Make Windows Vista Faster With vLite

Windows Vista is visually appealing but at the same time it also uses huge amounts of memory and processing power. If your system memory is 1GB or less you will definitely see slow performance.

The slowness in performance is because of the various goodies Windows Vista provides you with along with many features and components you may not require at all.

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Goosh, Google Search For Unix Lovers

If you are like me and spend lots of time using putty for more than half of a day, you are definitely going to love Goosh a new and cool way to search Google by typing shell commands.

The interface looks quite similar to a Unix Shell and can be easily adapted by anyone who is bored using the normal web browser way of searching.


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Happy Birthday, Techie Buzz Turns 2 Years Old

Its been two years since I started Techie Buzz and it has been a wonderful and overwhelming experience for me. I have made tons of friends and learnt about lots and lots of things I would not have without Techie Buzz.

The year has been more than fruitful and I thank all the contributors and commentators of this blog who helped make this blog a better place. I hope you too enjoyed your time here.


Over the period of last two years this blog has 612 posts and 4000 comments. The blog has also been visited by more than quarter three quarter of a million of people with more than a million page views. Thanks to all those who visited this site and hope you found some useful things out here.

There are some plans I have to grow this blog further and that would only be possible with your help. Now that I am free of all other things I can definitely give more time to blogging.

It’s a happy day to be two years old and with your wishes I hope it goes to live on a long long time.

Here’s wishing Techie Buzz a Very Happy Birthday.

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Free Outlook Email, Contacts and Calendar Duplicate Remover

I have been a heavy user of Outlook for quite some time but that said synchronizing pop accounts have often been disastrous and I usually mess up ending with duplicate emails and contacts in Outlook.

Quite recently when I bought a new laptop I copied over the PST files from my old laptop to the new one and setup new pop accounts and as usual it left me with a lot of duplicate emails.

In earlier days it was easy to remove duplicates manually since I did not have many emails, but now I really felt the need for a good tool to remove the duplicate emails and contacts since I had around 10000 emails archived and finding and removing emails would be a nightmare for me.

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Windows Live Writer Gets Image Editing Capabilities

It feels good to be back after a break of 5 days, but in those five days I had a lot of work to do, including finding and moving to a new Apartment to live in. Everything went smoothly and here I am back again blogging from my new apartment which has much more light and is spacious enough to setup a desk so that I can blog comfortably.

Getting back to business, Window Live Writer one of the most widely used blog editor (and my favorite too) has released a new Technical update which includes features like image cropping and tilting, more border styles for your images and support for centering images.

In addition to that you can also add image previewing effects from Lightbox right from the editor itself.

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Set Facebook Status As Windows Live Messenger Personal Status

Want to let your messenger friends know about your Facebook Status? If you are a Windows Live Messenger User there is a easy way to do that.

Fibby is a Windows Live Messenger add-in that will allow you to set your Windows Live Messenger Personal Status Message as the status you have in Facebook.

You do not need to keep updating the Windows Live Messenger as Fibby will automatically set the status for you after performing few steps to setup Fibby to be used with Windows live Messenger.

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Jing | Capture a screencast and easily share with others

I have been using SnagIt to capture screenshots for long, and can safely say that it is one of the best piece of codes available for this purpose. The promoters of the SnagIt also run a hugely popular service, where you can upload your screencast and share them with others.

For those, not knowing what exactly is a screencast…

A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, often containing audio narration. Just as a screenshot is a picture of a user’s screen, a screencast is essentially a movie of what a user sees on their monitor.

But many people doesn’t know, how to make a screencast ? There are many software available in the market, some are free and some require you to shell out considerable money.

Thankfully, there is a service in the market, which makes all this process super easy.

Welcome to Jing.

Jing is a screen capturing software application, which allows you to select and capture parts of your screen and save that area as a static picture or a movie.

“It sits nicely on your desktop, ready to capture and share your stuff at a moment’s notice. Simply select an area of your screen, capture it as an image or record it as a video, and then click Share. Jing conveniently places a URL to your content on your clipboard ready for you to paste the URL into any of your conversations.

Your files are hosted on, which is a premier hosting website, specifically made for screen video content. It does not change or diminish the resolution of your content and provides detailed permissions to let you control the accessibility of the media. Users of Jing are provided upto 200MB of space for storing media files and 1 GB of bandwidth that renews monthly.

The best part of Jing is its sharing capabilities.

A simple share button, uploads your media behind the scenes, and the URL is placed into your clipboard. Just paste it in your email, your blog posts or wherever you want.

Quick and Easy.

Better Tags Manager WordPress Plugin Release

I am very proud and happy to release my 5th plugin for the WordPress community. The plugin called Better Tags Manager (BTM) makes your life easier when it comes to editing tags for your posts.

Better Tags Manager (BTM) was created out of my own needs to completely do away with categories and move to tags. The problem arose when, converting categories to tags left many of my posts hanging in between with no tags.

That said editing tags was also not easy for me and that is the reason I created this plugin which is the best and easy way to edit tags, manage tags, delete them, bulk edit tags and add tags to multiple posts without even editing them individually.

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Search emails quickly with GMail Search Options

Gmail is getting more and more popular these days.

With its ever increasing storage space, the concept of deleting your old emails and attachments to free up space for new emails, is now virtually over. You are no more expected to delete old email.

A big relief.

But this has increased complexity in searching an old email. It sometimes becomes a pain in the ass to search for an old communication, an attachment, a photo in your thousands of thousands of email archives.

Thankfully, there are a few search operators, which come handy in such a situation.

For instance, you can use

  • from:keith has:attachment – to search for an attachment sent by Keith
  • from: xyz http – A link from my pal xyz:
  • to:me is:unread in:inbox – The messages in my inbox sent directly to me that I haven’t read yet.

There are many more such operators.

And if you are of my type, who just can’t remember all these operators, there is a simple solution, a link right alongside the search button, which will open search options available in your Gmail interface. You just have to key in your queries.

There is nothing new to it, but still I have found that most people not using it.

Use it, it is real powerful.

Convert Photos To Sketches Quickly and Easily

If you were not content with convert your images to HTML ASCII art we will take it a bit further and introduce you to another software that will help you convert your photos to actual sketches.

Photo to Sketch is a software that will convert your photos to magnificent artwork, sketch or water color, completely similar freehand.

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Keep Track of Online Signups with Signup Record Tracker

Have you ever been in a situation where you have forgotten which all websites you have signed up for? With me this has been a case for a long long time. I keep signing up for new web2.0 services and at other interesting forums and tend to forget what username and passwords I had used to signup for a particular site.

You can of course keep track of them by saving the passwords with the inbuilt tool browsers provide you with, but not all websites allow your browser to store your passwords.

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Replace Windows XP Start Button with Windows Vista Orb

Transforming your Windows XP PC to look like Windows Vista can either be a one step process or you could also choose from different applications so that you decide which look and feel you would like to get from Windows Vista to Windows XP. Oh and there is also a easy way to replace the Windows XP sounds with those from Windows Vista.

Well to add to the whole list of things we have been talking about for quite some time, today we will also tell you about another small application that will bring the Windows Vista orb to your Windows XP machine.

The Orb is the start button for Windows Vista which is much more compact than the regular Windows XP start button.


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Completely Erase Your Data With Personal Shredder For Free

Many of you may have seen a shredder at work in their office and some of you might also have it at home. The main purpose of the shredder is to destroy the pages such that no one can read it again.

Computers are pretty much the same and simply deleting the documents would not ensure that it is completely destroyed, deleting a file on the computer is just like throwing a paper in the dustbin without shredding.

But like your regular paper shredder your computer can also shred documents by making use of document shredding softwares.

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