Opera 10.5 Internal Build Leaked

Opera-10.5-Evenes-LeakedEarlier this week, Opera Software had revealed that a special pre-alpha build Opera 10.5 will be unveiled on 22nd December. However, gHacks is reporting that an internal build has already been leaked. You can download the leaked build from here.

The big changes in Opera 10.5 (codenamed Evenes) are:

1. Updated skin: Opera has received another facelift. The tab bar has been merged with the titlebar – similar to what we are accustomed to seeing in Google Chrome.


Opera-10.5-Jumplist 2. Better Windows 7 Integration: Evenes takes advantage of Windows 7 features like jumplists and taskbar thumbnails. The jumplist displays a list of your speed dial entries while taskbar thumbnails allow quick switching between tabs.

3. Private Browsing: Private browsing has become a standard feature in modern browsers and with Evenes Opera has finally caught up. Unlike in other browsers, you don’t need to open a separate window to enter private browsing mode. Opera supports per-tab private browsing. Whenever you open a private tab, Opera will not keep a record of pages opened in that tab.

4. Improved UI: There are UI enhancements all around. Interfering dialogue boxes have been done away with where ever possible e.g. the wand (password manager) and the find (in page search) dialogue boxes have been now integrated into the UI. Find has also been beautified. It now dims the rest of the page while highlighting your query. This is similar to how Safari’s search feature works.


5. Updated Rendering Engine: Evenes ships with a newer rendering engine (Presto 2.5.18) which is expected to improve Opera’s rendering speed. However, the long anticipated Carakan (Opera’s new JavaScript rendering engine) is still missing.

Opera 10.50 pre-alpha will be formally available on December 22nd. Since, there is still a couple of days left the public build will possibly different than the leaked one. The internal build may have regression and stability issues. If you wish to try it anyway, it is highly recommended that you install it separately (instead of updating the existing installation).

Update 1: Opera software has officially responded. According to them the leaked build is actually pretty old and the build to be released on Tuesday will be a lot nicer. So does this mean that Carakan will make it to the official pre-alpha build?

Update 2: Opera 10.5 pre-alpha has been officially released. You can find your coverage here.

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