Get An Overload of Transparency With New Z1-Glass Skin For Opera 10.5

Do you love transparency effects? Do you have a fixation with Aero Glass? Do you love Opera (Browser)? If the answer to any of those questions is no, stop reading. This post does not concern you. However, if the answer to all of them is yes, you must try out the new Z1-Glass skin for Opera.

Opera 10.5 introduces a new skinning parameter which allows it to support transparency for various internal elements. To see it in action, download the Z1-Glass skin from here and place the ZIP file in the Opera/skin directory. Select the skin from Tools–>Appearance.

Z1-Glass With Tabbar on Left
Tab bar at the left

Due to current limitations in Opera’s skinning architecture, the skin works as intended only if your tab bar is positioned on the left or right (or at the bottom without visual tabs). While, the skin is usable with tab bar at top, the speed dial area would appear as solid black (instead of being transparent).

Z1-Glass With Tabbar on Top
Tab bar on top

The skin was mainly created to demonstrate what is possible with Opera 10.5 and contains an overload of glass effect. It may not be to your taste. Also keep in mind that this is created for a pre-alpha build and as such contains some usability issues. One of them is that you would have to reset your configuration on each start-up in order to fix transparency issues (for tab bar at left configuration). Use this button for a quick fix.

10 thoughts on “Get An Overload of Transparency With New Z1-Glass Skin For Opera 10.5”

  1. Actually, with tabs on top, the skin is working perfectly for me. I'm on windows 7 if that matters. Speed dial is completely transparent. No problems at all. Combined with the new opera fell & look, this skin is even better than glasser and all kind of glass efects for mozilla:) Nice work

  2. @svinqvmraka: The issue I mentioned was due to a bug in Opera and has been taken care of in the newer 10.50 builds. So yeah, the skin now works fine with Tabs on top.

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