OperaTor Brings Private Browsing Mode To Opera Lovers

Private browsing also termed as Porn Modeby several pundits, has quickly become a fad among browser creators with Safari having it for quite some time, Internet Explorer team introducing it in IE8, having incognito mode and gearing to launch it in version 3.1, so where is the option for lovers?

Well as far as we see, there is no real option in the upcoming releases of Opera, but that said there is a alternative for Opera lovers in the form of OperaTor, which will allow them to surf in the same familiar Opera interface, whilst providing users with a private browsing mode.

OperaTor basically combines the Opera browser with Tor, a project that gives user privacy the highest privacy while restricting information from being accessed by any analytics softwares.

Tor is a software project that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

OperaTor anonymizes data for only the http and https protocol, so you will not be protected from other protocols, including the inbuilt email support provided by Opera. OperaTor is a portable freeware software which is built-upon Opera 9.5.2, so you can either run it from your PC or put in a pen/flash drive to take it along with you.

Download OperaTor [via ToThePC]

6 thoughts on “OperaTor Brings Private Browsing Mode To Opera Lovers”

  1. The problem with using Tor as a platform for privatization is that it lacks polish, even for a free service. With so many random nodes and no quality of service detection, it makes every-day normal browsing a painful experience.

  2. I always though the goal of private browsing was to create a browsing session where the cache, history and cookies were cleared. All the same, while retaining the history and cookies of your regular day-to-day browsing.

    InPrivate, or incognito mode is useful when your browser is shared by other people and you don’t want them snooping around. Keeping the convinience of finding stuff you need in your history.

    Tor provides an encryption from your browser to the server. Meaning your ISP, or boss could not tell what you’re browsing.

  3. Tor and InPrivate or incognito are totally different and not related.

    InPrivate and incognito only work on the same machine and anyone with access to router logs will see all activities.

    Tor is the opposite, it protects against routers and isp, but will get your history and cookies stored normally..

    you can combine both, that would be great.. or how about get the law to protect us and make it illegal for this kind of loging to be available in the first place?

    some people don’t care about their privacy, others do. Its a basic human right.

  4. As the father of a 14yo boy, I was wondering how I turn off the Private Browsing option. I'd hate to have to revert to an earlier version so he couldn't hide his internet activity from me. :^(

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