Stop Using Internet Explorer Right Now

Techie Buzz has a mix of people visiting us using browsers such as , , , Internet Explorer among others, however people using Internet Explorer are at a serious risk, because of a vulnerability being discovered in Microsoft’s default browser.

The vulnerability in Internet explorer, can allow a attacker to take control of people’s computer and steal their passwords according to security experts. However this is not the first time Internet Explorer has been attacked, and it is probably termed as one of the weakest browser available today.

Here are some excerpts from security experts who are urging users to switch to a different browser, at-least till Microsoft fixes this vulnerability.

"In this case, hackers found the hole before Microsoft did," said Rick Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro. "This is never a good thing."

As many as 10,000 websites have been compromised since the vulnerability was discovered, he said.

If you are a Internet Explorer user, you can start using several alternative browser for time being which include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari, if you are not satisfied with the browsers, you can browse a comprehensive list of Internet browsers on Wikipedia.

2 thoughts on “Stop Using Internet Explorer Right Now”

  1. This is all about the campaign to rid the WWW of Internet Explorer 6 that has devastated web developers and held back the evolution of everything that blocks the tubes for far too long. This can not go on any longer!


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