s Steve Jobs from Apple and Steve Ballmer from Microsoft on the same stage at WWDC 2010. The rumor started when a Wall Street analyst said that seven minutes of time has been set aside by Microsoft to talk about their Visual Studio development tools to Apple developers during Steve Jobs keynote on June 7 at WWDC 2010.

Earlier yesterday, Apple toppled Microsoft to become one of the biggest tech companies in the world. If the rumor is true we might just see some good vibes on stage between these two charismatic personalities.

So will you be excited to see Steve Ballmer and Steve Jobs on stage together, or would you prefer to see them in a mud-fight ring :-).

(Source: CNet News)

KDE SC 4.5 Beta 1 Released

KDE SC 4.5 has now reached its first beta today for both the desktop and netbook versions. The final release is expected in August this year.

KDE SC 4.5 Beta 1 comes with some new improvements:

  • New Notification Area – KDE SC 4.5 now has a  reworked notification area which creates a  uniform look and consistent interaction scheme across applications and toolkits.
  • KWin – KWin has a new tiling mechanism  to automatically place windows next to each other. Advanced graphical effects, such as blurring the background of translucent windows are also included.
  • WebKit in Konqueror – Users that prefer  WebKit over the KHTML rendering engine currently used in Konqueror, now can install the WebKit component and switch Konqueror to use WebKit as  rendering engine for web sites.

A notable component missing from this release is KMail, which is being reworked to make use of Akonadi. The new version of KMail will be delivered as part of the monthly bug fix update.

KDE SC 4.5 Beta 1 is not yet available for Ubuntu. We will update as soon as it is available in the Kubuntu Beta PPA.

Fring Brings Free 2-Way Video Calling to Android Phones

Fring, a multi-protocol IM, video calls and social networking client has introduced a much need feature for devices, free video calling using the front facing camera on phones.

Fring Android 2 Way Calling

Using the new Fring app from the Android market users will be able to video call people using their phone’s internet connection, Fring will auto-detect if the device has a front-facing camera and automatically transmit videos using it.

The 2-way video calls are supported on all compatible camera devices, however, on phones like , HTC EVO HG and other devices which have front facing cameras, you will not require to turn your camera in order to show your face.

This is the first video call app on the Android Market to provide free 2-way video calls, so go ahead and download the app right away. More info on the official Fring blog.

Video of Fring 2-way Video Calling in Action

Steve Jobs Says He Respects and Admires Adobe, Just Hates Flash

Steve Jobs has been very clear about why he does not allow Adobe’s Flash player on the and , however, there has been a tug of war between both Adobe and Apple over this issue.


A recent note sent by a user called Joshua to Steve Jobs, however got a different reply. The note asked Steve Jobs:

Do you hate Adobe and their products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) or do you just hate their view on Flash.

In reply, Steve Jobs said:

No, I respect and admire Adobe. We just choose to not have Flash on our devices.

That’s a pretty good way to clear up things, and I am amazed that a CEO of Steve Jobs stature takes out time to answer such questions.


VLC 1.1.0 RC with WebM Support Released

VideoLanProject has just launched the first release candidate build of VLC 1.1.0, codenamed as The luggage. VideoLanClient is a cross-platform media player, which takes pride in its exhaustive codec support. With the latest release, VLC has once again outpaced its competition by being amongst the first media players to support VP8 and webM.


Another major feature introduced by ‘The luggage’ is extension support. As suggested by its name, extensions are plug-ins that will enable users to extend the basic features present in VLC.

Other improvements include GPU accelerated decoding for smoother playback, improved interface, enhanced avi, mkv and mp4 codecs, improved codec support and support for SFTP protocol. The Windows port also adds Windows 7 taskbar integration, while the Mac port features a new video output module.

The full changelog is available here.

[ Download VLC 1.1.0 RC or Windows and Mac ]

Izabo Music Video Uses iPhone’s As Props

If you thought that the could only be used for phone calls, taking pictures and social networking, you might need to add another thing to it, creating a music video.

An Israeli band called Izabo has created a innovative video using lots of iPhone’s as props. The song named "On my way" uses the iPhone pretty interactively and has made it an integral part of the video.

Enough speaking, take a look at the video below to see Izabo’s new song "On my way" created using the iPhone.

You can also view the video on their official channel at

BeeTV – Television, Movie and Sports Recommendation Engine [100 Invites]

Last year, we had featured Criticker -a movie recommendation engine. BeeTV is something similar, but for television shows, movies, sports and news. The Milan based beeTV was founded in 2006, but was launched in the 2008 DEMO conference.

Like most similar services, beeTV asks you to rate a few familiar TV shows and movies upon signing up. Based upon your initial ratings, it then prepares a recommendation stream (called your “Personal Content Channel” or PPC).

BeeTV-Personalised Television Reccomendation

BeeTV’s interface is spectacular. But, that’s not all it has going for itself. The organization is pretty neat. Enter your Zip code and it will churn out recommendation that includes content from your television provider. BeeTV can even help you find shows to watch on your computer, on your mobile phone and on your iPad. What’s more, with beeTV, you can easily filter out the freebies hidden amongst the crowd of premium offerings.

BeeTV released it’s iPhone app earlier today and an iPad app is in the works. It is also working with set-top box manufacturers to bring personalized recommendations directly to your television. BeeTV is currently talking with multiple system operators (MSOs) to integrate their on-demand titles and to connect their set-top-boxes to enable recording and reminders notifications. BeeTV will be hooking up with your cable’s API to allow you to control your set-top-box remotely. In the future, you will be able to record your favorite shows with the push of a button from your iPhone or BeeTV’s web interface.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Bee-TV-Reccomended There is a definite need for services like beeTV. Thanks to the abundance of TV channels and TV shows it is almost impossible to manually keep track of what’s new and what’s hot. BeeTV enables you to stop wasting time, by quickly finding content that you will like. It’s a pity that this service is currently limited to the US. I am sure everyone would love to have a localized version of beeTV for themselves.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Invites: Currently beeTV is in closed beta. However, we have 100 invites to give away. Just head over to and use the invitation code bee.techiebuzz.

MeeGo 1.0 Core OS For Netbooks And Nokia N900 Released

Today, the folks over at have released the first ever netbook version of the MeeGo OS. Along with netbooks, the core MeeGo OS for the Nokia N900 has also been released. This release is numbered v1.0, and is targeted towards developers for application development. The updates for the MeeGo OS will be rolled out regularly after a time-interval of six months. The next MeeGo OS (v1.1) update will be released in October. It will include support for various touch-based devices like handsets, in-car navigation systems etcetera.


The core MeeGo OS for netbooks only supports netbooks running on the Intel Atom processors. The MeeGo API for developers, which includes Qt v4.6, has also been released. The MeeGo SDK has also been released. As of now, the SDK is meant only for netbooks. An early-developer version will be released in June, which will include support for touch-based devices.

The core MeeGo OS for netbook and the Nokia N900 can be downloaded here.

West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination 2010 Results Online

The most anticipated results for the West Bengal Joint Entrance examination is going to get published on Thursday 27th May’10 from 12 PM (IST) onwards. Though the students who appeared for the exam will be able to get their scores online only after 3PM (IST).

The WBJEE Results will be available at the following links. You will need your Roll numbers at hand to view your results.

Candidates can also avail their results via SMS service. To do that, type WBJEE<space>ROLL. NO. on your mobile phone and send it to any of the following numbers 57333, 5676750, 56300, 52424, 54545, 54242 or 58888. You can also send the SMS to the operator specific number listed below.

  • BSNL – 56505
  • Reliance 56506
  • Vodafone 56730
  • Airtel 543212222
  • Idea 55456

Other than the above mentioned ways (SMS and Online) you can also call 033-2223-4214 or 033-2223-2451 to know about your WBJEE Results.

Wish all the aspirants best of luck for their results.

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