SkyDrive File Viewer And Downloader

Quite recently Microsoft bumped up the space in Windows Live SkyDrive to 25GB, however with the lack of tools to upload and download files from SkyDrive on your desktop, this service is not the best one for managing your files online.

A tool called SkyDrive Viewer, allows you to browse and download the files stored in your SkyDrive account from your desktop.

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Backup Webpages With BackupURL

There are times when you may want to edit a page to apply new changes or add new content to it, in those cases you need to keep a backup of the older file, just in case something goes wrong and you want to revert back to it at a later date.


Storing those files on your desktop is definitely required as a measure to the file, however you can also create a online backup of your page with a handy service called BackupURL.

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Upload Files To Multiple File Sharing Hosts

There are tons of file sharing websites available today and users may prefer to upload files on multiple file hosting sites, so that their users can easily download the files without getting into the risk of their file being deleted and not being available for downloads.


However the process of uploading files to multiple hosts can be quite tedious and may also use up heavy bandwidth. There are solutions to this problem in the form of mirror uploads to multiple file sharing hosts.

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