View Opera Cache Content With Opera Cache Viewer

Opera Cache Viewer is a tool that will allow you to view the content of Opera cache. The tool does not require any installation and runs out of the box.

Just download and double click on the executable to view the cache content in Opera. You can also specify a different folder if you have configured Opera to store the cache files in a non-default folder.


Opera Cache Viewer allows you to select one or more cache files from the list, and than export the list into text/HTML/XML file, copy the URL list to the clipboard (Ctrl+U), copy the entire table of cache files, and then paste it to Excel or to OpenOffice spreadsheet.

You can also extract the actual files from the cache, and save them into another folder, You can do that by using the ‘Copy Selected Cache Files To’. In addition to a graphical interface, Opera Cache Viewer can also run from the command prompt.

Download Opera Cache Viewer [more info]

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