Download Phantom of the Opera: Special Edition Opera Browser for Halloween

Today is Halloween eve and Opera Software has prepared a special treat for Opera fans. They have released a Halloween edition of Opera browser for Windows and Mac.


This special edition includes “Phantom of the Opera II” speed dial background and a custom Halloween skin. If you have already installed Opera on your computer, you will need to backup bookmarks.adr, speeddial.ini and operaprefs.ini files before proceeding with the installation. All these files are present in the Opera profile directory. After backing up the aforementioned files, you can install Opera Halloween edition on top of the existing installation. If you still see the default skin, simply select the Halloween skin from Tools –> Appearance (Shift+F12). You can get back your original bookmarks and speed dials by replacing the newer bookmarks.adr and speeddial.ini files with the backed up versions. If you want to switch back to the original skin select the Opera Standard skin in the Appearance dialogue box.

[ Download Opera Halloween Edition ]

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