Skype Application For iPhone Updated; Adds Free Skype-To-Skype Calls Via 3G

Skype has just launched a new version of the Skype application for the iPhone. The new application version is numbered v2.0, and enables free voice calls on the iPhone over the 3G network. The new Skype application nowskype works over 3G network as well, unlike the previous version that only worked using   Wi-Fi hot spots.

Skype has also made Skype-to-Skype phone calls over 3G free until the month of August. Skype-to-Skype calls made over Wi-Fi still remain free. The updated version of the application also features a better call quality indicator. The application start-up time has also been decreased. The call quality will be near CD like on the iPhone 3GS and on the 2nd generation iPod Touch.

Users can download the latest version of the Skype application from the Apple AppStore right away.

SmokeScreen Brings Flash to the iPhone and the iPad

Much has been said and written about Apple’s decision to boycott flash on its mobile devices. Disappointed with Apple’s rigid stance, Chris Smoak took it upon himself to work around this issue. The result of his efforts is Smokescreen.

The original intention behind Smokescreen was to enable publishers to display SWF ads on Apple’s mobile devices. Smokescreen essentially converts Flash content to equivalent JavaScript/HTML5 content. In the words of Simon Willison, “It runs entirely in the browser, reads in SWF binaries, unzips them (in native JS), extracts images and embedded audio and turns them in to base64 encoded data:uris, then stitches the vector graphics back together as animated SVG”.

Unfortunately, Smokescreen still has a long way to go. At this point of time, about the only thing that it manages to do is to render banner ads successfully. More complex stuff like interactive videos and games are too laggy. However, the smokescreen code is supposed to be open sourced soon. Hopefully, the mature product will someday succeed in bringing rich flash content to the iPhone and the iPad.

Meanwhile, you can check out some of the demos available at

HTC 4G EVO Rooted to Run Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Even before its official release, the HTC EVO 4G has been rooted to run Android 2.2. Although, the details of the root are yet to be released, a video posted on the xda-developers forum confirms that it is possible to run a vanilla Android 2.2 on the EVO.

The HTC EVO will be launched on Sprint’s network on June 4. However, last week, it was given away to all Google I/O attendees. Given that a large section of the Google I/O attendees are developers, it’s no surprise that the EVO has already been rooted.

The EVO is a beast of a device with a 4.3-inch TFT touchscreen, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and 512 MB RAM. It will be available for $199.99 with a two year contract and for $449.99 without any contract.

Motorola Droid 2 Keyboard Picture Surfaces; Hits The Verizon Inventory As Well

As the Motorola Droid successor launch date is coming close, more and more information about the handset is popping up. Engadget got hold of the image shown below, which arguably shows the upgraded QWERTY keyboard of the Motorola Droid 2.


The top part of the image shows the keyboard of the original Droid, while the bottom part of the image shows the keyboard of the upcoming Droid successor. From the image, it is clearly visible that the keys on the Droid successor are more protruding, which will provide a better feedback. Engadget also reports that the Droid successor has a 3.7-inch screen.

In other Droid 2 related news, reports that Motorola Droid 2 (A955) has hit the Verizon inventory system. The MB810 a.k.a Motorola Shadow has also hit the Verizon inventory. As we reported yesterday, Motorola along with Verizon will launch two new droids in the month of July. The Shadow features a 4.3-inch screen, along with an 8MP camera. Not much info is available about the Motorola Droid successor, except for the updated QWERTY keyboard image shown above.

How to Disable the “Read more:” When Copy Pasting Content From Websites

For the past few days, I am seeing an annoying link appear next to the text content I copy and paste while writing a blog. Being a blogger, I often copy text like references and quotes because they are to be presented in their original form. However, many popular blogs in the blogosphere have signed up for a service called Tynt which is totally tainting the image of these blogs.

Tynt appends an attribution link to the source at the end of the copied content. This content when pasted, appears as a “Read more:”. This manipulation is done with the help of JavaScript and the #tracer is used to track down the copy content.

Not only is this a huge annoyance, it also scales in behavior depending on the size of the copied text. This polymorphism was baffling me and I could not take it anymore.

The obvious solution of simply deleting the link helps, but I wanted something full proof and automated. Some googling came to my rescue. John Gruber at The Daring Fireball has come up with an excellent method. He has blocked the Tynt server from his hosts file and you should do the same too.

In Windows, go to “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” and add

In Linux, do the same at /etc/hosts. This will block the Tynt server and will put your clipboard back at you control again. Try if it works by visiting TechCrunch and copy-pasting some content.


YouTube Wants You to Dump Your TV

YouTube is really getting somewhere with its huge bandwidth consumption. It recorded a full 2 billion video views which is a big milestone. Being more ambition as YouTube should get now, it is jealous of people sticking to their television sets. YouTube wants you to dump your TV set and switch to YouTube instead.

What started as a site for bedroom vloggers and viral videos has evolved into a global platform that supports HD and 3D, broadcasts entire sports seasons live to 200+ countries. We bring feature films from Hollywood studios and independent filmmakers to far-flung audiences.

Although the average user spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube, that’s tiny compared to the five hours a day people spend watching TV. Clearly, we need to give you more reason to watch more videos! And we want to give you all the tools and support to make YouTube both your career and your community. After all, this is only the beginning of the video revolution. We’re just getting started.

Those lines are clearly dripping with ambition and YouTube has it in itself to deliver this. Though, let us see what hinders this development.

Firstly, the worldwide Internet and broadband connection is still not capable of watching streaming videos. That is when we have a satisfactory broadband penetration which is again a far-sight.

Secondly, the cost of watching TV is far lower than watching videos on the Internet at many places in the world. The better option is the cheaper one for most people out there.

Thirdly, the playtime and quality of videos on YouTube is just not enough to keep people glued to it like they are to TV. And finally, there is a big difference between watching short 2-5 minute video clips and full movies and serials.

YouTube has plans for a new clean uncluttered look which it will roll out soon. It is expected that YouTube will try and bring the user experience closer to the TV using this new interface.


Windows Live Wave 4 To Sync Office & IE Settings

Google and Opera have been offering bookmark sync for a very long time, Internet Explorer, well, didn’t. Windows Live did have a favorite sync option if you used the IE Toolbar but it never worked and in simplest terms, sucked as a feature.

With Windows Live Wave 4 Microsoft is getting its act together. According to a screenshot on LiveSide, Live Sync in Windows Live Wave 4 will have sync for Internet Explorer and Office. Screenshot:


For Internet Explorer, browser bookmarks will be synced. For Office, your email signatures and templates will be available on any PC you have Sync installed. Further more, Sync will add ability to remotely control your PC. Screenshot:

via LiveSide

Fake Warnings and Hoaxes on Facebook – Are You Smart Enough to Avoid Them?

joker Every time I hear about a new scam or hoax on Facebook, I have to wonder how people can fall for these. Don’t be fooled, a few minutes of research can save you some embarrassment. Here’s an example of one of the hoaxes that’s been going around.

Fox 4 news reported… ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not join the group that runs currently on facebook with the title “becoming a father or mother was the greatest gift of my life” This is a group created by pedophiles whose aim is to access your photos!!!!!!!…!!!!! Please rotate …this post to all Your Friends on Facebook xx

In truth, there were no groups started by pedophiles. It was all a big hoax, but it got passed along in Facebook and email so often that it took on a life of it’s own. Originally, there were no groups with that name or a similar name, but some other pranksters created similar groups, just to see how much trouble they could start. It even got to the point where people were creating groups to protest the original (hoax) groups. I was tempted to laugh when I read about this hoax, but I’m also sad that there are so many people ready and willing to post stuff like this in their Facebook page or email.

Read the truth about the Pedophile Group Hoax

Here’s another one – would you pass on this picture and description?

Whale swallows man in kayak


Find out the truth behind this photo.

I found out about these hoaxes from an old friend of mine, Brett Christensen. He runs a website, newsletter and Facebook page that reveals the truth and the lies behind many of the rumors, hoaxes and scams you see in email and Facebook.

If you don’t want to be fooled, it only takes a minute or two in a search engine to find the truth. I recommend going to three different sites to perform a quick search before you pass on the next fantastic message you get.

Search Hoax-Slayer


I also recommend signing up for the email newsletters from Hoax-Slayer and Snopes.

Hoax-Slayer newsletter (monthly)

Snopes newsletter (weekly)

In case you want up to date info, here’s the Facebook page for Hoax-Slayer that Brett maintains. Just post a question on his wall and he’ll probably answer back with all the facts he can find.

It’s not a sin to be fooled by an email or Facebook post. However, you won’t be gaining any friends and credibility by passing on stupid rumors and hoaxes. Take the time to check them out.

I’ve never been fooled by a hoax or a scam in Facebook (or email), have you?

Watch Turkish Formula1 Grand Prix Online

The 7th race of the 2010 F1 race has moved to Istanbul, Turkey and the race will definitely be a good one with Red Bull leading the pack by occupying by taking the pole position through Mark Webber.


Mark Webber got his 3rd straight pole position in this race and will vie for for a third consecutive victory in the race. Webber also set a new qualifying record at the Istanbul track with a time of 1 minute and 26.295 seconds.

You can find all the qualifying positions by visiting the official F1 page for Turkey Qualifying page. The Turkish Grand Prix will be held on Sunday at 3PM local time.

Ready to catch the F1 action live from the Turkish Grand Prix. You can watch the Qualifying session for Turkish Grand Prix using live streams online at, you can also try for live streams at sites like You will also find streams and news on the official Speed TV page and also on the Official Forumla1 site at

Watch India vs Sri Lanka Zimbabwe Tri-Series ODI Live Online

India are on the back foot after losing to Zimbabwe in the opening match of the series, however, they have to now quickly get over it and face a tougher opponent in the form of Sri Lanka today.

If India loses today’s match they can very well kiss goodbye to their final chances, however, don’t expect the Indian team to cave in so easily.

All aside, this will be an exciting match as the recent rivalry between India and Sri Lanka has made for some entertaining cricket all around. Remember the match where India scored over 400 runs and Sri Lanka almost chased it down?

If you do then expect this match to be a cracker too. Rest aside, if you do not have any television around you can still enjoy the India, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe series online

You can also watch the India vs Sri Lanka and other matches in the Zimbabwe series live online at or also catch up on live streaming at User channels for the T20 World Cup matches can also be found at, where you will find a lot of user hosted channels.

Know your technology head on