Startups Showcase In Delhi and Free Passes Giveaway is about giving entrepreneurs a platform to express their visions and showcase their imagination, with a working prototype, for the world to see. It’s about increasing partnership, collaboration and mindshare among a distinguished, qualified and well-connected audience. provides a unique platform for promising startup talent to communicate their creativity and innovation potential. As a meeting place for the smartest entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and professionals, stands true to its mantra “Create, Contribute, Collaborate.”

proto2008se_badge_horizontal_jpg have been holding regular events every six months where they bring entrepreneurs, veterans, investors, bloggers, bankers, media professionals and many more together.

If you are looking to showcase your ideas and get help in funding and other areas you should definitely visit the even that is going to be held in Delhi in July.

I was invited for the event to live blog but unfortunately cannot make it since I will be in New York at the time the event is being held.

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Jump To Special Windows Folders Quickly With SpecialFoldersView

There are quite a lot of special folders in windows which may not be quickly accessible to the user, folders such as temporary directory, fonts directory, cookies directory, Internet history directory are present inside the user’s profile directory.

SpecialFoldersView is a handy utility that will show you a list of special directory which you can quickly open in Windows Explorer, in addition to that you can also save the folder paths into text/html/XML file.

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TrueCrypt | A FREE file encryption utility that is useful too

We all know the importance of file encryption to store our sensitive data.

But still, most of us, don’t do that because of procrastination or simply because we don’t know how to do that. Technically speaking, encryption is the process of transforming information using an algorithm (called cipher) to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge.

There are plenty of File Encryption utilities available on the Internet for download. Some are FREE, some are not, and some charge a hefty price. Sometimes, it becomes really difficult for average Joe, to select the perfect file encryption program, as per his own requirements.

TrueCrypt, is a utility, which fits most of the encryption requirement of most of the computer nerds, and the best part is, it is FREE. Recently, one of its stable version 5.1a, was released, well not that recently as it is already about two months back.

IT is an Open Source encryption program which can render your disk, or any file or folder on your disk, totally encrypted in a split second. It works on all platforms; PC, your Mac or Linux, and performs encrption on-the-fly, which means that data are automatically encrypted or decrypted right before they are loaded or saved, without any user intervention.

TrueCrypt also allows you to encrypt your entire USB flash drive. However, you will not be able run TrueCrypt from the USB flash drive. This is because Windows does not support multiple partitions on USB flash drives.

A really nice FREEWARE.

Use Greasemonkey scripts in IE with Greasemonkey for IE

I have been using IE quite a lot lately along with Firefox and Flock but sorely missed the usefulness of the powerful Greasemonkey extension for Firefox.

greasemonkey-for-ie-logo That was until I came across Greasemonkey for IE, a Internet Explorer add-on which will allow you to bring the original functionality of Greasemonkey to Internet Explorer.

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Copy Your Files Between Two Computers With CopySpot

Some time back we had talked about Beyond Copy a software that allowed you to share your files and clipboard entries between multiple PCs on the same network.

We came across another such software which allows you to do the same but also has FTP support built in so that you can directly copy your files to the given FTP location.

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Twitter Your Blog Posts Automatically [How To]

If you have been following me on twitter you may see that I twitter all my posts. Well I do not do it manually and for those who are interested on doing it automatically follow the tutorial in this post and all your posts will automatically show up in twitter.

What Tools Do you Need to Use?

TwitterFeed is a service which allows you to post your blog posts as tweets to twitter over a specified interval of time.

The service is free to use and only requires you to register your blog feeds with them.

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Is Twitter Up Or Down?

Twitter has been facing a lot of issues with up times and tons of people are twittering and blogging about how bad it is for them.

If you are a heavy twitter user and want to know whether the services is up or down there is a site called Twitter,Twitter Up or Down,Twitter Tracker

Automatically Lock Your PC with your Bluetooth Device When You Leave Your Workstation

There are various ways of locking up your PC, but many a times you tend to forget to lock your PC while moving away from your workstation.

This can have various ramifications since anyone can come and snoop on your unlocked PC, the best way to lock your PC is to tell it to automatically lock down when you leave your workstation.

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Edit Hex Files With Free Hex Editor Neo

If you are looking to edit binary files quickly and easily you should definitely give a try to Free Hex Editor Neo which allows you to quickly and easily edit binary files, you can easily manipulate your EXE, DLL, DAT, AVI, MP3, JPG files with unlimited undo/redo.

This software can be extremely useful for software developers and advanced users who would like to make changes to the behavior of a software application.

This hex and binary code data editing software utility for Windows includes the following basic functionality: Unlimited Undo/Redo; Find; Replace; Visual History Save and Load; Patch Creation; Clipboard Operations; Bytes, Words, Double Words, Quad Words, Floats and Doubles Edit Mode.

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Eject USB Disk Faster with USB Disk Ejector

Having a lot of USB drives is a great help to backup files and store your media library and so on. Plugging in a USB drive is fairly easy but ejecting it needs to be done with care so that there is no data loss or damage to the drive.

Windows by default provides you with a utility which will allow you to safely remove the USB hardware from your PC without causing any damage to it. That said the utility provided by Windows has a long way to go with their interface which is very confusing to the end user.

USB Disk Ejector is a software that will allow you to quickly remove USB devices in Windows. The software was originally designed to only remove pen drives but can now remove any type of attached USB devices safely.

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Get the missing ‘UP’ button in VISTA Windows Explorer

Every PC user switching from XP to Vista, fondly remembers the ‘UP’ button in Windows Explorer, which allows you to quickly jump to one level up in the folder hierarchies. Most XP users are so accustomed to using this highly useful button, that it is very frustrating in the beginning, when you switch to Vista.

Mavis Applications, which are known for their innovative software developments, provide a small piece of download, which restores a shiny, bold UP button, just what you have been missing long. It is super easy to install and is light-weight, only 30 kb of RAM space !

But it is not free, you will have to pay a small sum of $5 for it, but you can download and use it free for the first five days.

There is yet another alternative, QTTabbar, which lets you get the UP button, along with the tabbed browsing functionality to Windows Explorer. I found a nice step-by-step guide for its installation here at How To Geek. and the best part is that it is FREE. But the installation of this tool is not that simple.

And here comes the best tool, in case you are just not knowing it. You know best is always revealed at last.

Simply use ALT + Up Arrow Key.

Its simple and its FREE.

I wonder, who will pay Mavis now.

Compare Contents of any Files In Different Folders and Remove Duplicates

File management is a not a real easy task and over a period of time you may have gathered different documents, music files, images and stored it in your PC. During this period you may also made several copies of your files and stored them in different folders leading to duplicate files all over the place.

Hunting down such duplicates can be quite a waste of time and comparing both documents to see that the documents are exactly similar is another headache.

That said here is a very useful utility that will make comparing files a breeze.

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Do Away With Windows Restart by Cleaning Exiting Explorer.exe

I have been installing quite a lot of softwares and many of those want me to restart the computer so that their changes are applied to the PC.

While browsing my feeds I came across a cool unrelated tip by DailyApps which talked about restarting the Explorer.exe cleanly, in that I saw another cool tip which could allow you to also do away with the boring restart every application demands.

I keep trying variety of registry tricks everyday, and install and uninstall numerous applications that demand a restart whenever I install them. To get away with boring restart process I normally kill Explorer.exe from the task manager and wait for it to restart automagically.

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Disable User Access Control (UAC) with One Click

For many of the new Vista users the User Access Control (UAC) is probably the most annoying piece of software bundled in the Operating system.

There are many ways to get rid of the UAC alerts but not all are geeks and not all would be able to follow the instructions properly.

NoUAC (French language site) is a utility which will make your life much easier with regards do disabling the UAC completely.

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