Trojan Horse Poses As Google Chrome Extension

Within a fairly short time, Google Chrome has managed to make a name for itself. Its impressive performance coupled with Google’s aggressive promotion has allowed it to zoom past Opera and Safari. However, fame always comes with a price to pay.

The increased adoption of Chrome has prompted malware developers to focus their attention on Google Chrome. According to BitDefender, there is already at least one malware, which is specifically targeted at Chrome users.


The trojan in question spreads through unsolicited emails, which lures unsuspecting users by promising better e-mail management features in Chrome. Once a user clicks on the supplied link, he is taken to a look-alike of the official Google Chrome extensions page, which serves an executable file (.exe) that spreads the infection.

It is worth noting that the malware does not directly exploit Google Chrome. Instead, it just uses it as an vehicle for fooling gullible users. The lesson in this case is simple – always pay attention to what you are downloading and from where you are downloading.

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