Send Twitters In the Future With TwitResponse

Twitter as many of you may already is a service that lets you send updates about what you are doing to your friends and followers. Twittering in itself has turned out to be a huge experience and can also be termed as a type of micro blogging.

The one feature that Twitter lacked was sending twitter in the futures which means adding twitters that will be displayed in the future to your friends and followers. That gap too has been plugged in with the launch of the service TwitResponse which allows you to twitter into the future.

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Popular Web2.0 Release For 04/16/08



Web2Wave is a alternative system for the traditional bookmarks system. You can store find and organize all your favorite web content into live surflets, organize all your surflets within customized tabs and rummage through your favorite sites at your leisure through a 3D coverflow of all your surflets.

Check out the demo of Web2Wave which I recon is quite a interesting service to make its entry into the web2.0 market.



The latest entrant into the file sync market, syncplicity allows you to easily sync files between multiple computers. Syncplicity offers you with unlimited storage and allows you to work with folders and also exclude them from the lists to be synced.

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Block Unwanted Sites Without Installing any softwares

The Internet in itself is not a very safe place to be in with viruses, torjans, adware and malware all waiting to attack your computer. You can stay safe from these using Antivirus softwares or Anti spyware softwares. To top that list there are tons of sites which popup unwanted ads on you to make your surfing experience a horrible one.

To overcome that there are several softwares and addons to block those ads but those solutions are rather limited to a single browser and the next time you change your PC you will have to reinstall those softwares.

Instead of using multiple softwares for multiple programs to block advertisements you can use a simple trick that will block those ads out without the need for installing any softwares.

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Change Your Passwords in Linux [How To]

Creating strong passwords is not the only thing you need to do to save your accounts from being hacked or stolen, updating your passwords regularly is also something which you should consider. I usually change all my passwords atleast once in three months and use different passwords for different accounts. 

Many a times when working with Linux users do not change their passwords if they are only connecting to the Linux machine using a program like putty. Here is a quick and easy method to change your password on a Linux box.

Login to the Linux Box using SSH client

The first thing you need to do before changing the password is to login into the Linux box you want to update the password for.

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Will Be Back Soon

Hey All first of all sorry for keeping away for so long without any updates, but at times work gets so hectic that I get little time to update the blog. But now that the work has subsided I will be starting to post regularly again with more interesting stuff for you.

Just stick by and get more interesting information through Techie Buzz where you can know your technology online.



SppedDial | Quickly Access your Bookmarks with this Firefox Extension

Bookmarks and Favorites are frequently used by most Net Savvy persons. My Bookmark list   today contains more than 100 websites, which I frequently visit. Organizing them into categories sometimes is difficult, but I have just come across a nice web tool, which I might switch to in coming days.

Welcome to Speed Dial.

OMG, yet another Firefox Extension. I just seem to be loving them all.

Speed Dial is a Firefox Extension that allows you to quickly access all of your favorite websites with a few clicks on your keyboard or mouse. To assign any website to Speed Dial, you just have to use the new “Set as Speed Dial” option in the bookmarks menu. Or alternatively just right click on the tab you want to add, and choose “Set as Speed Dial”. You can use this option from contextual area menu.

Thereafter, you can access the added bookmarks in any of the three ways.

  • via the Speed Dial Tab, which gets opened with your bookmarks whenever you open a new Firefox window or a new Firefox tab.
  • via keyboard shortcuts, OR
  • Speed Dial Button, which may be added to the toolbar and gives you a dropdown list of your bookmarks.

Cool Application. I just love Firefox.

Logon On As Different User In Linux In Same Terminal Window [Quick Tip]

I have been using Linux for quite some time and have been using flavors such as Red Hat, Fedora, Solaris and Ubuntu so thought it as a good option to give useful tips to my readers who are trying to learn Linux or have been using it for some time.

The first tip I wanted to talk was about quickly changing users on Linux without having to logout while you are using bash or any other command line interface.

Once you have logged into a terminal the owner of the terminal is the user you logged on with and if you wish to logon as another user there is no need to actually open another terminal window.

The su command

The su command allows users to directly login as root, but it can be used for other purposes too part of which we will talk in this post.

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RapidShare is undoubtedly the most popular and old file sharing network today. Other networks include, megaupload, mediafire, megashare, sendafile and lots more. Their business model is based upon revenue generated from Premium Accounts and selling advertisement space. RapidShare has become so popular that there are many RapidShare Search Engines today, which delve deep into RapidShare to bring file URLs to you for download.

But I have just found a file sharing service, with lots of additional features, which make it an ideal service for file sharing.

Welcome to

It is a place, which allows to store and share any files privately, without accounts, personal registration, or an email addresses. These files are fondly called drops and are not searchable’ and not networked’.

It allows you to set various things like a password, whether others can add to the drop, and how long you want it to exist.

The interesting part is that this space can be used as a community space, where others can add, delete or edit the files available there. For instance, this space can be developed as a sort of communal blog, and give anyone the option to add, annotate or upload different files. And there are lots of ways the files can be uploaded onto this space. They can upload usually via Web, or through email, or through FAX or even leave voice mails by calling a dedicated number with an assigned extension.

The interface is neat and clean, and it is fun to use. However I wish that the entire gamut of services available there should be more searchable, because at first glance, it just looks like any other file storing and sharing service. Yet another problem, which I found that it is not possible to associate privacy features to individual files. These settings are attributed to the entire space at one go.

All in all, a nice web tool.

Google Turns Off the Light

Well literally speaking they turned off the lights on their homepage in US, UK and Canada. If you are one them who are not seeing this home page then check out the screen shot below which I took at 4:31PM EST (Eastern Standard Time in US).


Well it’s a bit tougher to search now as its quite dark now.

Inspiration for this post even though I saw this earlier came from Google,Google Dark Homepage,Google Earth Hour

8start – An Useful & Portable Startup Program

We all have seen how the native Windows Startup becomes so painfully in-adequate when you start installing a lot of programs. It will be nice to have customizable startup options so you get to the frequently accessed programs easily & quickly. We have seen some excellent application launchers like Launchy, Enso, etc. Still those are fin when you know what you want to open. But, you might even forget the programs you have installed for a particular task.

8start is a portable startup program that is highly customizable. Keith has included this cool startup program in his Hall of Fame, Best of Everything post and I totally agree. 8start Tree Notes

Let’s look at the features it offers:

  • A customizable keyboard shortcut to bring it up with a keystroke or you can access it by mouse or from the system tray
  • Organize your shortcuts into groups & categories
  • Create & configure buttons for all your favorite applications
  • Create buttons for shortcuts, url favorites, files, folders and application links
  • Buttons are customizable to different sizes and you can add them to Groups.
  • Then you can organize groups into Categories such as ‘General’, ‘Development’, ‘Media’, etc.
  • Custom skin support (transparent png)
  • You can choose to display drive space for any drive of your choice
  • Tree-Notes feature – full featured note taking option (I haven’t played much with this yet)

8start Launcher

The initial setup may not be very intuitive or easy with drag & drop support or anything. But, once you have set it up the way you want it, it will be an indispensable one for a power user.

If you have been tired of your cluttered desktop icons crowding your beatiful wallpaper, you’ll appreciate this tool once you have everything setup. Again, a casual user might find this hard to use but for a power user it’ll be quite easy to figure it out.

I have been loving Enso Launcher but there are times I have to hit the Start Menu to dig out a program I can’t remember and 8start is going to help me greatly with it.

[image credits:]

Popular Web2.0 Releases for 03/29/08

Here are the popular web2.0 releases that will keep you bust till the next time, have fun.


One of the interesting web2.0 service I saw was Doof which provides users a true Web 2.0 Social Gaming Experience. You can play games and connect with other users using this new entrant into the social gaming networking platform.

doof – Addictive gaming, social networking

PhotoShop Express

Don’t want to use heavy desktop photo editing softwares or have not yet read about the handy online photo editing websites we have converted, then you should definitely try out Photoshop Express which is a scaled down version of the popular image editing software Photoshop. With this new web2.0 service you can now edit and store photos online for free.

Adobe PhotoShop Express

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