Reckz0r Hacks Sony, Dox Available on Pastebin as Usual

Reckz0r is a known online hacktivist who has been involved in many online hacks and security breaches. What makes him unique, is that he likes to fly solo and regularly exposes (wannabe) security experts who cannot secure their own websites well enough. Nonetheless, Reckz0r has always supported the Anonymous group and is active on Twitter as well.

This time, Reckz0r has brought us some loot from Sony, and dramatically, it appears just in time for the court trials of the LulzSec four. Reckz0r has hacked Sony and posted the looted data on Pastebin. The Pastebin page also gives away an SQL injection vulnerability, however, it seems like not everyone is excited is about this hack. Discordian has criticized Reckz0r on this hack, saying most of the data was already out in the public domain. He wrote on Twitter, saying,

These websites and emails in that pastebin are ALL publically available, can you tell me where the vulnerabilities are listed?

The complete release is available on Pastebin.

In other news, Sony has recorded a loss for the fourth year in a row, and the amount this time is Y457 billion out of which, Y255 billion was in the last quarter alone. To make a comparison, Sony’s loss in the last fiscal year was Y260 billion. This year, a large part of this loss is being accounted to the Thailand floods and the tsunami in Japan.

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