Opera 10.5 RC for Windows Released

Opera’s development team has been working overtime to ensure that Opera 10.5 for Windows is ready when the Browser Choice screen goes live in Europe. As a result, we have witnessed two beta releases along with a dozen snapshots during the month of February. Now, Opera Software has released Opera 10.50 RC for Windows.


Opera 10.50 has been getting rave reviews around the web thanks to its improved UI and jaw-dropping speed. Check out our past articles if you wish to know what is new in Opera. In short, the major new features include a brand new ECMA engine, Windows 7 integration, refined skin and a sexy user interface, private windows/tabs, geolocation and improved html5 and css3 support (including support for <video> tag).

The Release Candidate build includes a host of bug fixes and skin tweaks along with support for seeking in HTML5 powered videos. Quite obviously, Opera has been prioritising the Windows build, as they want to offer their best when European users are given an opportunity to choose an alternative browser. This makes it likely that the final build would be unveiled within the next twenty four hours.

[ Download Opera 10.50 RC for Windows ]

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