Watch Turkish Formula1 Qualifying Online

The 7th race of the 2010 F1 race has moved to Istanbul, Turkey and the race will definitely be a good one with Red Bull leading the pack by occupying the top position in the championship.

Turkish Grand Prix 2010

Jenson Button has been leading the pack in the practice session of the Turkish Grand Prix, followed by Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton is 4th followed by Fernando Alonso.

You can find all the practice session 2 positions by visiting the official F1 page for Turkey Practice Session 2. The qualifying of the Turkish Grand Prix will be held on Saturday at 2PM local time after the 3rd practice session.

Ready to catch the F1 action live from the Turkish Grand Prix. You can watch the Qualifying session for Turkish Grand Prix using live streams online at, you can also try for live streams at sites like You will also find streams and news on the official Speed TV page and also on the Official Forumla1 site at

MyStain: An iPhone App To Remove Stains On The Spot

Many iPhone apps claim to be useful but very few come close to MyStain when it comes to being handy. This app by Clorox is a quick yet detailed guide to remove clothing stains with simple things, no matter where you are. You can search for a particular type of stain by using a keyword or browse through the alphabetical list of various stains that commonly occur such as beer, wine, ink e.t.c.


Selecting a stain would show you a simple solution for removing the stain with minimum number of items and effort. For every stain, the app offers two different solutions; one for on-the-go situations and other when you are at home. If you like a tip, use the sharing feature to easily post it to your Facebook account.

If you are not looking for something in particular, just take app for a spin and see random stain removing tips that can be helpful later on. The app is offered free of cost and be downloaded using this iTunes link. It is a great example of a company using social media to reach out to people and ultimately increasing its market share. As more such apps come into limelight, smart-phones will turn into a more useful breed of gadgets.

[Via Appolocious]

Bing To Replace Google For iPhone Search

Techcrunch reports that Microsoft’s search engine Bing will replace Google in the upcoming version of iPhone. The news isn’t 100% confirmed yet but seems to be coming from a number of reliable sources at Google and Microsoft. Google has been paying Apple $100 Million each year for exclusive search rights on iPhone but with the recent brawl between the two giants and the ever growing rivalry between iPhone and Android, that deal seems to be falling off.

With that said, how can Microsoft miss a chance to step over Google and increase their market share in the mobile search market. There is no news yet of how much Microsoft will be paying Apple for this deal, but more details will probably be revealed on June 7th at Apple’s WWDC event. With Bing already gaining market share in mobile search with its Windows Mobile phones, this move can be a serious threat to Google.

Get The Fedora 13 Reference Cheat Sheet

A few days back Fedora 13 Goddard was released with a lot of new features.

Now there is a Reference Cheat Sheet for Fedora 13 Goddard to help newbies (or maybe a few experienced users as well? ) at Digitizor. The cheat sheet list the commonly used commands for Fedora so that you can get up and running in no time.

The Cheat Sheet lists the commands that you will need related to privileges, system services, firewall, network, display, package management etc.

Here is a picture of the the cheat sheet and you can download it in PDF format from here.

IE6 Has Keep-Alive Measures From Corporate Love

We all love to hate IE6. It is an absolute mess for today’s AJAX powered websites. Though, this might not hold true in the corporate world where IE6 is still held in high esteem.

The corporate world uses a balanced combination of the flaws and popularity of IE6 to block popular social networking websites and keep its employees’ head in the game. Most companies deploy technologies like DNS poisoning and blacklisting to check access to websites but they are easily bypassed. However, using IE6 is the crudest and the most effective method by far. It can also cut down the costs on implementing a firewall.

Given the fact that most users are not allowed installing their own software on office computers, this has proven to be a full proof method, but only up until now. Now that IE6 has seen nine summers, the kill IE6 campaign is at its strongest. Very soon, this widespread usage of IE6 in companies might backfire with most official applications like email services (Gmail) moving to advanced unsupported features.

Google made the latest blow against IE6 by removing support for IE6 in its Google Reader service. Although, will not change much of the corporate scenario, it can bring about some changes for home PC users.


Pakistanis Launch Muslim Facebook Called Millat Facebook

The Pakistani Facebook controversy over the Draw A Mohammad Day page has taken a new twist with some Pakistani developers launching a new site to rival . The site called Millat Facebook ( and is created to cater to 1.57 billion Muslims around the world.

The about page of the site says this about Millatfacebook:

Millatfacebook is Pakistan’s very own, first social networking site. A site for Muslims by Muslims where sweet people of other religions are also welcome!!

The site goes on to tell how Facebook has not been listening to complaints and how it is making almost 50% of revenue from Muslim Facebook users.

Earlier this month a Pakistan court had banned access to Facebook due to the Draw A Mohammad Day page, the ban in question will remain in effect till May 31, 2010.

The Millatfacebook or MFB developers are working to add more features to the site to make it similar to those of Facebook. There are several similar features right now including Wall, Friends and more.

As per reports the site already has over 4,300 users in the page few days, most of them are Pakistanis. This number may grow further considering that Pakistani Facebook users are on the lookout to catch up with their Facebook friends and aren’t able to do so.

Don’t expect the same Facebook experience on MFB yet, it still has a long way to match the standards of Facebook, this is also reflected by several current users of the site.


Intel to Provide Hardware Support for WebM

Intel has plans for supporting the hardware acceleration of WebM videos. This news was confirmed by an Intel executive who said that the technology will be available on an Atom CE Systems-on-Chips(SOC) if VP8 gains popularity.

This Atom SOC chip can be used on TV’s and set top boxes to provide Internet connectivity and streaming videos to these devices. Logitech poses as one prospective buyer of this new chip as it is gearing up for the launch of its Google TV set top boxes this fall. The Google TV platform will perform even better with this technology and Google can significantly cut down costs by offloading a greater part of the rendering job to the client end.

The SOC available as an Atom CE4100 chip already packs a GPU, a CPU, an audio processor, a cryptography acceleration and USB connectivity.

The decoding of VP8 is still possible without this chip by using alternate software solutions. Though, this hardware support makes the CPU more responsive and allows a generic video decoding which support many popular formats.

The CE4100 already supports DivX and Xvid and H.264 which are popular and are in wide usage. Support for VP8 gives consumers more options in choosing their products and gives a better user experience.


KOffice 2.2 Released – Kexi Makes A Comeback

The KOffice team has just announced the release of KOffice 2.2. This is the first KOffice release since version 2.1 was released almost six months ago. Although Open Office still rules, KOffice is also starting to get noticed and improve now that Nokia has choosen it to be their mobile office viewer.

Anyway here are the major changes that KOffice 2.2 brings:

  • Kexi is back: Kexi, the data management application, is back in KOffice with a completely new user interface. Kexi was last released in KOffice 1.6 so the new version has seen over 3 years of developement.
  • New Import Filters For MS OOXML Format: KOffice has received new (although basic) import filters for the Microsoft XML based office formats that are used in MS Office 2007 and later.
  • Stability:  KOffice 2.2 has received many enhancements to the layout engine, the libraries and the filters. KOffice 2.2 has much more features and stability as compared to KOffice 2.1.

You can view the complete changelog here.

Disciples and Jagged Alliance Series Discounted on


As usual, is up and about with a line of great titles for us weekend warriors with 5 strategy games up on sale at a discount of 50% each! All of these are turn-based strategy games (TBS) and are acclaimed series on their own. For fantasy lovers, there’s Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold and Disciples II: Gold while modern strategy lovers will like the Jagged Alliance series with the original, Deadly Games and Jagged Alliance 2 sequels in this sale!

image image

The Disciples series starts off at the dawn of a new age filled with strife. Of course, the usual cliché of having some age old prophecy will come to pass in this game’s story as well, and hence it does happen. However, the game is astonishingly well-balanced for its different races/factions. Each level-up is game-changing and a small group well trained troops can take on the enemy horde much larger than them with ease. The second game brought a long campaign and the same great gameplay to make a great series!

image image image

Guns! Cash! Insane Fun! The Jagged Alliance series is, for all its intensely action-centric game-covers, a very strategic game with its rewards. The first game, made way back in 94 is well made where every move you make has deadly (and frustrating) consequences. When Deadly Games released, the graphics were a big joke but the gameplay with its solid multiplayer component made for an inherently enjoyable experience. Jagged Alliance 2 dropped the top-down perspective for an isometric one and took on squad-based TBS to a great new level. For all I know, it’s still unrivalled.

So are you going to buy the Disciples and Jagged Alliance games for 50% off?

Windows 7 To Get Firefox 64 Bit Edition Soon

64bit processors are the future of computing and most of the new PCs or laptops you buy have them. However, not many software available out there leverage the 64bit processor, one of them is the popular web browser Firefox.

However, there is some good news coming your way if you have a 64bit machine and love Firefox. According to Softpedia, in a recent platform meeting held on 25th May, Mozilla has indicated that the first 64bit builds of Firefox for will be available in the nightly trunk by the end of this week.

Right now a stable working version is not available. However, once it is, it will be available for downloads in the latest Trunk folder at Mozilla. Right now there are not many browsers which have 64bit version available. Microsoft has a 64bit version of IE8 pre-installed with a 64bit OS, however, and do not have dedicated 64bit browsers as of now for the Windows platform.

We will notify you whenever the Firefox 64bit edition is available for downloads.


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