Opera’s World Record Speed Test Video Mocks Google Chrome

Remember the uber-cool speed test video created by the Chrome team? If you don’t, check it out (embedded below). Right now!

Google benchmarked their browser against lightning, sound and even potatoes. Unfortunately for Chrome, and fortunately for us, the folks at Opera got inspired by Chrome’s awesome speed tests and decided conduct one of their own.

The Norwegian comedy duo of Odd and Even Johansen were tasked with finding out if Opera was faster than boiling a potato. The result is pure comic gold. Here is the brilliant parody by Opera.

There is nothing subtle about the above video, but its always fun to watch rival companies taking a dig at each other. Google, now its your turn.

Opera: Opera Mini Attracted 2.6 Million Unique iPhone Users in April

Opera Another month, another State of the Mobile Web Report from Opera. Opera Mini continued its impressive showing, with a 1.6% increase in users from March to April. Opera Mini for iPhone, which was released in mid-April, managed to attract 2.6 million users. However, iPhone is only the third most popular device among Opera Mini users. The first and second positions are still occupied by Nokia’s 5130 XpressMusic and 6300 respectively.

The rush of iPhone users propelled USA to the sixth spot in the list of top 10 markets for Opera Mini. IPhone also overtook RIM’s Blackberry as the most popular handset among Opera Mini users in the US.

In April, Opera Mini generated 398 million megabytes of data for mobile operators worldwide. It’s a good thing that Opera Mini compresses traffic, as otherwise the amount of data consumed by the 58.9 million Opera Mini users would have been 3.7 petabytes.

Although, Opera’s growth has decelerated in the recent months, it is still the most popular mobile browser. Achieving 2.6 million unique users within a couple of weeks is no mean feat. But, the real challenge would be to hold on to them.

Splinter Cell: Elite Echelon Edition for $46 on Steam!


If you are really into espionage and infiltration then the Splinter Cell series would be all too familiar to you. These games bear the trademark name of detailed military insurgency novelist Tom Clancy and are as good as (and in some cases) better than reading one of his novels! Now Steam is offering all the games in the Splinter Cell series ever released for $45.99 on their digital distribution platform! These include the original Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Splinter Cell Double Agent and the acclaimed next-generation sequel to the series Splinter Cell Conviction deluxe edition!

image image image

While the earlier three games are available standalone at $9.99 each, Conviction by itself is $59.99 (deluxe edition) and thus this pack is a great deal!

The Deluxe edition features some great new in-game content including the infiltration mode for extended replayability and co-op fun!

Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) SEE-UPTU Results 2010

Check UP Technical University SEE-UPTU Results for 2010 online. Check Uttar Pradesh Technical University Results Online.

After a host of exam results yesterday, today another government is set to announce their results. Later today, the Uttar Pradesh government will announce the results for the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) SEE-UPTU exams held in 2010.

UP Board will announce the results of the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) SEE-UPTU results for the students who appeared in 2010 on May 29, 2010. Students who appeared for the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) SEE-UPTU exams will be able to check their results online.

If you are a student who appeared for the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) SEE-UPTU, you can check your results online at http://upresults.nic.in/. Please ensure that you have your exam roll number handy in order to check the results.

We wish all the students of the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) SEE-UPTU exams best of luck for their results.

Please note that the results have not yet been confirmed and may be delayed to a later date.

Launch Incognito Mode For Google Chrome Using Launchy

Earlier today, one of my friends on asked me how to run in incognito mode using Launchy, the best app launcher for Windows. The answer in itself was not a one-liner, so I decided to write up this post to explain how this can be done.

The initial steps are a bit long but once you are done you will be able to quickly launch Chrome in Incognito mode using Launchy. In fact, following the same trick you can also add other apps or use other modes in Chrome.

Step 1: Create a shortcut to incognito using the steps given here http://techie-buzz.com/tips-and-tricks/start-chrome-in-incognito-mode.html.

Step 2:  Don’t delete the shortcut, instead cut it and paste it into a folder of your choice, for example, C:\shortcuts. Once you have pasted the shortcut there, just rename the shortcut to something you can remember, say incognito.


Step 3: Open Launchy and right click on the search box and select options or click on the starred circle icon in the corner.


Step 4: In the catalog tab click on the + symbol under the Directories text area. Now browse to the folder where you placed the shortcut and then add it to Launchy.


Step 5: Select the folder you just added to the directories list and in the left hand side in the text box type *.lnk and click on the + button. After you have done that, click the "Rescan Catalog" button on the bottom of the tab and wait till it finishes rescanning the catalog. That’s it, you are all set to launch incognito mode using Launchy.


Next time you want to launch Chrome in incognito mode through Launchy, just type in incognito and Google Chrome will launch in incognito mode. Hope this helps.

Orissa F.M University +3 Arts, Science, Commerce Results 2010 Online

Check Orissa F.M University University +3 Arts, Science and Commerce Results Online. Orissa FM University results will be available on May 29 after 5PM.

The Orissa government will be releasing the F.M University for +3 Arts, Science and Commerce will be declared on 29th May 2010 at 5PM.

Students who appeared for the +3 exams for the Arts, Science and Commerce streams of FM University, Orissa, can check their after 5PM at the official Orissa results declaration site at http://orissaresults.nic.in/.

Students will require to have their hall ticket roll numbers in order to view their +3 exam results online. Students can also check their exam results by visiting the above URL after 5PM on 29 May, 2010.

During the results declaration the site may be a bit slow due to heavy access, please be patient and let the site load so that you can check the results. We wish all the students of FM University, Orissa best of luck for their exam results.

Impulse Memorial Day Sale

Remember what I told you all about weekend sales being a conspiracy against people like me? Well, Stardock’s Impulse digital distribution platform has only cemented my view on this topic. They have placed an unbelievable blowout sale. With the aggressiveness of such sales, it’s really hard to decide which digital distributor to stick to! Since there are way too many games to actually talk about, I’ll just deal with the best of the lot –


The THQ Ultimate Bundle (with mostly all of THQ’s best games) is half-off at $49.99 with 18 games in it. A stealis not a good-enough phrase to tell you just how awesome this bundle is.

The Hearts of Iron mega bundle contains all the great World War II strategy games for a mere $42.49. Awesome.

Sins of a Solar Empire is down to only $3.99. Yes the game of the year 2008 is less than $5 just for you this weekend. Please buy this. You absolutely have to just to keep it in your collection and experiencing the effects of its awesomeness.

More bundles are here but these are probably the best of the lot that I know of. Go have a blast at the sale and buy me some games too!

Switch To Chrome Incognito Mode and Vice Versa With a Single Click

The Incognito mode in Google Chrome is a great option for browsing websites privately and prevent your browser from recording all your information. However, launching Chrome in the Incognito mode takes a couple of steps and requires you to open a new browsing window and then go to the desired website.

IncognitoSwitcher is a Google Chrome extension that makes switching to the Incognito mode easier.  Once you install the extension, an incognito icon is added next to your address bar. Now, whenever you want to switch to the incognito mode, click on that icon and it will switch the mode without opening a new window. This way the browser mode is switched without interrupting your browsing experience. Whenever you want to switch back to normal mode, just click the icon once again.

Double clicking the icon would switch the whole window to incognito mode. You can also set keyboard shortcuts and switch between the two modes with a single key stroke. By default, Ctrl +i functions same as a single click and Ctrl + Alt acts as the double click.

Download IncognitoSwitcher from here.

[Via Ghacks]

Madhya Pradesh Class 10th Results 2010 Online

The Madhya Pradesh (MP) 10th Standard exam results will be declared on May 29, 2010 at 4PM IST. Check the MP Class X exam results online.

Students who appeared for the Madhya Pradesh Class X exams in will be able to check their results online after 4PM. To check the Madhya Pradesh Class X exam results online, students will have to visit http://mpresults.nic.in/.

In order to check your Madhya Pradesh Class 10th results online, you will require to have your exam roll number handy. After 4PM visit the exam results site and enter your roll number to view your results.

Please note that the MP Class 10th results will only be available after 4PM on May 29, 2010. If you are unable to check your Madhya Pradesh Class X results due to server load, you can try it after some time. We wish all the Madhya Pradesh Class X students best of luck for their exam results.

Google Chrome Keeps Crashing After PC Comes Out of Sleep

If you are using the dev version (6.0.408.1 dev) of , you might have come across a mighty annoying bug where Chrome crashes every time you put the PC into sleep mode and then bring it out of sleep.

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This has been happening for quite a few days and has annoyed me to no end. In fact, I have started to save the Chrome session and then close the browser and then restore the session whenever I bring the PC out of sleep mode.

If you have been annoyed too, you are not alone, several users are facing this problem. I did file a bug with Chromium, however, my bug was merged with another bug since many users have reported the issue.

Though it looks like the issue will not be rectified soon, at-least not until Tuesday after the long weekend. Till then try using the session saver extension to save your session before you put the PC into sleep or switch to using the Google Chrome beta or stable releases.

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