Upload Web Files & Documents To Box.net With Firefox

There are many times when you may come across document and files on the internet, many times you may download the document and then upload it to a service.

If you are Box.net, you can now directly upload files to your account from a Web URL with the help of a . This add-on is a updated version of the previously mention Open it Online extension which allows users to open documents online without the need to have software installed on their PC.

After installing the add-on when you click on any document or download link, you will see a additional option to save the file directly to Box.net.


Selecting the option will open another confirmation window asking you whether you want to save the file to Box.net.


Select the folder you want to save the file to and it will automatically be saved to your Box.net account.

If you are looking to directly copy your documents to box.net like you do on a local drive, check out our earlier article on how you can mount box.net as a local drive.

To learn more about the add-on visit the Box.net blog. Download the Open It Online  add-on to directly upload files from the web to your Box.net account.

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