Upload Files To Multiple File Sharing Hosts

There are tons of file sharing websites available today and users may prefer to upload files on multiple file hosting sites, so that their users can easily download the files without getting into the risk of their file being deleted and not being available for downloads.


However the process of uploading files to multiple hosts can be quite tedious and may also use up heavy bandwidth. There are solutions to this problem in the form of mirror uploads to multiple file sharing hosts.

We came across another option for mirror file uploads called Gazup, which allows users to upload files to multiple file hosts.

The upload process with Gazup is similar to any other file sharing hosts, however Gazup in itself does not host your files, but in turn uploads them to multiple file hosts, including Rapidshare, Megaupload, FileFactory, MediaFire and UploadBox among others.

So the next time you want to upload a file, head to Gazup instead of the individual file hosting providers, to upload your files to multiple file hosts.


3 thoughts on “Upload Files To Multiple File Sharing Hosts”

  1. by one time uploading your file will be uploaded in multiple file hosting sites simultaneously
    All Files That Are Less Than 10 MG Have Direct Link. .

  2. Another Free File Storage Hosting:

    Is very simple and easy to use file sharing website. It really does not need any signup, you will just have to upload your file and you will get a url to share with your friends or anyone else.

    You can upload music, video, photos, images, files, pdf, zip… to multiple Hots with only one click in seconds.

    You can upload to Megaupload, DepositFiles, FileFactory, NetLoad, UploadedTo, SendSpace, Badongo, Easy Share, Loadto, MegaShare, 2Shared and HotFile.

    Works well. Recommended.

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