Backup Webpages With BackupURL

There are times when you may want to edit a page to apply new changes or add new content to it, in those cases you need to keep a backup of the older file, just in case something goes wrong and you want to revert back to it at a later date.


Storing those files on your desktop is definitely required as a measure to the file, however you can also create a online backup of your page with a handy service called BackupURL.

BackupURL is a no frills service, just enter the page you want to keep a backup of online and the service will create the backup and give you a unique URL to access the backup at a future date.


The service also provides users with a registration feature, using which you can keep track of the various backups you have made in the past, nevertheless dead simple to use and could come in handy for times you never plan for.


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