Get Google Toolbar and Delicious Toolbar For Opera

The browser war keeps going on with Google Chrome, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8 and Opera fighting for our attention, but the fact is that the mere simplicity of the browsers do not make it a ready-made choice, the support for extensions and add-ons are equally important.

Opera does not have support for toolbars by default, but they do support widgets using which you can get the functionality of toolbars. We had previously discussed about getting the StumbleUpon toolbar for Opera, and in this post we will tell you about the different widgets that would bring the functionality of Google Toolbar, Delicious Toolbar and Digg Toolbar to Opera.

Google Toolbar for Opera


The Google Toolbar widget for Opera brings all the Google services to Opera, install the widget and access the missing Google toolbar feature for Opera.

Download Google Toolbar Widget

Delicious Toolbar for Opera


Delicious is one of the most famous social bookmarking system and we definitely missed the ease with we could save URLs to our favorites with toolbars for Firefox and IE, the Opera buttons brings the same functionality to Opera.

With Opera buttons you can easily access your delicious bookmarks, inbox and post your favorite URLs to delicious.

Download Delicious Buttons for Opera

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  1. Не очень функциональный тулбар по сравнению с оригинальным, хотя идея хороша…

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