SkyDrive File Viewer And Downloader

Quite recently Microsoft bumped up the space in Windows Live SkyDrive to 25GB, however with the lack of tools to upload and download files from SkyDrive on your desktop, this service is not the best one for managing your files online.

A tool called SkyDrive Viewer, allows you to browse and download the files stored in your SkyDrive account from your desktop.

With SkyDrive viewer you can easily login to your SkyDrive account and browse the files and folders you have created there.


You can easily download and save any of the files to your desktop with this tool, making it a bit better alternative than browsing SkyDrive through a web browser.

However this tool lacks the feature where users can upload files from their desktop, we are working hard behind the hood to find a solution for this, so keep tuned to hear more about this.

Which online storage service do you use to and store your files? Do let us know through your comments.

Download SkyDrive Viewer

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