Samsung I9000 Galaxy S: Coming to India Soon

The Samsung 1900 Galaxy S is shaping up to be a killer Android phone. It is a beast of a device, powered by a 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird CPU and 512 MBs of RAM. The 4-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of 480 x 800 pixel resolution offers superb clarity even under daylight, while the 5 camera is capable of capturing high resolution (2592 x 1944) images and HD videos (720p at 30fps). Early reviews of the handset have been overwhelmingly positive. GSMArena even suggested that it is the best Android device yet.

We tested the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S and it tested us in return. It bared its teeth at us and so did we. Ours was a grin. Easy boy, good beast. There goes the new leader of the Android pack. The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S has oomph to spare and even hardened geeks like us cannot help but acknowledge its compelling power.


It’s not just the hardware that makes Galaxy a compelling package. It will initially ship with Android 2.1, but will be updated to Froyo at some point in the future. To make things even sweeter, Samsung is using its proprietary TouchWiz 3.0 user interface, which adds numerous usability enhancements. On top of it, the Galaxy S has an excellent selection of pre-installed applications including Swype predictive text input, file manager, image and video editor and document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF).

The Galaxy is also a formidable multimedia device. It provides excellent codec support and is capable of playing MP3, WAV, eAAC+, AC3 and FLAC audio files and MP4, DivX, WMV, H.264 and H.263 video files. The camera app has all the fancy features including autofocus, geo-tagging, touch focus and face and smile detection.

The good news is that the Galaxy S is expected to hit the Indian shores in early June. The price remains unknown; however, a behemoth like this won’t come cheap.

UP High School Class X Results 2010 Online

Check UP High School Class X Results for 2010 online. Check Uttar Pradesh High School 10th Standard Results Online.

After a host of exam results last month, today another government is set to announce their results. Later today, the Uttar Pradesh government will announce the results for the Uttar Pradesh High School Class X exams held in 2010.

UP Board will announce the results of the Uttar Pradesh High School Class X results for the students who appeared in 2010 on June 1, 2010. Students who appeared for the Uttar Pradesh High School Class X exams will be able to check their results online after 1PM IST.

If you are a student who appeared for the Uttar Pradesh High School Class X, you can check your results online at Please ensure that you have your exam roll number handy in order to check the results.

Please note that the exam results will available online after 1PM on June 1st 2010. We wish all the students of the Uttar Pradesh High School Class X exams best of luck for their results.

Ubuntu 10.04 Supports iPhone OS Out of the Box

Ubuntu 10.04 is finally out of the box compatible with iPhone. It needs no hacks or tweaks and identifies the iPhone as a plugged in device bringing up options to import music and images. This was made possible with updates in the libraries of libimobiledevice and usbmuxd/gtkpod which are also present in Fedora and Mandriva that will get equal benefits.

Not only that, you can also browse most of the files on your iPhone and if it your iPhone jailbroken, you can see all those files. You can also check out this Ubuntu help page on accessing iPhone data on Ubuntu thought, this needs your iPhone to be jailbroken and you can do an array of otherwise restricted things after that.

This comes in as a great relief as Apple had encrypted its library database  from Firmware version 2.x onwards and any transferred file failed to be recognized. This changed with Firmware version 3.x as support for iPhone rolled in natively with the release of this new firmware. The help page writes,

Lucid natively supports both iPhone and iPod Touch 1G, 2G, 3G and 3GS models  (iPad should be too) running up to firmware 3.1.3 without the need to jailbreak. This is due to the GNOME 2.30  libimobiledevice support.

(Via: iphonelife)

Watch FIFA 2010 World Cup Online Live

Watch FIFA 2010 World Cup Online Live. Live Streaming of FIFA 2010 online. FIFA 2010 World Cup matches live online.

The biggest football event of the decade, the FIFA 2010 World Cup is about to begin in 11 days. Football or Soccer fans from around the world will descend on June 11th in South Africa to watch 32 teams fight out in the most anticipated competition in the football world.

FIFA 2010 World Cup

FIFA 2010 World Cup matches will be available on television networks across the world, however you can also watch all the FIFA 2010 World Cup matches live online. The best bet would be to head over to ESPN online, where they will be streaming the FIFA 2010 matches online.

If you use Google Chrome, you can use an extension to watch FIFA 2010 World Cup matches online, if you don’t then try out this link which will have live streams of the FIFA 2010 World Cup matches live online. You can also try your luck on or where users sometimes stream the matches live online.

You can also use an Excel template to track the FIFA 2010 group stages matches and knockout stages, you will find more about it in this post.

New GPS Satellites to Help Mobile Apps Locate More Accurately

Location based apps are all over Android and iPhone. From Google Maps to geo-tagging of photographs to location aware search, all of it gives wonderful results with GPS.

Though, one thing that has not caught up with this is the speed of GPS satellites serving data. This scenario is going to change with more satellites being launched for this sole purpose. GPS has been really slow on phones until now. Also, current GPS satellites are accurate only to a certain limit. Though, with the new satellites, the figures can get significantly less.

Boeing is manufacturing 12 new  Block IIF satellites which have twice the accuracy of current satellites. These will be stationed in the next ten years. This accuracy of GPS data can come in handy in checking population concentration, track usage of apps and in other activities like search and  rescue.

Augmented reality which barely works currently will also get more realistic with this improvement. Once again, all this comes at the cost of privacy as apps may collect various types of location based user data. The improvement of GPS is a boon though, and is a welcome move as it will open up a new dimension of mobile computing and application development.


Google Has Britain Under its Radar

Google might have come up with apologies for collecting user data and  trespassing  on private Wi-Fi networks but the damage has been done already. Now, the big question is what is Google going to do with the data it has already collected? For that matter, a recent report says Google has mapped every wireless router in Britain which is proving helpful for Google commercially and people are able to access information on stores,  restaurants, cinemas  and hotels better than ever.


Google made this announcement only after it came out of collecting Wi-Fi data in Germany safely. In an argument that Google gave, it said that other companies have also collected Wi-Fi data it in the past. A company called Skyhook Wireless did this for Apple once. They said, this is not as grave as it sounds as Wi-Fi signals extend over a certain range beyond physical barriers of property; making them public or rather, publicly accessible.

An investigation into the matter is imminent and it is only time before local courts take their individual turns against Google based on their own laws. Google has been asked to retain all the information it has collected for investigation my numerous authorities and this attitude of “we were right in doing this” will cost Google a lot.

In the meanwhile, Google will work towards serving accurate content in Britain which is as we say, “totally under their radar”.


Google Removes "New Tab" Page From Google Toolbar For IE

IE8 users have been reporting that they are no longer able to see the New Tab page which displays most visited sites and other options whenever a new tab is opened. If you have been wondering that something has gone wrong, don’t panic, it is a deliberate decision by Google to adhere to new IE add-on guidelines and requirements posted by Microsoft, which can be viewed here.

IE8 users will no longer be able to view the new tab page which was added by Google Toolbar since Microsoft’s add-on guidelines clearly state that add-ons cannot make any changes to the tabs or address bar. Here is a snippet from the guidelines page (some emphasis added by me):

Removing and/or replacing Internet Explorer features

Software must not remove or replace any Internet Explorer features by disabling or limiting access to the feature user interface in Internet Explorer.

This includes, but is not limited to, replacing features such as the Internet Explorer address bar, search box, new tab page and favorites center.

As you can see, Microsoft clearly limits add-ons from making any change to the address bar, search box, new tab page and favorites center.

The new changes in Google Toolbar basically removes the new tab page because of this restriction. If you are a user who misses this feature, you are urged to use Firefox or .

I am a very light IE user, however, I find the new tab feature in Google Chrome and Firefox pretty useful, since it allows me to quickly open a frequently visited sites without having to use the bookmarks or having to type in the URL. A similar feature can also be found in , however in Opera it is called Speed Dial, and users have to manually add the pages to the Speed Dial.

Considering that IE’s user base is constantly declining, limiting add-ons from adding more features is definitely a bad move, considering how popular the feature has been. So would you switch from IE7 or IE8 to Firefox or Chrome to make use of this feature? Do let me know.


Pakistan Unblocks Facebook After One Day of Bangladesh Blocking it

It was just yesterday that Bangladesh blocked Facebook following Pakistan’s move, which came a few weeks ago. This was followed by a couple of arrests and anti-Facebook protests demanding the site be  blocked in Bangladesh.

Today, Pakistan has unblocked Facebook and it is accessible all throughout Pakistan once again. There are two things that arise from here.

Firstly, Facebook has promised Pakistan and the world that no religiously offensive material will be found accessible from Pakistan on Facebook anymore. Now, to what extent can people really trust Facebook after it took it’s user’s privacy on a roller coaster ride. Seriously speaking, for a website which does not care about its users worldwide, I do not see it holding its end of the deal for only a section of its users. Sooner or later some controversial content is going to creep into Facebook again and it will have some technical jargons to throw at us as the reason for the mishap.

Secondly, in the wake of this situation, a new version of Facebook for Muslims worldwide,  Millat Facebook was created which gained popularity. Though, Millat Facebook seriously lacks the features of Facebook and its user’s base. Now that Facebook has made amendments, Muslims worldwide have options to use either Millat Facebook or stick to Facebook itself.

This can either prove as a heavy loss for Facebook or a total failure for Millat Facebook. Only time will tell which of these websites appeals more to Muslims. Facebook sure has a lesson to learn from this and needs to bring in more checks on what is going up on its pages and how it is being served in different parts of the world.

Is "Quit Facebook Day" A Big Failure?

has been enthralled in a lot of controversies lately along with facing a lot of fake warnings and phishing attacks which are increasing day by day. In addition to that, there have also been uproars about privacy on Facebook, remember Open Book.

To mark protest against these issues, Monday is officially marked as a "Quit Facebook Day" where users plan to delete their accounts and leave Facebook altogether.

However, not many people have seemed to have liked the idea of quitting Facebook, and out of the 500 million users Facebook has, only 31527 have committed to delete their Facebook accounts.

That number is definitely paltry considering the amount of users Facebook have and goes out to show that the campaign in itself may not be a success. Lately, Facebook has tried to pacify users by rolling out new privacy options. However, users are still irked, that they have to opt-out of the options rather than having to opt-in.

The "Quit Facebook Day" basically also has the same problem and they are mostly made up of users who are sick of Facebook’s way of handling user data. Rest aside, though the cause in itself may seem valid, people are still not buying into it.

So are you going to delete your Facebook account and join the moment? More information about this can be found at the official site

Rumour: Amazon To Launch A New Improved Kindle This August

The Amazon Kindle is a very popular electronic book reader in the US. The device lacks a colour display, and Wi-Fi but has still managed to grab 60% of the U.S market share. Now rumors suggest that Amazon is preparing aclip_image001 new improved version of the Amazon Kindle. The new Kindle is expected to go on sale in the month of August. Rumors suggest that the next generation electronic reader will be thinner than its predecessor, and faster as well. Engadget also reports that the next generation Amazon Kindle will feature Wi-Fi as well.

Other new rumored feature includes improved contrast sensitivity for better text readability. Sadly, the next generation Amazon Kindle is not expected to feature either touch screen or a color screen. The Amazon Kindle is facing tough competition from the Apple iPad. Apple has already managed to sell more than 2 million iPads worldwide in less than 60 days.

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