US Senate Republicans Revise Cybersecurity Bill

They will never stop, will they? A group of Republican senators in the USA introduced a revised version of a cybersecurity bill, called the Strengthening and Enhancing Cybersecurity by Using Research, Education, Information and Technology Act (SECURE IT). This aims to be the less regulated alternative of yet another draconian bill called the Cybersecurity Act that the Democrats in the US Senate had proposed.

SECURE IT is basically the shelved CISPA act disguised under a new name. It would give the Government and private companies more freedom in sharing information about cyber threats and cyber criminals. While the original CISPA had laid down harsh punishments and accusations against any potential cybercriminal, the ‘verdict’, so to speak, of SECURE IT is as yet unclear.

The Republican representative from Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is a proponent of the bill had this to say:

Our bill focuses on giving companies and the government the tools and knowledge they need to protect themselves from cyber threats, and creates new important requirements for government contractors to notify their agencies of significant cyber-attacks to their systems.

The bill allows the Government or a private party to collect as much information as possible on a potential threat, violating his/her civil liberty of privacy, as long as they deem that said person is a threat to the normal functioning of the organization.

How annoying is this, you ask? Very. Very annoying.

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